Prophet’s Point After-Shurmur’s Folly! Eagles 23 NYG 17 OT. Shurmur is Toast!

Pat “Choke” Shurmur. 7-22 record. Second worst in Giants history.

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was the tale of two halves for the New York Football Giants on Monday night football. It was the best of times in the first half and the worst of times in the second half. Once again in the second half and overtime, the Giants give away another game to the Eagles who were decimated by injury during the game. However, they had a mentally tough Super Bowl coach in Pederson who made the necessary adjustments at halftime. The Eagles were booed off the field at the end of the first half. They faced a must win game if they want to make the playoffs. All they have to do is win out versus an easy schedule where the 4 remaining teams were 13-39. It just shows that how mentally tough the Eagles were and how good they were making adjustments. To make it even more unbelievable, the conditions were terrible with a driving rain and wind gusts all night long. Some teams would have fired their head coach on the bus trip back home. However, who on the current staff is even worthy of being the interim coach??? It was just another example of how incompetent the current staff is. There is a total lack of leadership and football intelligence to throw away a game away that the probability of winning had to be over 80% given the conditions and Eagle injuries.

I thought the first half turned when the Eagles went for it on 4thand 1 at their own 43. They did not make it, and Wentz actually fumbled, but that didn’t matter. The Giants were also inept. Halapio held on a Barkley 17-yard run. The chances of scoring at least a field goal are high when you get the ball at your own 43. They had to punt but the Eagles got the ball on their own 3. The Eagles had poor field position all 1st half. Jeffrey went out with a leg injury at 11:50 of the 2nd period. This really hurt them. They lost DeSean Jackson after week 1. This is the main reason were 5-7 coming into this game. Jeffrey is the only receiver they had to stretch the field. Teams could crowd the box, as they have done all year.

In the first half, the Giants had Eli getting the ball off quickly. The Giants get the 35-yard bomb to Slayton. Darby who was playing off Slayton completely whiffed on the tackle. They then trade field goals so it is Giants 10-3. Eagles get the ball at 2:37 and have to punt at 1:56 after the Giants use their timeouts. Before the half Slayton runs right by Darby and McLeod. He catches a 55-yard bomb vs Darby again. So, the game should be in hand with an Eagles team that looks pitiful. It finally looks like the Giants can break the 8-game losing streak. By the way the Eagles lost their starting left tackle, Lane Johnson, for the rest of the game at the 4-minute mark of the 2nd quarter putting even more pressure on Wentz. 

The Eagles make halftime adjustments (something that is foreign to Shurmur) and come out with an up-tempo offense. The Eagles dominate the rest of the game. The second half and overtime time of possession are 25:15 minutes for the Eagles and only 8:55 for the Giants. The total time of possession was Eagles 42:51 and the Giants 21:59. The last time I remember as lopsided advantage is when the Giants had the ball 40 minutes in Super Bowl 25. 

To start the third quarter, the Eagles defense tightens up. The Giants have 3 possessions and 3 plays and punt. The Eagles had 2, then at 7:07 when they get the ball, they put a scoring drive together culminated by a Boston “Great” Scott touchdown. He was not even on the radar before the game. He finished with 59 yards rushing with a touchdown and 6 receptions on 6 targets for 69 yards.

We go to the 4th quarter Giants 17-10. After another Giants 3 and out, the Eagles go on a 58-yard drive and try a 47-yard field go that is no good. The Giants get the ball at the Eagle 37 with a chance to salt the game away. They were not able to run the ball all game. They had just 73 yards rushing. But no, they have their 5th 3rd and out of the half, and the Eagles get the ball back at their own 15 with 8:10 to play. 

The Eagles put together an incredible 85-yard drive with the help of the Giants. They went more to shotgun to keep the rush off Wentz. On the first play, Wentz is sacked 9 yards to their own 6-yard line. They really had the Eagles on the ropes. The Eagles have a 3rd and 10 from the 15, Wentz throws an incomplete pass to Ward but Sam Beal commits an illegal contact penalty giving the Eagles new life and a first down. On the next series the Eagles faced a 4th and 1 from their own 29-yard line and Wentz rolled with extra effort to make it. If the Giants could have stopped them, they would have won. They were in field goal range. Another score would have made this a 2-possession game and out of reach. On third down on the next series, Arcega-Whiteside made a 22-yard acrobatic catch that Sam Beal was holding on. On third down at 1:56, Wentz passed to Ertz from the 2-yard line and tied the game. Everybody in America knew the ball was going to Ertz except Bettcher. So, if any one of 3 crucial plays had been made by the Giants, they could have won the game. 

In overtime, Wentz put on a clinic with chunk plays of 11, 25, 13, 8 and 10 yards. When they got to the 2-yard line on 2nd down, again everybody in America knew they were going to Ertz with all the injuries they had. Arcega-Whiteside got hurt at the 8-minute mark of overtime and left the game. Ward was their only wide out. Yes, Wentz threw the game winning touchdown to Ertz and there was not a Giants defender within 9 yards of him as he caught the game winning touchdown. Thomas went the wrong way and Jackrabbit was in the left side of the endzone. 

This sums up the entire Giants season of incompetence and futility! Hopefully it puts another nail in the Shurmur and Gettleman coffins!!! I worried that they may keep Gettleman to create more of this menagerie of failure. The Shurmur press conference after the game is more of the same saying we are-battling and trying. He is totally in over his head.

The only positive is that this loss makes us closer to get Chase Young. I don’t even know if the Giants can beat Miami next week with this get-well Giants defense. This franchise is a disgrace and are the new Cleveland Browns. Remember that the Buccaneers threw away their game vs the Giants by missing a chip shot field goal at the end of the game or this would be a 1-win team!

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