Arizona 26 NYG 7

Deer In The Headlights Daniel Jones

Danny Fumble

Written by: Paul Burke

The NY Giants achieved a remarkable feat in the modern NFL.  The League is built on passing, much less scoring, with the rules.   We all collectively complain when our team gets flagged for borderline calls on aggressive plays by the secondary.  The league is designed to produce more scoring and leniency toward offense.  Well, your New York Football Giants defy the league’s mantra.  Explain 81 yards in net total passing offense?  How is that possible?  Eighty-one yards of passing?  81?  Their average per pass play was 2.5.  Yikes!

Daniel Jones came into the game with a compromised hamstring and exited with a compromised passing game, unsurprisingly.  Daniel Jones has a history of turnovers in the pocket.  He showed it in the first series when they moving into the Cardinals territory.  Daniel Jones once again showed that he has NO pocket presence even on his right or non blind side as Golden wrecked him for a sack and fumble.  That set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Arizona, who did not go into the game with a highly rated defense, knew that Jones was not going to beat them with his legs as he has with other teams.  It is nice to have the mobility as a compliment in a QB but think of all those mobile running QBs in the past and how they turned out?  Think RG3, Kapaernick, and even Lamar Jackson now.  Cam Newton has paid the price in taking a beating and is a shell of his past.  The game is predicated on passing and that is not DJ’s strong suit.  See chart below:

The OL was exposed again as they struggled to pick up blitzes and stunts to exacerbate his pocket presence issues.  Personally I would like to see the analyst on FOX and CBS show replays of all 22 on what he is missing with check downs and wide open reads on the other side of the field and where he is not progressing in reads of the defense.  On 3rd down at the end of the half in their territory, where he was luck to not turn it over again, he was telegraphing to the right side of the field but missed a wide open RB in the flat on the left side of the defense.  It is late in year 2 of your development as a QB and these reads are expected of an NFL caliber QB.  Frankly, we expect at this stage of his development the ability to understand when to check down to your RB, throw the ball away under duress or just plain take a sack versus risking a turnover deep in your own territory.  The one trait Eli had was his pocket presence.  We complained about his habit of checking down too early but we would gladly accept that over this.

The Giants defense statistically did not have their best game versus what he have seen the last 2 months.  Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was able to get out of the pocket and avoid pressure when it was applied.  He was able to make plays outside the pocket and made a super athletic play on their first TD while avoiding the pressure.  Kingsbury attacked the lack of speed of the LBs with Murray out of the pocket which is something the Seahawks did not capitalize on.  However, they are handicapped by their other teammates on the offense.  The offense left the defense with a short field early on which led to 10 points and kept them on the field with numerous 3 and outs as they achieved a pathetic 3/12 on 3rd downs.

No doubt, we are impressed with Judge’s command of the locker room and getting the most of a roster that is void of talent.  We won’t beat him up on the OL getting exposed again as we feel it has more to do with the lack of talent.  We were wrong about Hernandez and we are not giving up on Thomas but he must improve his technique to be a starting LT in the NFL in the future.  We hope that Judge has more say in personnel as old dinosaur Gettleman is not going anywhere, in our opinion.  He needs to look at the QB position, OL, LB, WR and we hope they move on from Saquon as they have shown you do not need to spend a lot of cap space on the RB position since his injury.  The rebuild is still on and hard decisions need to be made this offseason and of course we hope that Mara moves on from Gettleman.

So at 5-8 record, the Giants are still in striking distance of winning this crappy NFC East. It is wild to think this team which began the season with a 1-7 record still has a chance! But their next two opponents are the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens. Can they rebound from this disappointing performance?

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