Chiefs 20 Giants 17

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Pig slop! What a poorly executed game by both teams. And the Giants find another way to lose a game. The Giants fall to 2-6 on the season. Another lost season. This franchise is broken! Time to blow it up! We have been stating this for 5 years. It overdue to overhaul this abomination of an organization.

Pigpen football: A whopping 22 penalties accepted in this game. The Chiefs were flagged for 12 penalties totaling 102 yards. While the Joe Judge “disciplined” or lack there of Giants squad had 10 infractions totaling 88 yards. Too many unsportsmanlike penalties cost the Giants this game. In particular, the Penny taunting and the Crowder’s two penalties were daggers in the Giants heart. The former stalled a potential scoring drive. While the latter, first one ( roughing) allowed the Chiefs to tie the game at 17. Subsequently on the Chiefs next drive, Crowder was flagged for a phantom face mask, which allowed the Chiefs to sustain their drive and get the winning points.

If you believed Joe Judge in his introductory press conference a year ago, as a fan, you have to be livid with the lack of discipline of his team.

Joe Judge in his own words:

What I’m about is an old school physical mentality. We’re going to put a product on the field that the people of this city and region are going to be proud of because this team will represent this area. We will play fast, we will play downhill, we will play aggressive. We will punch you in the nose for 60 minutes, we will play every play like it has a history and a life of its own, with a relentless, competitive attitude. We will play fundamentally sound, we will not beat ourselves. That is our mission right here. I’m about caring for the players in the locker room. Let’s not forget there’s a human element to this game. Let’s not think that in professional sports that paying a pay check to somebody makes it absent of empathy. We need to make sure that we take care of the players in our locker room, that we treat them the right way, that we teach them the correct techniques, and that we put them in the right situations to be successful. We’re going to ask these men to come in and give everything they have every day. We’re going to demand it, and we appreciate everything they give us. It’s our responsibility to take care of them on a daily basis and make sure that when they are done with our game, they are better furthered for the rest of their career as a father, a husband, and a professional in whatever avenue they take.

The Giants do not play fundamentally sound. This is on Joe Judge. Instead of making excuses, like the latest, a headset problem. Judge has to be honest and hold himself accountable.

What should Judge do when his players are committing dopey penalties? take the Bill Parcells approach, ‘if you get called for penalties, we’re taking you out of the game.’ The only way that you’re going to stop this, you have to have a sense of responsibility for your actions. So if you’re going to get called offsides and if you’re going to make mistakes then you’re coming out of the game. There has to be a fear; fear does the work of reason.

Fear not headsets. Judge does not know when to keep his mouth shut. His idiotic excuse about headsets has made it crystal clear. Joe Judge is unfit to be a NFL head coach. On top of his nonsense, his boss John Mara made it a point of emphasis about zero tolerance with taunting penalties.

“Nobody wants to see a player taunting another player. I know, I certainly don’t. I think the rest of the members of the competition committee feel the same way, too.”- John Mara

So what is going on in the Giants building? Judge did not take note his boss who is part of the competition committee put this new rule in effect. Then Giants Elijah Penny taunts a Chiefs player at a critical point late in the game. In turn, squandered the Giants chances of taking control of the game. But all we hear about is headsets. Unbelievable!

Other Observations:

Daniel Jones in rare form. After the Giants defense intercepts Mahomes, Jones was in an early Christmas mode. Throws an ill advised pass which is intercepted. Daniel Jones is Dave Brown 2.0. Difference Brown threw more pick 6 interceptions. We are in QB Hell!

Change coaches. Change players. Going back to 2016, the Giants cannot score enough points. More importantly, they are at the bottom of red zone scoring. From scouting to evaluating, they do not have an accurate gauge on grading players. Then the coaches do not know how to effectively attack in the red zone.


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