“Patch” Mara!

Written by: Glenn Warciski

This mess is all on you John “Patch” Mara.   The NYGunderground.com will continue to use the nickname Patch when referring to John Mara.   Why Patch?  As a result of his band-aid decisions, this once proud franchise has become the worst team in the NFL.  His flawed thinking has produced a ripple effect.  Consequently, the Giants have become irrelevant.

Let us unpack Patch’s decisions.

Before the start of the 2018 NFL campaign, an optimistic John Mara sat down with Giants’ beat writers.  This is what he had to share.

Mara is optimistic, having overseen the hiring of new GM Dave Gettleman, head coach Pat Shurmur and the overhaul of a roster Mara says he feels is “good enough to be in the postseason if things break our way and we stay healthy.” But he also admits that “last year I expected the same thing — everybody did — and it fell apart.”

“I think Eli has a lot of good football left in him,” he says of Manning, 37. “I think he has a cast around him now that maybe we haven’t had for quite a few years. So we do have some expectations this year.

So expectations are high and what do we have?  A rerun of last season.  The Giants are spiraling out of control through 6 games with a miserable 1-5 record.  Indeed, they have sunken in this deep abyss.   Let us outline what is the cause and effect of this deep abyss.

Hiring of Dave Gettleman.   When former Giants GM Jerry Reese was fired last December, Mara interviewed only four candidates.  Dave Gettleman, Kevin Abrams, Marc Ross, and Louis Riddick.  Of the four Riddick was the lone outsider.  In a matter of a few weeks, instead of kicking the tires on other possible candidates, Mara announced they are hiring Dave Gettleman.  Why so fast?  Based on information from scout Tony Pauline, 

Multiple sources tell me there were a lot of feathers ruffled when the New York Giants hired Dave Gettleman as their general manager.

Sources feel Gettleman was the favorite of former Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi and was hired based on his previous tenure and familiarity with the organization rather than the franchise doing an exhaustive search for the best person for the job.

I’m told one of the reasons Gettleman was released by Carolina was that he wasn’t a people person and really did not try to ingratiate with enough members of the organization.

Patch Mara decided to be expedient by hiring someone he knows as opposed to hire someone  from outside the Giants organization.  At a time in which major changes needed to be made,  the Giants organization needed a big time cleanse.  This meant firing more current employees.  Besides McAdoo, Ross, and Reese, no one else fell on the sword.  There was no “wholesale” changes made.  How many scouts got fired?  Why is Chris Mara still a decision maker?  Even though Ernie Accorsi was part of the “search”, I never saw a quote from him endorsing the decision.  Was Accorsi’s name attached to give Mara’s farce of a search credibility?  I think so.

So Gettleman steps in and tells Giants fans the obvious:  We have to fix the offensive line.  This is a part of the team which has been a problem going back to 2013.  This is the year the Giants  offensive line allowed quarterback Eli Manning to be sacked 39 times!   Keep in mind, Gettleman is old school.  Unfortunately, he does not rely on analytics to make informed decision.  This is Gettleman scoffing at a question about drafting running back Saquon Barkley with the second pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.


Like his predecessor Reese,  Gettleman made decisions to fix the offensive line.  Right now, with the exception of Chad Wheeler, the Giants have new faces attempting to run and pass block.  These “Mollies” are worse than last year’s assortment of characters.  They cannot block. How is this working for you Gettleman?

Eli Manning:  The decision to bring back Eli Manning was a mistake.  It is the belief of the NYGunderground,  after Gettleman was named GM,  Eli Manning and his agent met with the Giants brass.  In this meeting in late December,  an agreement was made.  The Giants were not going to use their first round selection on a quarterback in the 2018 NFL draft.  By doing so, this would preclude a quarterback controversy in 2018.  With the Giants playing so poorly in every area especially offense,  the Giants are forced to play Eli Manning. If they had drafted a quarterback not named Lauletta,  we would be talking about a quarterback imbroglio.   Furthermore, it was strategic on the Giants part to jettison 2017 3rd round pick QB Davis Webb.  In fact, here on the NYGunderground,  I predicted Webb would be a bust.  Right now, he is on the Jets practice squad.

So with Mara, Gettleman, and new head coach Pat Shurmur all in agreement, Eli has years left thinking.  This misguided thinking has exploded in their faces.  The Giants offense is not clicking.  They have added pieces to help Eli, and Eli has been too inconsistent.  Shurmur, in my opinion, was the wrong hire.  

This is what Mara has said about Shurmur.  John Mara calls Shurmur “the right guy at the right time” for the Giants organization, because he’s “the adult in the room,” as Gettleman told Mara after their first interview of Shurmur in Minneapolis; because of his “maturity level and demeanor, in addition to the X’s and O’s.”

How is this working out Patch?

Last Thursday’s game versus the Eagles was an embarrassment.  I am sick and tired of hearing Shurmur talk about the lack of execution.  He was supposed to be this offensive genius.  I know it is easy to pick on a coach when a team is losing.  But Shurmur was supposed to do more with less.  There was so much chatter on how the 2017 Minnesota Vikings overachieved.   Shurmur was able to get the most out of a mediocre journeyman quarterback Case Keenum.  Recall, Minnesota had a shaky offensive line in 2016 and made changes and got better.  So what is going on with the Giants? How come he cannot scheme to make Eli better?  Why is the offensive line still a mess?

At 11-28 record as an NFL head coach,  I do not think Shurmur has the chops to get things turned around.  NBC’s Peter King defined the Giants as hapless.  For the squeamish, these numbers are appalling.

 Haplessness of the Giants Dept.

Since the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl seven years ago:

• New England has won at least 12 games every year. New York has not won 12 games in any year.

• New England has 11 playoffs wins. New York has zero.

• New England has had no three-game losing streaks. New York has had nine.

• Tom Brady is 60 games over .500, with a plus-173 touchdown-to-interception differential. Eli Manning is 15 games below .500, with a plus-57 TD-to-pick differential.

• The Patriots have had one coach, and he is 89-27 since that Super Bowl. New York has had four coaches since that Super Bowl, and, since then, they are 28-36, 13-15, 1-4 and 1-5.

Mara has placed patches on problems going back to 2013.  Fire Gilbride or he mysteriously “resigned”.   Hire McAdoo as offensive coordinator.  Continue to draft WR and skilled players.  Spend 120 million in free agents in 2014.  Giants go 6-10.  Fire Coughlin after 2015.  Hire an unproven McAdoo as head coach.  Let Reese and his minions stay on.  Finish 6-10.  Spend a record 200 million on free agents.  Short term gambit pays off.  Giants finish 11-5 and  make the playoffs. Then the infamous boat trip.  Subsequently, they get blown out versus Green Bay.  Continue to draft skilled players.  Bottom falls out in 2017.  Mara does not do a self-examination on entire franchise.  As noted above, continues with band-aid moves.  Giants are now a team without a rudder.  There are no team leaders on this current team.  Eli cannot get it done with his play.  OBJ is attempting to be a leader but how many WRs are leaders on teams?   Name a defensive player who is a leader?  There is no one.  Shurmur continues to claim his locker room will take care of things.  Pat!  Wake up!  You have ZERO leadership on this team.

As the Giants play on Monday Night versus a decimated Falcons team on the road,  will they play hard or mail this in? One thing you will start to see.  Guys will be giving up.  Yesterday, two Giants players are on IR  Ray Ray Armstrong and WR Cody Latimer.  Expect more of the same as this Giants Circus continues.  Unless Mara sobers up on the state of his team,  Giants fans expect another dismal year and atrocious years to come.

After all, John’s father, Wellington, said in 1975, per The Times: “The essential ingredient of our sport, its permanence, is supplied by the public. They constitute the real judge, jury and prosecutor.” John Mara nods with a quiet smile and says there is “a lot of truth in that.”   

After another despicable season,  the hope is Patch gets things right.  A massive overhaul is needed to get the Giants on the correct track.

Other Observations:

I came across a Youtube video of Bill Walsh talking about football.  This is a must to watch.  The Giants need a head coach and GM who will have a Standard of Performance as Walsh calls it.  And a plan to get better.  The Giants have neither.

2 thoughts on ““Patch” Mara!

  1. adrian burke October 18, 2018 / 6:12 pm

    Unlike previous Maras Who cared about the team and the fans this one only cares about his bottom line. This mess started with the firing of Tom Coughlin another proof of Maras lack of decision making


    • Jaiden Everett October 18, 2018 / 6:44 pm

      The mess started before Coughlin. He was also making very questionable decisions, especially in his final season. It was time for him to go.

      That said, Mara is the root of the Giants’ problems. He’s too sentimental on Eli and a hypocrite for calling out OBJ. Wellington would never have put up with this nonsense.


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