Gentlemen,We Say No Thanks To Gettleman

Yesterday, we mentioned the rumors that Dave Gettleman is the favorite to land the GM position. There is even a source from the front office that it is imminent, and he could be signed by mid-week. Again, we are NOT in support of Gettleman as the next GM.

The Charlotte Observer wrote, a year after he was fired by the Panthers, about the reasons for his surprising forced exit from the GM position. Sources within the Panthers organization cited poor relations with the players and even within the front office due to his brusque management style, which leads us to infer that he is arrogant about his abilities. They also had concerns about how he was neglecting a couple of units on their roster, which they believed played a large role in their regression in the 2016 season, a year after they went to the Super Bowl.

We do not have source or information that Reese had poor relations within the organization nor if he had a brusque management style. But we have witnessed his arrogance through his media appearances; lack of public communication and of course, neglect of units on the roster. We feel Gettleman is, in essence, an older clone of Jerry Reese. Reese struck us as arrogant when addressing the media. He was arrogant in his abilities with the handling of the roster.

A good general manager is the opposite of the above. That person is a skilled communicator and the opposite of arrogance by questioning their own abilities through constant engagement of personnel in the decision making process.

In the end, we believe the organization needs a fresh voice. They need to go outside their comfort zone of hiring within the organization, of which Gettleman is essentially. Let the new voice provide structure by hiring their own staff of scouts and front office personnel. We fear that we will just re-visit the same weaknesses and errors that we endured under the Reese regime.

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