Prophet’s Pulpit – Giants vs. Eagles Preview And Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Christmas came early for the New York Football Giants. On December 4th, the Giants blew out the GM, Jerry “Reach” Reese, and the head coach, Ben McAdoo. I can write a book on the shortcomings of Reese. His drafts for the most part were garbage. What did him in at the end was his arrogance. He said in July that the offensive line is young and they will come around. Well, we all knew better as he did nothing to address the line in free agency or in the draft. He also did nothing to address an anemic run game that has been at the bottom of the rankings for six years.

McAdoo was like a six year old swimming in the deep end of the pool without a preserver. He was in over his head. He was ineffective as an offensive coordinator going 12-20. He was predictable as a head coach going 13-15. He put the team in situations that were hard to recover from. He was bad with time management. He basically lost the team this year as witnessed by the one-game suspensions of DRC and Jenkins, and he had a mutiny in the locker room. He was supposed to be a QB whisperer from working with Aaron Rodgers. However, McAdoo looked good because of Rodgers, not the other way around.

It was a glorious day that I thought would never come, and I can’t feel any better! Life looks good for the Giants if they don’t screw it up. They can rebuild with one of the top four college QB’s: Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield or Allen. Eli will be gone. They need to hire the right GM (not Gettlemen, who is Jerry Reese light) and the right head coach.

The game that caused the firings was the Geno Smith game versus the Raiders. This needlessly broke Eli’s streak! Geno was pedestrian with 212 yards and one TD. The Giants had 35% third down efficiency and they scored 17 points, which is par for the course. The Giants always score fewer than 20 points. Beastmode had his 100-yard day for Oakland.

Last week, the Gmen were no match for the hated Cowboys. The defense got gashed by big pass plays as Prescott without Zeke threw TD bombs to Dez, Rod Smith and of course, a 20-yard touchdown to the long time Giant killer, Witten. The Giants D gave up 454 yards as the team continued its pursuit of the highest draft choice it can get.

There is not much analysis for the Giants’ game this week versus the Eagles. The Eagles, even without Wentz, should have a day in the park. They should be able to pass against the Giants and get a lead without Collins and Apple in for New York. Then they can then run out the game in the second half with Ajayi, Blount and Clement. The Giants only hope to keep the game close is for Eli to pass to Shepard and Engram, and they will also need some turnovers. The Giants will not be able to run Darkwa and Gallman against this number one run defense that gives up only 71 yards on the ground per game.

So, I am calling for the 11-2 Eagles to beat the 2-11 Giants 31 to 10. It should be higher, but you have Foles who is not as good as Wentz, and they will run down the clock.

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