Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Bucs on MNF

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


The Giants finally win a game where the defense stepped up. Everyone in the free world thought that the defense would be the strong side of the ball for this Giants team. Hopefully this is where Graham’s side of the ball exerts its dominance because the offense has not shown much yet. The defense is ranked 18stvs the run and 23rd vs the pass giving up over 372 yards/game. The Giants defense did give up 403 yards to the Raiders but they made huge stops in the red zone to win this game. 

Both teams score on their first scripted drives. In less than 10 minutes into the game the score was 7-7. The teams trade possessions next. Then on first down, Jones as he is prone to do, does not feel the pressure from the blind side. Jones gets hit on the upper arm by Ngakoue and fumbles the ball. Philon for the Raiders recovers it. The Giants defense does a strong job holding the Raiders to a field goal making it 10-7 Raiders. The drive started on the Giants 30-yard line and stalled on the 6-yardline forcing the field goal. 

The teams trade drives. When the Giants get the ball back at their own 40-yard line. They end up stalling and can only get to the Raiders 17-yard line where Gano hits a 35-yard field goal tying the game up 10-10. The Raiders get the ball with 3:17 at their own 30-yard line. Carr makes a good drive to take them to the Giants 14-yard line where they kick a 32-yard field goal to take the lead 13-10. It was an even game by the stats at the half. The Raiders had 161 yards, ran 30 plays and had 10 first downs. The Giants had 159 yards, ran 29 plays and had 8 first downs. You can’t have it any closer for the half. The Giants defense takes this game over in the second half to win the game. 

On the third play of the second half, on a 3rd and 7, McKinney steps in front of a pass intended for Renfrow and takes it to the house for a 41-yard touchdown. The pass was underthrown and Renfrow was waiting for it. This was the beginning of the end for the Raiders. The Giants go ahead 17-13. 

The Raiders make a long drive after the pick. They drive 85 yards in 15 plays taking 8:08 off the clock. The4 Giants defense stiffens again when the Raiders had a 1at and 10 from the Giants 14-yard line. The Raiders are forced to kick a 25-yard field goal. The Giants are up 17-16. The Giants defense forced the Raiders to kick 2 25-yard field goals and a 32-yard field goal. This is the difference in the game as all these kicks are less than an extra point try in yardage. 

The Giants go on a long drive taking them into the 4th quarter but get stopped at the Raiders 11-yard line and Gano has to kick a short field goal. The Giants are up 20-16 but the game is still within 1 possession. The Raiders go on a long drive to the Giants 7-yard line. Once again the defense keeps them out of the end zone. Carlson tries a chip shot 25-yard field goal but he misses it. The Giants do nothing on their nest drive. When the Raiders get the ball, McKinney picks Carr for the second time and the game is over. The Raiders were 1-6 in the red zone for a super low 17% efficiency. The Gmen add a field goal makingthe final 23-16 for the New Yorkers. 

This game was how the unimaginative, conservative Garrett offensive game plan for the Giants has been since he’s been here. If you take a look at the 9 prior wins for Daniel Jones, the team has rushed for an average of 132 yards and has throw for only 203 yards. Today Jones threw for 110 yards, 1 touchdown, and 5.5 YPA. Is this what we expect from the 6th overall pick in any draft? The Giants ran for 132 yards. The Giants were outgained 403 to 247. The defense came through but what happens when you are behind? Can you win with long term this formula?

Of the 15 completions, 12 were to running backs and tight end so that makes only 3 to wide receivers! This is a pathetic offensive. There were 11 receptions to running back and tight ends the week before vs the Chiefs. 

Here is the pathetic performance of the Giants wide receivers this year.

The top 4 receivers have made 71 catches in 9 games, 7.9 catches per game.

The top 4 receivers also missed 16.5 games during the 9 games:•

Shepard 32 catches, missed 5 games including week 11•

Golladay 19 catches, missed 3.5 games, missed 11 last year, $72M contract

!• Slayton, 6 catches, missed 3 games• Ross, 8 catches, missed 3 games


Golladay is on pace to catch 36 balls! I was on record before the season saying this this signing was a waste of money. The Giants still owe him $63.9M. As a footnote, he missed 11 games last year and you sign him to a huge deal? 




When the Buccaneers have the ball, they are a lethal offense. The Buccaneers are:

• 3rd in yards per game, 406 yards•

3rd in points/game, 31•

3rd in 3rd down efficiency, 48.2%•

2nd in yards per play, 6.22 yards•

4th in passing yards, 315.6•

2nd in completions of 20+ yards, 43• Brady is 1st in TD throws, 27


The Bucs will try to throw more on first down. They will try to establish the lead so they can blend in the run game. Fournette has distanced himself from Jones. He can be effective and he can also catch the ball. He has 486 yards rushing for 4.3 YPC. He also has 284 receiving yards on 38 receptions. Antonio Brown will be out. He has become Brady’s most trusted receiver. Brady also gets Gronk back. He has been gone since week 3. He is his favorite red zone target along with Mike Evans. Brady gets the ball out quickly. He gets his passes off in an average of 2.38 seconds and that is 2nd in the league.


The Giants will have to get pressure on Brady. We all know that after 2 decades in the league, Brady’s Achille’s Heel is A-Gap pressure right up the middle. It will be up to Williams, Lawrence and Johnson to provide that pressure vs Brady. Ojulari can apply pressure from the outside. That is easier said than done because the Buccaneers have only given up 12 sacks which is tied for the league best. 


The Giants will also need to get turnovers to win. Tampa has given up 12 so far so there is hope to get them. The Giants linebackers and secondary will have to make tackles upon contact. Tampa has 1374 yards of YAC (yards after contact). Brady has always been successful with the short passing plays that turn into big gains. Bradberry will have to take Evans out of the game. I don’t know if he can do it unless he travels. Evans has been lined up in the slot on almost 40% of the snaps. Previously he was predominantly the X receiver. 


When the Giants have the ball, they need to establish an effective pass game to the wide receivers. Jones needs time from the underperforming offensive line. You cannot run against the Bucs. They are the number 1 run defense only giving up 80 yards/game. They must try at times to run just to keep the Bucs D from winding up on this Swiss Cheese offensive line. 


The key to the Giants victory is Kadarius Toney. He has been hurt some, but Garrett has not figured out to use him and get him in space. He only had 1 dominant game; He is a tremendousmismatch for many defenders. Last game he had 1 target, 1 reception for 9 yards. If Toney does not get 10 targets in this game, I would fire Garrett after the game and give him bus money to get home! He has tanked this offense since he’s been here. With Shepard out, Golladay needs to step up too. Game manager Jones needs a minimum of 275 passing yards to have any chance in this game. 


The Buccaneers come off 2 losses so they are looking at the Giants to get right, The Giants played the Bucs on a Monday night game last year and the Bucs barely beast them 25-23. The Giants caught them in a trap game last year when they had to face the Saints the next week for the second time (they got smoked in the first game and were looking for revenge that did not happen) off a short week. The Giants come off a bye where their record over history has been bad. However, the Gmen have been road warriors. They are 12-3 against the spread on the road the last 15 games. If you take the time to go back further it is just as good since 2017. I think this game will be closer than the 11 points favorite the Bucs are. I’m worried about the Giants offense but I think the defense can keep this game from being a blowout. I am going to call this game, Buccaneers 27, Giants 20. For this week the Giants stay in the NFC East cellar. The schedule does get easier going forward. However, the Eagles do look like they are playing much better and play the Gmen twice in the remaining schedule.


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