Prophet’s Pulpit- Giants play in the Windy City, will they get blown out?

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


It was another NFL Sunday and it was another Giants loss. This team is an embarrassment and is not going to win another game this year. In my opinion, the Giants are tied with the Jaguars for the worst team in the NFL. At this point the Lions, Jets and Texans can beat the Giants. They are a monumental disgrace. 

Who on this earth thought Jake Fromm was ready to start anNFL game? Fromm fell in the draft to the 5th round because he has a weak arm and he is not mobile. You saw that in spades during the game. Fromm’s stat line was 6/17, only 25 yards, 19.5 quarterback rating, He had a horrific 1.5 YPA. I don’t ever remember a starting QB with a lower YPA. He made Glennon who had to come in for him look like Dan Marino! Glennon is also a very bad back up. He was 17/27 for 93 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception and a 65.8 QB rating. His YPA was a terrible 3.4 yards. He got a late touchdown in garbage time vs a soft defense with a 31-point lead. 

The team was so bad all they could muster was 192 yards which was a measly 2.6 yards per play. As we have seen for over a month the pass game consists of check downs to the running backs and tight ends. Of the 23 receptions, 14 were to running backs and tight ends. The average pass was 5.1 yards. The defense does not have to respect any deep threats and they can hug the line of scrimmage and exert pressure. Barkley did nothing in this game. He had 32 yards on 15 carries, 2.1 YPC, and 1 reception on his only target for minus 4 yards. Besides his great rookie year, Barkley has done nothing. He had a very good second year but has missed 21 games including his second year. He has not had the impact expected as Gettleman’s 2018 1stround pick, the second pick overall. 

The game was close at the half at a 3-3 tie. But it does not take the Eagles long in the second half to get on the board. On the Giants second play of the half, Fromm is intercepted at the Giants 21-yard line. It only takes the Eagles 5 plays to score. Of course, Boston Scott, “The Giants Killer” scores. Boston Scott has 8 touchdowns vs the Giants in the 6 games against them from 2019 to 2021!

The score is Eagles 20-3 to start the 4th quarter and they score 2 touchdowns in 90 seconds at the start of the 4th quarter. Hurts throws a touchdown to offensive tackle, Lane Johnson to rub salt in the wounds. Four plays later Glennon throws a pick six making it 34-3 as this game is all but over. 


It is so very disappointing that Mara is keeping Judge and #DannyTurnover. Judge as I have outlined is a fraud. He’s in over his head. There are no results. The team makes the same mistakes. The Giants will have a bad 2022 and then they will fire Judge. Mara doesn’t want to fire 3 coaches in a row after 2 years each because it makes him look like the idiot he is! He has waited an extra year to fire Gettleman and look at the damage he created. The problem is that great potential coaching candidates like Brian Daboll and Kellen Winslow among 6 others who will get jobs and be off the market when Mara comes out of his coma to find a new coach next year. 

The GM search could also become another debacle. Last time when they hired Gettleman it was a nepotism search. Mara only looked at 4 candidates. Three were current or former Giants, Chris Mara, his nephew, Tim McDonnell, co-director of pro-personnel, and Gettleman. The only outsider was Louis Riddick of ESPN. He was the best candidate but they blew him off. The Giants should interview 8-12 candidates. If anything, they would get a lot of differing theories on how to improve the team. It could be a learning experience, but no. 

We are stuck with Daniel Jones. They shouldn’t take his 5th year option but they will. The quarterback candidates are not great this year. I documented before that Jones is a bottom 10 quarterback. He has a career 221 yards/game, 1.2 TD’s/game and more total turnovers than total touchdowns including his rush TD’s. I can understand that they don’t want to use their top 2 picks on a QB. However, they will be in the quarterback business next year unless they can get a veteran like Wilson who if he is traded is headed to the NFC. 


This week’s matchup is between 2 teams going nowhere. The Giants have 4 wins and the Bears have 5. The Giants can help themselves by beating the Bears because with every loss the Bears first round pick that was traded to the Giants gets higher. Both teams have used 3 quarterbacks this year. The Giants are starting Glennon this week. He may not be great but he is light years ahead of Fromm who is not just ready to be an NFL quarterback. Fromm’s appearance was the worst in the NFL since Nathan Peterman threw 5 interceptions in the first half several years ago. 

When the Giants have the ball, they are going to run the ball to keep the passing mistakes to a minimum and control the time of possession. The Seahawks ran for 170 yards vs the Bears last week. The Bears are 25th vs the run. Hopefully the offensive line can open some holes for Barkley and Booker who will both see carries in this game. The running backs and tight ends have been getting 2 out of every 3 receptions for the Giants the last 5 games. This will continue against the Bears. Engram needs to have a big day. Tight end Everett from the Seahawks was the leading receiver for the Seahawks and he also had a touchdown last week. However, Glennon will have to have throws over 15 yards to keep the Bears defense honest and not stuffing the box. The Bears are 4th vs the pass.

The Bears will also want to run the ball. The Giants are 26th vs the run. Montgomery will be looking to get over 100 yards in the run and pass game. He is versatile and Montgomery was the leading receiver last week with 7 catches on 9 targets. Foles played last week and had a decent outing with 250 yards, 1 touchdown, 0 interceptions and a 98.5 QB rating. Fields is questionable and may be back this week. If he is, the Giants must keep him in the pocket. When plays break down, he is dangerous. 

The Bears do not have many passing weapons. Their top receiver, Alan Robinson, has been out most of the year but he does come off the COVID list. Mooney has been the number 1 target but he has had up and down weeks based mostly on the quarterback play. Tight end, Cole Kmet has had some good games with 53 receptions but 0 touchdowns. Aging veteran, Jimmy Graham has been stealing the TD’s. He has 3 this year. 

This game may very well come down to turnovers. The Giantshave only 1 take away the last 4 weeks while turning it over 9 times. The bears are also bad on turnovers being ranked 31st in turnover differential at -13. If they can pressure Fields or whoever starts they have a chance. 


The Giants offense has been anemic. They have only average 11.5 points/week the last 6 weeks. This team just cannot generate any offense. The over/under for this game is a super low 37 and that could be a good bet. I am calling this one, Bears 24, Giants 13.


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