Why Matt Patricia Chose Detroit over NYG


Many of you who visit our site know we do not sugar coat our opinions or perspectives  as it relates to the Giants. We do not wear rose-colored glasses and put positive spin on any decision or current state of the team.

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Why We Believe Matt Patricia is the Perfect Candidate to Become Giants Head Coach

So much for the no thanks we wrote about the other week regarding Gettleman. We move on and hope for the promise that Gettleman will learn from his past mistakes and experiences to move this organization back to relevance. It is a major positive to see Hart jettisoned as well as Marc Ross. We have our concerns about his insistence on running the draft room solo, which traces back to the sentiments of our December 13th post. Many of the same scouting faces and organizational structure remain. There is one prospect that will counterbalance and provide a fresh new approach to what we consider an old-school front office.

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The Epitome of Lazy Journalism

There are many local and national so-called journalists that spew out fluff pieces on the teams they get access to. Most of the articles and reports we read are just, in essence, team marketing feeds. Go to any coach press conference, GM press conference and the majority of all player interviews, and they are 99% of the time filled with clichés and meaningless information. Sometimes, you feel for these beat reporters as they never get a meaningful answer to their questions and even if they ask a meaningful question, it never will be answered in an honest way. Answers are always shaped with clichés, which means the organization controls the information and media content.

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