Tackling the Giants-NFL Draft 2020 First Round

Glenn: As Tony mentioned Tristan Wirfs is the most fluid and athletic of the tackles. Wirfs, a junior from Iowa, seems to me the best tackle in this draft. From Ultimatenyg.com scouting report on Wirfs: Fast. Strong. Well coached. Good hands. Agile. The most athletic tackle I have seen in recent memory. Can reach the second level real easy. Just a great football player. You can use him in the screen game. He can pull. He may be the new freak, as the combination of size, speed, strength, coaching and athleticism makes him the total package. I cannot remember a guy at this position being this athletic. Even the great HOFers didn’t have this kind of speed. Highest floor of anyone in the Draft. Comparison: I DON’T HAVE ONE! HE BREAKS THE MOLD.

Now, if Gettleman does not select Wirfs, I will not be upset. Clearly, any of the four tackles available would be a tremendous uptick. A few clues on why I think Wirfs is the next New York Giant. 1. Historically, the Giants love offensive tackles from the Big 10. Think Jumbo Elliot, Luke Petitgout. 2. As what happened in 2015 with Ereck Flowers, , each key member of the Giants met with Wirfs. Now, let us hope and pray, the tackle the Giants select does not turn out to be a bust like Flowers. 3. This is a need and value pick. The Giants lack quality tackles. They have to upgrade this position. And it starts tonight.

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