Tackling the Giants-NFL Draft 2020 First Round


To figure out who the Giants will draft this year you have to go back to last year’s draft. Dave Gettleman e Jerry “Reach” Reese before him has ignored the offensive line for years. The Gmen have not had a good offensive line since Diehl, O’Hara and Snee. They did draft Will Hernandez in the second round. However, I though last year was the time to bolster the offensive line. I thought that when Gettleman jumped back into the 1st round of the draft at pick 30, he was going to draft an offensive lineman. Taylor who was mocked to go in the top 10 was still on the board as well as Little and Ford. Also, Dillard was available at 17 where the Giants picked Dexter Lawrence. Of course, Howie Roseman, one of the best GM’s in the league, picked Dillard at 22. They did not need a LT immediately but he did play because of injury. That’s how you have real OL depth! I would have been tempted to take Dillard or Taylor at 17 before the pick at 30 happened. 

Gettleman picked CB Baker at 30. By week 10 he was ranked 119th out of 120 cornerbacks at Pro Football Focus. He got better by the end of the year. I’ll give him 3 years to ultimately judge him, but so far it is not looking great for this 1st round pick. 

Now this year you have to look at free agency for draft signals. Gettleman brought in Packers linebacker, Blake Martinez, at mike linebacker. He paid him $10M/year for 3 years.  Martinez is a tackle machine. However, he does a lot of his damage when the rusher is already 4-5 yards past the line of scrimmage. The Packers defense was tied for 23rd vs the run. The Giants for years have been vulnerable over the middle to tight ends, but they are better now. If you wanted to win daily fantasy just pick the tight end that was playing the Giants that week. Martinez may not help out here based on his speed. 

As Giants GM, I would have already have had the OL handled, freeing me up to draft one of the top 3 players in this year’s draft, LB from Clemson, Isaiah Simmons. He is a freak with 4.39 40-yard dash speed, faster than most wide receivers and running backs. He is a faster Luke Keuchly who can line up anywhere and go sideline to sideline. He had over 100 snaps at 5 different defensive positions. He can play linebacker, SS, FS, CB and edge rusher. I would select him but Gettleman who passed on edge rusher Josh Allen last year will pass on Simmons this year. Dave Gettleman always says in his press conference he will always take the best player on the board. But it is a lie in this case because he painted himself into the OL corner. The Giants will have to outscore the opposition this year. They are a 5-win team based on the hardest schedule in the league. The big push and Gentleman’s future are next year. With another draft and year of free agency, 2021 is the playoff year or bust. 

He also brough in Kyler Fackrell at LB also from the Packers. He also made a good draft pick in the 5th round last year by getting Connelly. So, based on these actions you have to say the Giants are drafting offensive line. This is more imperative given what we have seen so far from Jones that he holds onto the ball too long and has not developed a pocket presence yet. Witness the sack fumble in game 17 vs the Eagles that sealed the game for Philly. You would think as a beleaguered quarterback at Duke that based on prior assertions to last year’s draft that he was more battle tested. He has to show the Prophet more this year that he was worthy of the 6th pick overall. (I don’t believe the fairy tale that 2 other teams wanted him. They had 11 other picks to move up if they were nervous, he wouldn’t be there at 17 and they could have had Allen too.)

So, if I say the pick is OL, then you have to decide between the top 4 tackles. Whoever they pick will have to play RT this year and then he can transition to LT as the Giants can finally dump Solder next year and his bloated contract! I was enamored with Becton when this 364-pound behemoth ran a 5.1 40-yard dash at the combine. However, when you pull up the covers vs the rest he is not as good at pass protection. He can certainly be a mauler in the run game. So now it comes down to Wills and Wirfs. Thomas can be in the conversation but I have him ranked 4

Wirfs is probably the most fluid and athletic of the tackles. He had the best pure workout at the combine. However, some experts have him tagged as a right tackle or guard. That leaves Wills. I think he is most well-rounded tackle. He is good both in the run and pass game. He has good body control and agility. He is used to the spotlight playing at Alabama on the biggest stage and New York will not phase him. You also have to deduct that the Giants have the real skinny on him because Joe Judge can get it through Belichick via Saban.

So, with the 4th pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Prophet predicts that the New York Football Giants take Jedrick Wills, offensive tackle, Alabama. 

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