The Biggest Loser…The New York Football Giants

Written by: Glenn Warciski

I am at the point of giving up on my beloved team. Blogging about the Giants from 2017 til present, without question, has been painful, frustrating, and pointless. Instead of being excited and engaged about this once proud franchise, I am angry and disgusted with the entire team from John Mara, to Dave Gettleman, to Joe Judge, and to the players. I find it very difficult rooting for my team. In fact, I do not have any favorite players. As a protest, I have not purchased anything Giants in five years. Needless to say, I believe it is a team without a soul. Giants Pride or Together Blue does not exist. At this point, it is more superficial. These are just buzzwords or hashtags to use on social media to connect with other Giants fans. Right now, there is a disconnect with fans and the Giants organization. As the losses pile up each year, the decision makers within the Giants organization continue to pull the wrong levers. As a result, unfortunately, the Giants situation continues to get worse each year. Although fans can be unforgiving, they are the ones who support their team. What Giants management does not get? The losing is unacceptable. It has gone on for far too long. Since the firing of Tom Coughlin in 2015, the Giants have posted a record of 33-60. This is a franchise which won a Super Bowl 10 years ago. And since then, the Giants have one winning season (2016) with one playoff appearance. No doubt, this is a team which has fallen off a cliff! But management does not see it this way. John Mara continues to believe in patience and things will get better. This is Bullshit! This is the bullshit we have been calling out for some time. In fact, since 2014, we have created a forum here to share our thoughts about the New York Football Giants. Initially, we were the whisper voices in the wilderness. Pointing out problems in the way the Giants operate in thought provoking posts. Although we are educated fans, we are aware there are complexities in running an NFL franchise. We are not dealing with an ordinary NFL franchise. We are talking about the New York Football Giants. Indeed, the Giants have had lean years going back from 1964 thru 1978. However, this current losing culture is happening when the NFL is a middling league. There are a handful of good teams. The Giants have positioned themselves in a large hole due to the moronic decisions.

Firing Coughlin but not Reese.

Keeping Eli as QB for far too long.

Promoting unproven Ben McAdoo. Coincidentally, it appears he is a better coach than Shurmur and Judge.

Mara firing Reese, McAdoo, and Marc Ross. Calling it wholesale changes. But keeping Chris Mara and Ronnie Barnes and the rest of the scouts. He did not go far enough.

Hiring Dave Gettleman. This arrogant asshole has made matters worse. His approval of Pat Shurmur as head coach was a complete abomination.

Mara firing Shurmur but not Gettleman. What the heck was this about? Another mistake.

Then hiring this bird brain Joe Judge. His record is 10-19 and will get worse.

Drafting Daniel Jones. This incompetent is Dave Brown 2.0. It appears his season and career could be over.

These are some of the Giants missteps. There are so much more. The takeaway is this team has lost its way. It has been a culture of losing. Unless John Mara gets honest, things will not change. As a rabid fan, I will stop following this team. I will be done. I cannot take the losing anymore!


One thought on “The Biggest Loser…The New York Football Giants

  1. Adrian Burke December 15, 2021 / 12:06 pm

    MARa is getting payback for all the stupid decisions. SAD


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