Final Thoughts on Giants Preseason 

Written by: Peter Scott Furman

I waited to comment on the last preseason game (Giants-Pats) until today when the squads were cut down to the 53-man limit. The game was a thriller. Blue won with the clock expiring as their 22-year-old placekicker capped off a perfect preseason with a 48-yarder to win the game.

This game was really a final look-see for the two teams to play their guys who were on the bubble and use what they saw to make the cuts. One might say that the Giants, for the second week in a row, built a big first-half lead and then barely hung on to win. It seemed like the Falcons of last year with a kickass offense but a defense that just hung on.

Only a few guys who played made the team. The format was to give fringe players and tough decisions playing time before the cuts. A last chance, if you will.

All three Giant back-up QBs had good games, so it would come down to two (Smith, Johnson) for the backup role as Webb is being given a chance to mature and was never at risk of being cut. Smith ended up as the choice, but in my eyes, he is not capable of leading this team should Eli go down.

There was a battle at tight end between La Cosse and Tye and in the end, La Cosse had a good game, and Tye is gone. La Cosse is injury prone and we really don’t know much except the Giants needed someone who could make an occasional block and catch an occasional ball. Tye, who had played decently on and off for two years, cut himself by fumbling too much.

The rest really had little significance, and the BIG concern, the outmatched, error-prone, often-impotent offensive line is the same as before and incredibly thin beyond that. Engram will give Eli another weapon as he is a real threat at TE but cannot block, which the Giants desperately need. There is little improvement on an offensive team that scored fewer than 20 points per game last season. The fact they ended up with 11 wins was totally on defense, which arguably slipped a notch when Hankins was not signed, and JPP was awarded a four-year, $16.5 million mostly guaranteed contract. The only add was Tomlinson, who is NOT a force and wasn’t a force in college, meaning that Bromley had better shine, or the foundation will not be as good.

The big questions to be answered are:

  1. Can the D dominate again?
  2. Can Spagnuolo get these guys to be as good or better?
  3. Will the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins be better or the same?
  4. Can Eli, OBJ and the new receivers make the offense better without a running game as Gallman from Clemson did not impress at all?

OBJ has a bum ankle. The injury was serious and downplayed by both the team and the press. He did not play for several weeks, and there are a few who say the injury is worse than we are led to believe.

Let the games begin !!!

2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Giants Preseason 

  1. William Jamerson September 3, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    Good piece. I have a few question marks about people who made the roster but again I’m just a fan and not a coach. I don’t see what goes on in practice every day; I don’t see people’s commitment or lack of commitment. I am trusting that the people are on the field other ones we can depend on to put us in a competitive position.

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    • pandrea2 September 4, 2017 / 1:47 am

      William,thank you.The problem as I see it is that there are supposed to be rules announcing things like who is hurt,how severely and whether they will play in a game or not. The press cannot be trusted as being objective. A “beat” writer won’t last very long if he(she) says negative things about the home team.

      “All The News Fit To Print” Hardly!

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