Giants Get Their Tackle- Overdraft Andrew Thomas

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Dave Gettleman 1 Computer Folks ZERO

For the second consecutive year, Giants GM Dave Gettleman overdrafted his first pick in round one. Last year, it was Daniel Jones and last night it was Andrew Thomas. Indeed, Gettleman made a need and value decision by selecting Thomas. As pointed out by our Paul Burke, Thomas appears to be the best pass protector out of the four tackles selected in round one. Additionally, Thomas compiled an impressive resume at the University of Georgia. For one, as mentioned, Thomas played in the best college conference in the country-SEC. (Southeastern Conference.) With top notch competition with the likes of National Champion LSU and constant stalwart Alabama, Thomas allowed only 5 sacks in his entire career. As we have stated here, the NFL has morphed into a passing league. So this meaningful statistic, without question, provides comfort to the Giants and their faithful. Our quarterback Daniel Jones will have a clean pocket to make throws. AMEN.

The downside: A trade down which Paul and I have been advocating did not happen. Why? You will here the excuse, time and again, the Giants could not find a trading partner. And, there were no trade downs at all with teams drafting in the top 10. So, Glenn and Paul stop complaining.

We can make the case here: If the Giants were bold which includes much maligned GM Dave Gettleman, they could have nabbed their guy Thomas plus extra picks. With the next tackle coming off the board at pick 10 to Cleveland, (Wills), there was definite wiggle room for the Giants to give their depleted roster a bigger boost. But this did not happen. Why?

Dave Gettleman made this pick which on the surface is a wise choice. However, it is too safe. It is a pick made by someone who wants to keep his job. When the 2020 season is over, and once again, the Giants have double digit losses, Giants owner John Mara will give Gettleman a reprieve. Dave has made great strides in improving the talent on our roster. Along with Joe Judge and his staff, the team needs more time to ascend to a perennially power in the NFL. I believe Dave can acquire more talent to make us better.

From the prism we are looking through, this all falls on John Mara. Gettleman would not risk trading down. Too scared! This is what it all boils down too. The whole problem with Gettleman and retaining him, he never had a long term plan. This is the consequences of Gettleman’s flawed ideas to make the Giants into a winner sooner rather than being more pragmatic. As of now, the Giants and their fans are dealing with a roster riddled with more holes than swiss cheese. Even with more picks to go, it will not be enough to make the Giants competitive in 2020. It is our belief, Mara needed to hire someone competent who looks to a brighter future not a next year to save his ass.

4 thoughts on “Giants Get Their Tackle- Overdraft Andrew Thomas

  1. dialogue66 April 25, 2020 / 10:27 am

    Let’s give some slack to Gettleman-he said publicly he was willing to trade down but it takes two to tango. Maybe there were no offers or an offer wasm’ In the Giants’best interest


  2. ArthuroMolenda April 26, 2020 / 5:58 am

    Hard to be unhappy with this pick.


  3. ArthuroMolenda April 26, 2020 / 6:00 am

    From what I read Thomas could be our tackle for the next 10 years. I like the idea. I like the pick.

    Of course it would have been great to trade down, but it’s hard to fault the Giants for that, unless you have some actual information about them being scared.


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