2019 Giants-Prediction

Written by:  Glenn Warciski and Paul Burke

crystal ball

Before we delve into our predictions for the upcoming year,  let us examine some of the questions surrounding this team.

  1.  Will headstrong Dave Gettleman  construct a team which can win while rebuilding? We believe if the Giants can win between seven and nine games, clearly,  Gettleman will declare victory.   Indeed,  I do have a plan.  On the other hand,  if the Giants have another miserable season with 5 wins or less,  Gettleman will be on the hot seat.
  2.   Giants head coach Pat Shurmur has a lot to prove in year two.  Can the quarterback guru resurrect an embattled Eli Manning?   Will he clean up his game management faux paus?  As a head coach,  Shurmur has a career record of 15-34,  will this be the year in which he bridges the gap?
  3.   According to Giants GM Dave Gettleman,  the Giants defense was the culprit for the poor showing in 2018.  Therefore,  Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher has a lot to prove in 2019.  Can he improve upon the Giants plus 2 turnover differential?  Can the Giants generate pressure on opposing quarterbacks without  bona fide pass rushers? How will his young secondary perform?

Let us unpack all of this.

Their schedule has some real softies in it with the likes of Redskins, Dolphins, Bucs, Lions and Cards.  We don’t think highly of Bills and Vikings with Kirk Cousins under center.  So given they will win 1 or 2 games unexpected and lose 1 or 2 games of the expected above, they are in line with the over/under pegged by glitz town.  We are going with the under as Daniel Jones is going to be ushered in earlier than thought and will struggle as a typical rookie.  All the hype from Danny Dimes in preseason is delusional as he did not play anyone and preseason means zippo.  Take for example, the  2008 Lions went 4-0 in preseason;  this was the year they finished 0-16.  We are not stating this is going to be repeated by the Giants,  but we are going  with 5-11.  They have one true WR until week 5.  Teams will stack the box and force PTSD Eli to throw.  Newly acquired tackle Mike Remmers may be the weak link. Needles to say,  it is unlikely he will play on Sunday.  Between his lingering back issue and Vikings offensive line is sub-standard,  this is the reason they let him walk.  All World Barkley will have his moments but he his going to be targeted early and often.  We do not see  them getting much out of the offense with the lack of talent and Giants TE Evan Engram has struggled to stay healthy.

We are much more optimistic about Bettcher’s defense.  We believe the defense will be improved;  but will have some growing pains due to the youth and inexperience with his system.  Bettcher’s  system has some complexities so there is a learning curve for the youthful secondary.  If there is an aspect of this team that could wreak havoc on the prediction above it would be the effect of the defense improving as the season goes along.  They have their weaknesses at LB  but overall they have much better depth on the defense as a whole.  Don’t expect much pressure on the quarterback in the beginning as Bettcher will have to use complex blitz packages since there is no one who can consistently win one on one battles.

With Pat Shurmur, a Bill Parcells quote is apt.  “You are what your record say you are.” It is do or die for him this year as this isn’t his first go around. He looks like another failed coordinator who is not cut out to be a head coach.

You know what we think of Gettleman.  His arrogance and built in biases are major obstacles as a manager.  Last year, Giants owner John Mara only wanted to hear how they can make one last run with aging PTSD Eli.  That just extended the inevitable of rebuilding.  If  Daniel Jones doesn’t work out,  it will set them back even further with a rebuild. We hope Gettleman gets lucky with some of these draft picks and we are completely wrong.

Other Notes:

Prophet’s Pulpit returns on Sunday.  Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca will have his weekly column.

On Monday,  We will have our commentary on the Giants titled Monday Morning Giants.

2 thoughts on “2019 Giants-Prediction

  1. MICHAEL FIORENTINO September 8, 2019 / 11:25 am

    Giants D will be the Giants achilles heel this year!! Eli will have a great year showing all his doubters the difference having a good O line makes! Giants record will be 9-7!!


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