Prophet’s Pulpit- Giants vs Cowboys Preview & Prediction Plus Chargers Recap & Commentary

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


Pepsi Game.

It was another Sunday and another Giants loss. This was a pathetic loss even with Jones out. With injuries and Covid-19 there are many substitutes quarterback and players every weekend. Many teams are facing the same situation as we had over 100 players dealing with Covid-19 this week alone. 

This game was over by halftime. The final score of Chargers 37-21 does not indicate how super one sided this game was. It was 37-7 before the Giants scored 2 touchdowns in garbage time when the Chargers called the dogs off. 

Glennon is a bad back up quarterback. His 32nd birthday celebration was ruined by his and the Giants’ performance. He had a very poor outing the week before vs the Dolphins. He had a ridiculsly low YPA of 4.25! He was 23 off 44 attempts for 187 yards with 0 TD’s and 1 interception. He was sacked 3 times for 28 yards. This week his YPA was 5.3. Glennon was 9 for 19 in the first half for 112 yards. The Giants scored 7 points until the proverbial 4th quarter garbage time.

The dagger that won this game before halftime was a Herbert 59-yard bomb to Guyton with 25 seconds left in the half. Guyton had a larger role because the Chargers number one receiver, Keenan Allen, was out due to Covid-19. That didn’t matter vs the Giants. Herbert uses all his weapons as 8 different players had at least one catch. It only took Herbert 23 seconds to go 75 yards. Guyton beat Logan Ryan and McKinney who came to help but couldn’t catch him. Guyton split the defenders and he had a 4-yard lead on Ryan. Herbert laid in a perfect pass for the touchdown. The Giants have given up a league leading 59 points in the last 2 minutes of the first half. They also have not scored in the last 2 minutes of the half. They are the only team in the NFL that has not scored which is indicative of how bad this season has been. This is a bad stat for Joe Judge and the Giants to swallow.

The reason this was pathetic was they forced the Chargers to kick from their end zone and they got the ball with a 1 minute and 40 seconds left at the Chargers 41-yard line. The Giants virtually need 5 yards for a long Gano field goal who is deadly from 56 yards and in. They actually lost 2 yards on 3 downs. The Giants haven’t scored a point in the final 2 minutes off any game. You would think that Judge would go for it or try a fake punt. What do you have to lose? You are in plus territory and you are 4-8 going nowhere. They Giants only net 18 yards on the punt anyway!

Thankfully, the word is that Mara is finally going to get rid of Gettleman at the end of the season. He has set back the team a decade. The offensive line is no better than the day he started. He made a bunch of stupid free agent decisions that has used most of the Giants cap space. The Giants only have $2.4M in space now. They have $207M in cap liabilities in 2022 leaving them with no flexibility without restructuring or cutting players. I have coined Gettleman as the “King of Dead Money” racking up over $116M in dead money in 4 years. To put it in perspective it is two thirds of this year’s cap.

Gettleman’s biggest blunder has been drafting Daniel Jones at 6 overall in 2019. Giants #TogetherBlue Nation is in denial that he is a good quarterback. They have every excuse in the book. I knew in 1 quarter that Herbert was great. He had no OTA’s, no training camp, no first team reps as he was thrust into a game with 5 minutes notice and almost beat the World Champion Chiefs and lost by 3 points as an 8-point underdog. 

Jones is 12-25 and has not beat a team with a winning record (if the Saints, Eagles, or Raiders finish over .500 he will). He has more turnovers 51(29 interceptions, and 24 fumbles lost on 36 fumbles), than touchdowns 50, (45 passing, 5 rushing). He has only averaged 226 yards passing/game for his career which is in the bottom third. He has 220 yards a game this year which is unacceptable! I took a look at other bottom half of the league quarterbacks and they have more passing yards/game for their career to use for comparison: Cousins 273 yards, Wentz 243 yards, Tannehill 235 yards, Garoppolo, 249 yards. Even Tua with injuries and limited weapons at times has 243 yards/gamethis year. I rest my case. We need a new quarterback!!!!!


The Giants like other teams this week have 9 players on the Covid list: Toney, Ross, Brown, Ximines, Brown, Robinson, Reed and Jamerson. The NFL is changing its policy to only 1 negative test, so more players can come back sooner. 

If the Giants are to have any chance in this game to win, they have to establish the run in this game. They had 135 yards last week and only the third time they topped 100 yards since week 3. I expect both Barkley and Booker to be active again in the pass game. Glennon has been playing badly and has been sacked 5 times in 2 weeks It will keep the Cowboys off the field and also slow down the pass rush.

Rookie sensation, Micah Parsons, has been a beast. He has 12 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, 16 quarterback hits and is 7th in sacks. After missing the first 10 weeks, DeMarcus Lawrence is back to also blow-up offensive linemen. The Giants could have drafted Parsons at 11 in the 2021 draft. They traded down for Kadarius Toney at 20 because the Bears grabbed Fields at 11. The Cowboys jumped on Parsons with the next pick at 12. Toney only had 2 good games. He will miss his 6th game this week. He will be a good pick with a new quarterback in the future and they did pick up an extra pick. 

Glennon cannot get the ball down the field, and his average depth of target is very low. Once again like vs Miami and the week before, he is throwing mostly to the running backs and tight ends. These 2 groups had 11 of 17 completions last week. The week before, the running backs and tight ends caught 16 of 23 receptions. The 6 passes to 4 wide receivers last week averaged only 9 yards. Glennon has to take some shots early to Golladay and Slayton to get the Cowboy defenders off the line of scrimmage. Dallas knows they can load the box and dare Glennon to throw. This is not a good formula. 

When Dallas has the ball they will want to establish the run also. Pollard is questionable but the Cowboys will have Zeke and Clement. The Cowboys will have to establish the run because Dak has been playing badly the last month. Other than the Las Vegas game on Thanksgiving, Dak has thrown for an average of an average of 221 in 3 of his last 4 games with 4 TD’s and 5 interceptions. 

Dak will have all his weapons. The Chargers threw for 275 yards and 423 total yards. Dak has one of the top trio of receivers Cooper, Lamb and Gallup in the league. He has a competent tight end in Schultz and secondary receivers of Wilson and Turner who had 2 touchdowns vs Denver. Dak is looking to get on track again vs a Giants get well defense that Herbert torched last week. The Giants are a pathetic 25th in sacks with 25. Dak was sacked 4 times last week. With tackle Tyron Smith out, there is an opportunity for the Giants to get to Dak. 


The Cowboys moped the floor with the Giants in week 5 winning 44-20. Dak threw for 302 yards, 3 touchdowns and an interception. The stars, Zeke, Cooper and Lamb, all had receiving touchdowns. The Cowboys rushed for 201 yards. Glennon, who came in for an injured Jones, threw a pick 6. Toney had his best game with 189 yards and he could have had more if he didn’t get thrown out of the game with 5 minutes to go. Dallas has owned the Giants recently winning 8 of the last 10. Sunday is no exception. The Cowboys get well in the Meadowlands. I am calling this one, Cowboys 30 and the Giants with a garbage time score 14.


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