Prophet’s Pulpit

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The New York Football Clowns

The song remains the same for the New York Football Giants. Another game and another loss. The Gmen find new and imaginative ways to lose. They are using a backup quarterback but they are not alone. There were multiple teams in the NFL with backups starting.  The Giants lose their 5th game in a row and their 6th out of the last 7 games. They are not just losing but getting decimated. They were outscored 49 to 141 in the last 5 and 72 to 178 in the last 7. The Giants have averaged 10 points/game the past 7 weeks. There is no way you can win like that unless you have the 1985 Bears for a defense and this Giants group is far from that. 

This past week’s game vs the Bears was over before it began.On the first offensive play of the game, Gipson rushes from the right side and is untouched headed to Glennon. He sacks and strips Glennon. Nichols recovers the ball at Giants 18-yard line and takes it to the two-yard line. On the same play on the left side, Robert Quinn pushes Thomas back like he is not even there. The interaction keeps him from getting to Glennon firstbut he was a split second behind Gipson. Montgomery scored on the next play cutting through the defensive line like a hot knife through butter. The Bears are up 7-0 after 18 seconds!

On the 5th play of the second Giants possession, Glennon throws a pass to the $72M dollar man, Kenny Golladay, who can’t get to then ball while Artie Burns tips it up in the air for Gipson to intercept it and run 31 yards to the Giants 24-yard line. It only takes the Bears 7 plays to score. On a 4th and 2 from the Giants 4-yard line, Dalton finds Mooney streaking across the end line toward the right end zone corner for a touchdown. With less than 7 minutes off the board the Bears lead 14-0 and the game is over. 

The game was 22-3 in favor of the Bears at the half. It didn’t matter being behind but the Giants were afraid to have Glennon throw the ball because he knew that turnovers would ensue! He threw 2 interceptions on 11 attempts. Glennon also fumbled 4 times and lost 2 fumbles. With these kind of turnovers Glennon makes #DannyTurnover look great! Glennon only threw 11 times with 4 completions for 24 yards with a 2.2 YPA. Two receptions were to Booker for 0 yards and there was 1 reception each to Booker and Sills for 12 yards each. 

The Gmen ran 41 times even though they were losing all game. They totaled 161 yards rushing on those 41 attempts. This is a crazy stat for a team that lost by 26 points. The Giants pass game has become nonexistent! Just months before Gettleman spend millions to make sure Jones had weapons: Golladay, Shepard, Slayton, Toney, Ross, Johnson, Cooper, Engram, and Rudolph. You can throw in the running backs Barkley and Booker. These receivers were hurt all year. You have to question the Giants strength and condition personnel and the trainers. This has been a decade long problem. The Giants 3 receivers for the game were Golladay, Cooper and Sills. No wonder Glennon can’t throw. 


I listened to the 23-minute Joe Judge press conference after the game. You can tell that Joe Judge is cracking under the pressure. He had a diatribe at the end of the press conference explaining that everyone is trying hard to win. I said it after the 36-9 loss to the 49ers in week 3 in 2020 that Joe Judge is lost. They were playing a team that had 11 starters out hurt and lost the 12thstarter during the game. On the road, the 49ers smoked the Giants 36-9. If they couldn’t win that game, what game can they win???

I have said all along that Joe Judge is a fraud. He is a Bill Belichick Wannabee that thinks he can be Bill with no gravitas and everything will fall into place. He is in over his head in the deep end of the pool and he can’t swim. He had a good line of BS, we are going to punch you in the face for 60 minutes, we will be a team this city will be proud of…blah, blah, blah. We see the same mistakes and mental errors week after week. Every press conference all he talks about improvement but he is the only one who sees it. He said this week that there plan was to run the ball. After being peppered he said he was sticking to the game plan even though he was down 3-4 touchdowns. Just come out and admit you couldn’t throw the ball and cut the BS. He was talking about the wind. Give me a break. 

At the beginning of the 2nd quarter the Giants have a 4th and 3 from the Bears 48-yard line. You are losing 14-0 and in plus territory. You are going to be 4-12 (soon to be 4-13). You would think he would go for it. Many other coaches would and you have nothing to lose. No, he punts the ball. He should be fired then. We all made fun of Nick Sirianni of the Eagles from his first press conference where he sounded totally inept and later with his use of rock, paper, scissors. However, if he wins Saturday vs the Cowboys minus Parsons he will have 10 wins in one season and Joe Judge has 10 wins in 2 seasons, 33 games!


This week’s game will be another loss and the season mercifully will come to and end. The Giants have their 5th double digit loss season in a row and the 7th in 8th years! The Giants have no chance to win this game. It would take 4 turnovers to win. 

For the second time the Giants are marching out Jake Fromm. He is not ready for the NFL! Fromm was 6 of 17 for 25 yards, 1 interception, 1.5 YPA in his first start and was taken out of the game in the third quarter for Glennon. The Giants game plan is to run the ball 40+ times again. The Washington team is 8th vs the run only giving up 105 yards/game. They are 30th vs the pass giving up 266 yards/game. Guess what the Giants have no way to take advantage of their pass weakness. Shepard is on IR, Slayton is questionable, Ross and Toney are out. Fromm has a minuscule average depth of target. All Washington has to do is put 8 in the box and dare Fromm to throw. Kitchens better come up with some flea flickers or trick plays because it is the only chance they have. The Giants only managed 151 yards last week of offense with the better back up Glennon who is not great. At least this journeyman has been in the league since 2013. It was the second week in a row under 200 yards of offense. The Giants have turned it over 13 times in the past 5 game losing streak. They have lost these 5 games by an average of over 18 points. Fromm may be more turnover prone this game than #DannyTurnover. 

Washington will also be looking to run the ball. They get Gibson back off the Covid list. He is their workhorse back but he has been fighting injuries all year. McKissic is out and missed half the season. No problem, they launch Jaret Paterson who had 57 yards on 12 carries and a touchdown. Behind him there is Smallwood and Williams if they are needed. Heinicke can also take off and run.

The run will set up the pass. Heinicke is a professional quarterback. He’s no Aaron Rodgers but he’s the best QB in this game and he can do some damage. He completes 65.5% of his passes. Bradberry will have to take out McLaurin. After McLaurin, he has 4 receivers to target: Carter, Brown, Humphries, and Sims. At tight end they lost the very good Logan Thomas. Ricky Seals Jones has stepped up but when he has been hurt its next man up John Bates. Heinicke threw completed passes to 9 different players last week. He will find the open man. He has thrown 15 interceptions this year. If the Giants want to win, they will have to turn him over. 


The Giants blew the first meeting on Thursday night of week 2. Hopkins missed a 48-yard field goal with 5 seconds left. Dexter Lawrence was offsides on the play so Hopkins got another try from the 43-yard line and put it through. This is an example of the mental mistakes we see every game that Mr. Patriots Way says that are getting better. The game flipped from a 29-27 Giants win to the 30-29 Washington win. I tweeted after this loss how do they expect anyone to sleep after that as the game ended after midnight. The next week they inexplicably blew the game at home vs the Falcons, 17-14. Instead of starting the season 2-1 it was 0-3 for the Gmen and it started this season’s death spiral.

I can’t see the Giants winning with Fromm. Washington has not been scoring a lot of points lately but they can score enough to beat this Giants anemic bottom of the league offense. I am calling this one Washington 24 and the Giants 6. The Giants will get only 2 Gano field goals or get a 4th quarter garbage time touchdown and miss the 2-point conversion. I love the Under in this game. You can parlay Washington -7 and the under 37.5 or 38. I got -6.5 early in the week, free money. If you are nervous you can tease Washington -1 and the Under to 43.5 or 44 for some easy money. Hopefully in 2022 we have a real GM, a real coach and a real quarterback! 1/10 will be a National Holiday for Giants fans to commemorate the launching of Gettleman. The other Giants holiday I celebrate every year is 12/4. It was that day in 2017 that Jerry “Reach” was fired!


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