NYG {Hurts} 13 Eagles 7

Written by: Curmudgeon Nabob of Reality

Bravo! I got fired and the offense still sucks! Stick your headset up your ass. Perhaps you can hear better Joe!

Before the Giants versus Eagles game, a report surfaced from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, regarding the demise of embattled Giants GM David Gettleman. We are not in the least surprised by this as it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Shit For Brains has been in operating in Cover his Ass mode for the last two seasons. All you need to do is look at the cap, free agent signings and safe pick of LT Thomas. All of this has amounted to the treadmill of suckatude. As the Giants have posted a record of 19-40 under his watch.

Many in the NYG twitter universe and social media ( echo chambers of depravity) are all drooling over themselves about this rumor. We, however, do not think much of this in the grand scheme of things. Yes, we want Gettleman gone but he is just a symptom of a much larger problem. Over the last decade, ownership has compounded the treadmill of suckatude with poor decision making. It started with loyalty and trust in Reese for way too long. The TC firing debacle. The McAdoo folly. Then going back to the old boys network in Gettleman hire who then hired Shurmur. Then the hire of Garrett-the adapt less offensive coordinator. ( Thankfully- Garrett was fired last week). The pattern starts with the rot that is the culture of the organization. Why do we believe the next GM hired by ownership will turn this from the treadmill of suckatude to the treadmill of contending? Unless this ownership group hires a consulting firm to root out the losing culture of bad decisions the odds are more wretched hires in the future will continue. Mara’s and Tisch’s resume of hiring plus management would result in the unemployment line for the average employee in any industry but football. They will continue to make millions whether they lose or win. There is a local team where I live (Detroit) that are the world champions of losing yet they still make money hand over fist. This is not the road we all should want this team to go down.

Our other concern is the rumor states that ownership still believes in their HC. We have heard the mantra of patience by the ownership history but we are calling Bullshit . It is called a mask to own up to poor hiring and decision making. But it isn’t just about that but how can you stick a coach on a new GM hire? Isn’t a GM supposed to be independent of ownership to make personnel decisions? It is like when a GM was hired because ownership still believed in the past in thinking Eli still had fuel in the tank. How did that turn out? In the end a GM and HC need to be tied at the hip in terms of philosophy, culture of team and long term plan for success. Unlike this disjointed current organization. Don’t make me list my points that are evident above.

As for the game:

On a day the Giants were honoring Number 92 Michael Strahan, they edged the dreaded Iggles. It is always great to beat those deadbeats from filthadelphia. The final score was a whopping 13-7. By the way, a game total of 318 passing yards for both teams. Think about that. The rules of the game are totally predicated on passing. The average NFL QB will racks up that amount by himself. Judge fired Clapper Garrett but can we discernibly tell any difference in this offensive Offense? Has it improved the team’s ability to get TDs versus going for FGs? BTW, the Giants were gift wrapped 4 turnovers and it lead to 13 total points. The game planning and management is an issue that Gettleman is not responsible. This is on Judge who deserves to be fired at years end too. We are exhausted by this and frankly tired of watching a sub sub standard product of football. Just be honest with yourself in watching the Pats, Titans, Bucs, Colts, Packers and Rams this Sunday versus this 13-7 game and ask would either team really compete in a playoff game? This Giants team sucks! Do not believe in this hollowed win. Just go back to 2013. The Giants began the season 0-6. And they were able to muster wins vs shitty QBs. Recall. Matt Barkley playing for the Eagles. Pryor under center for the Raiders. Scott Tolzien chucking 3 INTs as the Packers QB. And the best is Josh Freeman. He was picked up by Minnesota to start against the Giants on Monday Night Football. So 0-6 became 7-9. Giants owner John Mara believed the Giants were going to fix their broken offense by getting rid of much maligned OC Kevin Gilbride. (Gilbride retired before getting the axe.). How did this work? Subsequently, the Giants had back to back seasons posting 6-10 records. Treadmill of suckatude……. It has been like this for too long.


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