Tackling the Giants-NFL Draft 2020 First Round

Written by: The NYGunderground Staff ( Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca, Paul Burke, and Glenn Warciski)

Even as Covid 19 ravages the world and everything is at a halt, it has not stopped the NFL. The NFL will be holding their annual draft tonight. Thankfully, we have something to get excited about especially since the our dreaded Giants will have their first round pick in the top 6 for three consecutive seasons. Meanwhile, Dave “on the hot seat” Gettleman will have to hit homeruns in this draft in order to keep his job. So what will Dave Gettleman do? All three of us will chime in. First up, Paul Burke.

No brainer.  They must trade down and be doing all they can to get best deal possible.  I believe that was a big part of why they planted a leak on meeting with quarterback Justin Herbert. In my opinion, the Giants are leverage their spot to the QB hungry teams.  I also think they are zeroing in on the LT position for the future.  They are in a good spot in this year’s draft to grab one.  The only issue is none of the top 4 stand out amongst each other.  They all have their pluses and minuses and no one is head and shoulders above the other between Wirfs, Becton, Wills and Thomas.  My prediction is they will work out a trade move down and take Wills from Alabama.  He fits their mold of a mauling and physical type lineman which fits Gettleman’s delusion about focusing on the run game.  In my opinion, they should go with the best possible pass protecting LT prospect available and it might be Thomas who has only played LT in the SEC.

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