Falcons 17 Giant Ass Clowns 14

What is it going to take for you to blow up your team?

Written by: Glenn Warciski

I have had enough. And so do some Giants fans who took their umbrage out at John Mara by booing him incessantly. But does our owner John Mara? The Giants continue to find ways to lose football games. On a beautiful Fall Sunday in northern New Jersey, albeit on Eli Manning Day, the Giants lost to the lowly Atlanta Falcons on a FG as time expired 17-14. On consecutive weeks, the Giants suffered the agony of defeat. Their last two games ended on walk off field goals. So with three games into the 2021 campaign, the Giants find themselves with an 0-3 record. Needless to say, with no hope in sight to revitalize this season, this team will post another double digit losing season. Over the last decade, the Giants have posted a dreadful record of 51-70. And John Mara fails to see the urgency in making major changes with the organizational structure. What will be the flashpoint?

Earlier this week, I asked Albert Breer, SI NFL columnist, the following question.

From TrueBlueNYG (@NYGunderground): What is it going to take for John Mara to realize his team needs a complete makeover?

His response:

True Blue, I’ve heard at a few points over the last half decade that Mara’s hot over the state of his football operation. So I’d imagine another disappointing season (the Giants have the fifth-longest playoff drought in the league, having last made it in 2016) will lead to more change in the team’s ranks. The question is at what level.

As it stands, I think coach Joe Judge is safe. The Maras really like him, and the team’s taken steps forward under his leadership. I also think it’d be difficult for the family to stomach another coaching change. Consider this: From 1931 to 2015, from Steve Owen to Tom Coughlin, and through 85 seasons, only one coach (Ray Handley) didn’t make it into a third year. If Judge were fired, he’d be the third consecutivecoached fired after just two seasons. The Giants pride themselves on organizational stability, and this would not be that.

Could change happen in the front office? Yes, I think it’s possible. But the question then would be, if GM Dave Gettleman were to take a step back, or step down, whether the next hire would be a doubling-down on Judge—with a GM who has a background with him (like Tennessee’s Monti Ossenfort) coming in—or a fresh start. Or an internal promotion, with someone like Kevin Abrams or Chris Pettit moving up.

And then, there’d would be the question of whether there are simply too many Giants lifers in the building, people who have worked there and nowhere else (it’s something that’s been raised in Pittsburgh in the past, and something that led to a bit of house-cleaning in Jacksonville with the arrival of Urban Meyer).

Fact is, if things don’t get better, there’ll be plenty of questions for the Maras to answer.

Since John Mara officially took over after his father Wellington passed away in 2005, the Giants had stability within the organization. Ernie Accorsi was the GM and Tom Coughlin was head coach. Wellington Mara handed the keys to the car to John. Subsequently, the Giants won two improbable Super Bowls with the man they honored on Sunday-QB Eli Manning. Eli was the last link to winning. One has to remember, Eli did not do it alone. He was surrounded with outstanding players who helped the Giants get to the top of the mountain.

John has failed to obtain quality players on both sides of the ball. Thus, he has trusted complete morons to run the once mighty Giants into the ground. Yes, Dave Gettleman is an anathema. This crusty the clown has a record of 15-36.

Since Mara unceremoniously dismissed Tom Coughlin as head coach. Look at the dreck he promoted to head coach.

Stooge number one. Ben McAdoo 13-15

Stooge number two. Pat Shurmur. 9-23

Stooge number three. Joe Judge 6-13,

As we have stated here on this humble blog, once Mara decides to pull the lever in order to remove all the stench from 1925 Giants Drive, the losing will continue.

Other Observations:

The Atlanta Falcons stink. As our Tony pointed out over their first two games, they have given up an average of 40 points per game. With 10 days to prepare, the Giants managed 14 points.

Joe Fudge’s game mismanagement.

He lost a challenge.

Burned two crucial timeouts which left the Giants with one remaining at the 11:34 mark remaining in the 4th quarter.

With the game tied at 14, the Giants are faced with a 4th and 9 at midfield with 1:58 left in the game. Keep in mind, the Giants have one timeout remaining. Thanks to Judge’s mismanagement. On their last possession, the Falcons drove the ball down the field to score the game tying TD. More importantly, Giants QB Jones was sacked and fumbled a few plays earlier. Thankfully, Jones recovered his fumble. So what does Judge decide to do?

Punt. When Judge made this misguided decision, I knew the Giants were going to lose. The could not stop the clock. His defense could not get big stops. And Atlanta needed a FG.

Next, the Giants face New Orleans who will be playing their first home because of Hurricane Ida which ravaged most of South East Louisiana. The Giants are going to be run out of the building. 0-4.

Prophet’s Pulpit- NYG vs WFT recap & Falcons Preview and Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


The Giants have another game and chalk up anotherheartbreaking loss. Once again the Giants beat themselves. I tweeted well after midnight, “How the hell can you go to sleep after another blown game by a point!!!!!!!” This was a truly winnable game vs a team with a backup quarterback who the Giants made look like Dan Marino. In the first 2 weeks the Washington defense does not look like the unit from last year. They are worse and got very little pressure on Jones. 

The Giants defense, that was supposed to be the strength of this team, is a sieve and a joke! They have given up 827 yards in 2 games. Defensive coordinator, Graham, is running an umbrella defense that is being torched for big yards over the middle with plenty of YAC given up. They have given up 57 points in 2 weeks. For Washington Taylor Heinicke was starting only his third game. He threw for 336 yards and 7.3 YPA. You would think that Graham would come up with some exotic looks to confuse him. That’s what Belichick would do. Graham has not been at New England since 2015 and he may have forgot what he learned there. 

There were too many twists and turns in this game to document them all. Kurt Warner on YouTube in his #StudyBall segment outlined 10 plays that Daniel Jones could have had completions and/or more yards. He made the wrong reads or hurried the throws. Is this what we get from the 6th overall pick in the 2019 draft. After 3 years we are still getting incompetence. 

I’ll start in the second quarter with the score 7-7. Jones runs 58 yards for a touchdown. However, it is called back because of an offensive holding call by Board. The call was somewhat questionable but there was probably enough evidence to warrant the call. Seven points are taken off the board. They settled for a field goal so there were 4 points lost here. 

The outcome of last week’s game came down to the last 5 minutes. The Giants have the lead 26-20 with 4:50 left in the game. Slayton dropped a touchdown pass at 6:25 left in the game. That’s 11 points left on the field. 

It only took Washington 2 plays and 17 seconds to go 75 yards and retake the lead 27-26. The first play is a 59-yard pass to McKissic and the next is a 19-yard touchdown to Ricky Seals-Jones who beat Adoree Jackson. Jones is a journeyman who is with his 4th team in 5 years. What is Graham doing? After this year it may be time to get rid of the 3 G’s: Gettleman, Garrett and Graham!

With 2:16 left in the game, Bradberry jumped the pass route to McLaurin and bats the ball to himself for the interception. It was his best play of the night. He probably had his worst game as a Giant otherwise but he makes a redemption play. 

This is where Judge and Garrett blew this game. The Giants have the ball on the Washington 20-yard line. First down the give the ball to Barkley who runs through the right guard for 1 yard. Second down is rinse and repeat for 2 yards! Now on 3rd & 7 Jones does not survey the field, hurries the throw to his first read, Shepard, and the throw is behind him vs a nickel defense. They kick a field goal and I am screaming the game is over! Jimmy Johnson would have thrown for a touchdown on first down after a turnover. Go for the throat. That’s why Garrett hasto go! He is garbage! You can’t win with him. 

You all know what happens from here. Washington goes down the field, misses a field goal and Dexter Lawrence is off sides. They make the retry and the game is over, 30-29!

I have to also say that I am getting tired of Joe Judge’s comments after the game. It’s the same lines since he’s got here. You can play a tape recording. He crafts canned Belichickian retorts.  We have to do better. The team is working hard. We are making continuous improvement. I have to look at the tape. His act is wearing thin! He should run a ton of laps!


The football gods lay up a patsy for the Gmen. They get the 0-2 Falcons at home. This may be the only game they are favored in for the rest of the year. I think the Giants need to establish the run in this game. The Falcons gave up 62 yards to Jalen Hurts in week 1. Jones will need to rack up the yards vs Atlanta. Unfortunately, he has been the Giants leading rusher. This will set up play action later. The biggest problem for the Giants is that they are down 2 starting offensive lineman, Nick Gates and Shane Lemieux. Gettleman like his predecessor, Jerry “Reach”, have talked about fixing the offensive line but have been unable to accomplish it for a decade. 

The Falcons run cover 2 at 49% as they try to keep the pass game in front of them. The unimaginative Garrett (except on the scripted first drive last week) will need to work in Engram, who returns for his first game this year. Let’s get him open underneath. It’s time to get Toney more involved in the offense. He played 28% of the snaps last week and 8% in week 1. Garrett also needs to get Golladay more involved. The $72 million man has 7 catches for 102 yards. At this pace he will catch only 60 passes for 867 yards! I expect Jones to continue to find Shepard who has 16 receptions for 207 yards in 2 games. He needs to get his 100-yard average. The Falcons have given up 388 yards a game, 6.1 yards a play and 40 points a game. If they don’t get pressure on Jones, he should feast. By the way, Jones is only good when he is not pressured. 

When the Falcons have the ball, Ryan will be looking to get rid of the ball quickly and have success in the pass game. The Falcons cannot run the ball. Christian McCaffrey, back up from last year, Mike Davis is anemic replicating how he played the second half of the season last year. He has 3.6 yards/ attempt rushing and 4.8 yards/ catch receiving. This made OC, Dave Ragone, start to use Cordarrell Patterson out the backfield in the pass game. The Falcons only have 89 yards rushing a game. They will try to run some to keep the Giants defense honest, but they need to win through the air. 

The Giants need to get pressure up the middle. Matt Ryan, like pocket quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, are vulnerable from pressure up the A gap. Ryan is not mobile. The Falcons will look to use their pass weapons. Ridley needs to have 100+ yards receiving. Ryan needs to push the ball down the field. His ADOT (average depth of target) is 5.1 yards, second lowest in the league. Tight end rookie phenom, Kyle Pitts, has only caught 9 passes for 104 yards. Ryan has to be smacking his lips when he sees Graham’s soft umbrella defense that leaves the middle of the field open. Graham needs to make adjustments. I think Pitts gets his first touchdown vs the Gmen. I would be running crossers over the middle out of trip wide outs. The Falcons will miss Gage who is out for this game. Zaccheaus will have to pick up the slack and they can stack Pitts to that side. 

The Giants are retiring Eli Manning’s number before the game. The players don’t want to crap the bed even though the Giants have played better on the road. The Giants have had 10 days to prepare for this game after a heartbreaking loss fueled by mistakes. The Falcons give up 40 points a week. Even Garrett can figure a way to get 30 points. Look for the Giants defense to get some interceptions. Ryan threw 2 pick 6 interceptions last week.  

I am calling this one Giants 30 and the Falcons 23. Based on the way teams like the Raiders and Panthers that looked like wins, the Falcons may be one of the few teams that the Giants can beat for the rest of the year unless we see MAJOR improvement.


Dave Gettleman’s Record since becoming GM: 15-35

Giants Record since last Super Bowl win: 51-69

Giants Record since 2017: 15-35

Daniel Jones Record: 8-20, has not beaten a team with a winning record.

Joe Judge’s Record: 6-12

Winning Seasons since 2011 Super Bowl Year: 2

Daniel Jones…Still Struggling -Coaching and Jones to Blame

Written by: Paul Burke

If we need anymore evidence on why John Mara needs to get the F out of the way and hire a football operations professional the attached video analysis by Kurt Warner piles on. It is year 3 for a guy who was, without a doubt, a reach at pick number 6 in the 1st round. Warner points out some of the fundamental flaws of DJ that should be well under his belt by now. Granted, some of this is coaching and coaching in the film room but DJ rushes the game versus playing fast. He rushes his decision making and mechanics as he reacts to the defense versus controlling what is in front of him. Perhaps he could get better with better coaching but it defines how broken this organization really is. The QB position is the most critical position in the game as the rules define that. The GM, disguised as a bag of dog shit with transition glasses, has miserably failed building an OL in front of him and to this day is still be reactive versus proactive

You also fail to develop him with sound coaching, scheme and coaching of fundamentals. It is year 3 and he can’t master some of the fundamental traits on how to be a successful QB in the league. The game is just too fast for DJ. In our opinion he could be a serviceable player but not one to carry a team. He is just too inconsistent and this tape analysis shows he is not reading the defense to his advantage.

Jason Garrett has been a coach in the league far too long from this damning tape analysis. How in the world was he a HC for as many years as he was in Dallas is beyond comprehension. If your players can’t play with sound technique and fundamentals you should find another career with your Princeton degree. The game is now predicated on speed and space. This tape analysis clearly shows you have no clue about utilizing space. Coaches are supposed to set up their players to succeed and not fail. You are clearly setting up your QB to fail and your overall unit. You were hired as a QB whisperer and these warts your QB has are an indictment on your inability to coach. If Joe Judge was truly the HC why hasn’t he fired this guy? Oh wait he didn’t hire him. John Mara did.

John, seriously, wake the F up!

Prophet’s Pulpit-WFT vs NYG Game preview & Recap of Broncos Debacle

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was a new season of hope for Giants fans and the #TogetherBlue Nation. It was highlighted by wild free agency spending including the huge contract for Leonard Williams. However, by 7pm Sunday September 12th, all those hopes were dashed like an untied, cheap boat in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Katrina! The Giants were playing a beatable team that won fewer games than they did. There were huge questions coming into the season:
➢ The offensive line was bad last year and it looked bad in the preseason. Was it improved at all?
➢ Could Daniel Jones stop the turnovers?
➢ Could the offense explode with all the weapons added in the offseason?
➢ Could Jason Garrett get more imaginative with the offense?

The answer to all these is NO!

I said in last week’s Pulpit, the Giants have to get off to a fast start. Did they? No! The Broncos won the time of possession in the first quarter, 10:09 to 4:51 and 18:59 for the half vs 10:01 for the Giants. The Giants were ahead. 7-3 in the second quarter. The game turned when the Giants recovered a fumble at 4:05 left in the first half at their own 4-yard line. This we thought stopped a Broncos touchdown. The Giants managed 3 yards on 3 plays and had to punt.

On the other hand, Denver torched the Giants for successive pass plays of 14, 16, and 17 yards. With 13 seconds left Bridgewater hit Patrick for a 2-yard touchdown which culminated a 7 play, 57-yard drive. It only took 2:17. When that happened I said this game was over.

The Broncos received the second half kickoff and go on a 16 play, 75-yard touchdown drive. It took 8:12 off the clock before the Giants got the ball back. Bridgewater hit a 4th and 1 touchdown pass to Okwuegbunam. Say that fast 3 times. The Broncos were 3 for 3 on 4th down conversions on the day. “Teddy Two Gloves” got rid of the ball very quickly in 2.1 seconds as the defense tried to tackle him. He was only sacked twice.

When the Giants get the ball back, they drive from their own 25-yard line to the Broncos 22-yard line. Then we get the #DannyTurnover obligatory turnover, a fumble. Even though Jones had 2 hands on the ball it was easily knocked out. Jones Scoreboard is now 40 Turnovers and 38 passing touchdowns!

I said the game was over but the last nail in the coffin was the 70-yard run by aging Gordon. The Bronco OL sealed 3 Giants on the left and 2 on the right. It was a scene right out of the NFL Matchup show from years ago. Merrill Hoge used to say, “What we have here is a seal here and a seal there and Gordon runs right up the Kanally!” He completely outran the entire New York defense (there were 7 defenders trapped to his right) including Bradberry and Adoree Jackson had the last shot and he couldn’t reach him! Jones got a garbage time last minute drive vs the Broncos prevent defense. He ran into the endzone unopposed as time expired. The Giants as far as I am concerned only scored 7 measly points.


It is on to face the Redskins which is one of the top 5 defenses in the league on a short week on the road. This is the 177th regular season meeting between these 2 teams. #DannyTurnover will not be facing the patsy team that he got half of his 8 wins from. The Giants always play better on the road especially as an underdog. However, I think the Washington team with their ferocious front seven (Chase Young, Montez Sweat) will melt the Giants Swiss cheese offensive line. Jones and the Giants will have 2-3 turnovers. The offense is anemic again with Garrett. The Chargers threw for 334 yards last week vs Washington.

The pass game is the only way that the Giants will have to win. The Giants start to have to use their new weapons. Toney is supposed to be the “Human Joy Stick”. Let’s get him in space. Try a jet sweep or a quick hitter on a linebacker. Golladay is the shiny $72M X receiver. Let’s get him 100 catches. He was 4 for 64 yards on 6 targets. Rudolph, with Engram who missed his 15th game as a Giant (He is missing his 16th this week!), only caught 2 passes for 8 yards. Sheppard who Jones developed chemistry in year 1 had the best day at 113 yards on 7 catches and a touchdown. I said in the Pulpit he would haver at least 5. Jones will have to get rid of the ball quickly so look to an increased screen game. However, with Garrett you know it will be conservative which will spell doom.

The Giants got only ran for 60 yards and Jones was the leading rusher with 27 yards! They will not be able to rush for much more against this Washington front.

The Washington offense was hit with a big loss when Fitzpatrick left the game and will not be back for 6-8 weeks. His replacement Heinicke is not as experienced as the 14-year veteran and I feel the scoring potential is cut 20-25% with Heinicke. It’s a downgrade for McLaurin and Thomas. Washington will try and establish a run game with Gibson to set up play action to McLaurin and Thomas. The Broncos picked on Peppers in the pass game and Washington should do the same. I think they will also want to run to keep the Giants off the field. They can win the time of possession like the Broncos and let their defense get them good field position off turnovers.


The last 3 games in this series have been decided by an average of 3.3 points. Barkley will be on a pitch count again given that it is a short week. I can see this anemic offense scoring more than 2 touchdowns. I am calling this game Washington 20 and the Giants 17. I like the Under more than picking a side in this one. 14 points represents the average points that the Giants have scored in their last 7 games with the Genius Garrett. I would have fired him Sunday night. My original prediction was 20-14 but the Giants are a great road underdog at 9-2 ATS as a road dog. Off the top of my head, it is probably 16-5. Teams always do better after an embarrassment. Make sure you get Gmen +3.5 (some place at -3) because you need the hook to win. The Giants will have their only chance to win in the first 5 weeks next week vs the hapless Falcons off 10 days rest.


I am going to put up the scoreboard below every week at the end of the article:

Dave Gettleman’s Record since becoming GM: 15-34
Giants Record since last Super Bowl win: 51-68
Giants Record since 2017: 18-47.
Daniel Jones Record: 8-19
Winning Seasons since 2011 Super Bowl Year: 2

Giants Groundhog Day…Michael Lombardi Please Lobby For Giants Football Operations Job

Written by: Paul Burke

It is early September again. It is like the scenes in Groundhog Day when the alarm clock goes off with the same song from a radio station, the same exact surroundings, and same exact characters in place. We drive ourselves crazy to believe things will be different this season but it is like Lucy pulling the football away while Charlie Brown kicks thin air and falls on his ass.

Michael Lombardi ranted on GM Shuffle podcast about what we here on NYGUndergound have been agonizingly pointing out for over two years. This organization is dysfunctional and has been for the last 10 years. Lombardi is correct that they cannot evaluate their own players. It is a systemic problem. It is a football operation organizational issue. The microcosm of Jabril Peppers and how he is utilized in game management and put in a position to fail versus succeed sums up the dysfunction of the overall organization. John Mara needs to get the Heck out of the way and hire an experienced professional President of Football Operations. John Mara needs to stop pretending he knows what he is doing. If bottom line earnings in the NFL was based on wins and losses versus the sharing of T.V. revenue, John Mara would have been fired in corporate America long ago. John Mara is stuck in time. He is stuck in what is called the Endowment Bias. He overvalues his inner circle and continues to hire from his inner circle. He stuck with Reese too long. Overvalued Eli and stuck with him too long. Hired dinosaur Gettleman. Hired Garrett. Sorry Lombardi it is not because he went to Princeton but from his days as a back up QB with the Giants. John Mara has never worked in the real business world. He was a lawyer by trade for a few years before working under his Dad as the ownership group. In fact this is a family tradition as Wellington was saved by Pete Rozelle by getting to hire George Young in those dark years of the 70s. Just go back in the history of NYG front office and you will see a noticeable trend over many years.

Since 2018, the Giants have a 15-34 record.

What we are trying to implore is an open letter to Michael Lombardi to lobby for the position of President of Football Operations for the New York Football Club. Mr. Lombardi has lots of experience in working for the likes of Walsh, Parcells and Belichik. He worked in many roles in Front Offices. Surely the position of President of Football of Operations for a storied franchise would be more fulfilling and rewarding than a podcast or occasional articles in the Athletic?

We are tired of the losing. We are tired of the same dysfunction. We are tired of the same poor draft decisions. We are tired of being stuck in time. We are tired of listening to local media put lipstick on a pig and homer fans telling us to be more positive as it is different this year. John Mara is not going to sell his team. Why would any rationale person do that? The business is built to make money whether he losses or wins. Heck, I now live in Detroit and they never win but still make a profit year in and year out. Mara needs to step aside and focus on the business side and leave the football operations to an experienced professional. Otherwise, it will be Groundhog Day for another 10 years.

Broncos 27 Giants 7

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Full Bloom Fumble

Another year and another opening loss. In fact the Giants have lost 5 consecutive opening games. The last time the Giants won an opening game: 2016 at Dallas. The last time they won an opener at home:, 2010 vs Carolina. Oh boy, it has been brutal on the loyal Giants fans who pay top dollar for a crappy product.

Sheesh. The losing continues. Even with all the offensive additions in the off-season, the Giants could only muster 7 points. (I am not going to count the garbage time touchdown.)

I am extremely disappointed with HC Joe Judge. Now in his second year, his team looked pathetic in front of a surprisingly energized crowd. His team lays an enormous egg on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Shame on you Joe. The festive crowd went home hanging their heads once again. Brooding about what is it going to take to start winning again.

Speaking of stinking up MetLife, Danger prone Daniel Jones with his obligatory fumble. When I saw him fumble yet again, I do not believe his gratuitous and careless behavior is going to be corrected. As we have stated on this blog, passing in the NFL is king. In order to win in the 21st century NFL, a team has to have a competent quarterback who can help his team put points on the scoreboard.

The Giants defense has a lot of potential and I like Graham as a coach. However, in this modern NFL the rules favor the offense. Therefore, I do not have any evidence we have hope for the OL in addition to Daniel Jones. This offensive line stinks. This falls on Dave Gettlefraud. He vowed to fix it. With 4 years under his watch , there has not been much of an upgrade compared to 2017. The other issue is Joe Judge’s misguided thinking about the offensive line. He thinks they can fix it and coach it up. It’s NE bias as Pats had/have a genius coach. And Judge is not. Throw in OC Jason Garrett’s piss poor game plan and play calling, this team is going to lose a lot of games in 2021.

Other observations:

Kenny Gollady: he was wearing an invisibility cloak. Never a factor in this game. 4 catches for 64 yards.

Joe Judge pulled a Jim Schwartz. Challenged a touchdown. Why? All touchdowns are reviewed. His blunder cost his team a timeout.

Giants have a short week. They play the Football team on Thursday. Judge has to get his Giants a win. Otherwise, this season can slowly begin to slip away.

The coffee is going to taste better in Denver tomorrow. Former Giants HC Pat Shurmur is the offensive coordinator for the Broncos. It had to be satisfying to beat his old team. Especially since he was scapegoated for the two dismal years in 2018 and 2019. He got fired but Dave Gettleman was retained.

Tony will have a more detailed analysis with his Prophet’s Point After.

Prophet’s Pulpit- Week One 2021…Giants vs Broncos Preview and Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


Here we go, Football 2021 is here. It’s the Prophet’s 7th year writing at this website. It is also my 62nd Giants’ season. I started watching this team at age 7 and I have seen it all over that time, the good, bad and ugly. It is an exciting time for all who love this game! It is a challenging water shed year for Dave Gettleman, Daniel Jones and Giants fans everywhere. 

After 2 years, we don’t know if Daniel Jones, who was the 6th overall pick in 2019, is a starting NFL quarterback. He has more turnovers 39 than touchdowns, 37. He has only won 8 games in 2 years but he has not beat a winning team. Four of those wins came from a rebuilding Washington team that has a losing record both years. Garrett hid Jones last year. Jones only had 210 yards/game passing. All the games they won, the Gmen had over 100 yards rushing. One game they even had over 190!

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Prophets Manifesto 2021

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I am entering my 7th year on nygunderground.com providing the truth about the Giants that is not pom-pom waving or sugar coated. To paraphrase the line from the movie A Few Good Men, “can you handle the truth”? Hopefully you can and continue reading now and every week for an update before every game in “The Prophet’s Pulpit”.

Dave Gettleman’s legacy is tied to his decision to take Daniel Jones as the overall number 6 draft pick in the 2019 draft. He willingly put his head in the noose with Jones. Both would either sink or swim together. If Jones is a bust, Gettleman will be put out to pasture for a premature retirement even though he is already 70 years old.  In his first 2 years Jones has more turnovers, 39, than touchdowns, 37! Like his predecessor, Jerry Reese, Gettleman went on a free agency spending spree to ensure that if Daniel Jones fails it is not going to be his fault. I will refer to Jerry Reese going forward as Jerry “Reach” as we all know his legendary reaches like Ereck Flowers and Eli Apple to name a few. 

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Prophet’s Point After

Giants 23 Cowboys 19

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was a tale to 2 halves in the Giants Finale. The Giants got outto an early lead and hung on after the Dallas comeback in the second half. The Giants have been starting the recent games very slowly. Judge must had made a fast start a priority this week. They only took a little over 3 minutes to score on the opening drive. Shepard ran in a 23-yard touchdown and Gano missed the extra point. Gano set his personal record today with 30 consecutive field goals which is also the Giants record. He hit a 50-yard field goal to make the score 23 and that is also a record. He has 5 50 yard or longer field goals which is the Giants record. Shepard had his best game of the year with 8 catches on 10 targets for 112 yards and a touchdown. He also had 24 yards rushing on 2 attempts with the long 23-yard TD run. Dallas cornerback Anthony Brown was beat constantly by Shepard. Brown played off Shepard and Dallas never gave him any help. 

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Prophet’s Pulpit- Cowboys vs NYG- Preview and Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants play the Dallas Cowboys this week for a possible trip to the playoffs. The winner of this game if the Washington team loses will be the NFC divisional winner. More absurdly that winner will host a home playoff in the playoffs with a 6-10 record!. Right now, that game would be vs the Buccaneers pending Sunday’s action been completed.

The recent history for the Gmen vs the Cowboys is not good. Dallas has won the last 7 in a row. The last time the Giants won was 12/11/16 at home by a field goal 10-7. The Giants arebehind in the all-time series history 45-69-2. The last meeting was the game where Dak got hurt and was out for the season. Dalton had brought the Cowboys back for a 34-point tie. We all thought the game was going to overtime. The Cowboys had the ball at their own 12-yard line with 52 seconds to play. The Giants played a prevent defense that prevented the win. Dalton threw 15 yards to Cooper, 19 yards to Gallup, and the dagger, 38 yards to Gallup. Lewis had bad coverage on him with a top tap on the sideline. After the review the catch was good. Zuerlein hit a 34-yard field goal to beat the Giants 37-34. 

For the Giants to win their last game the game plan is simple. They need to run the ball for well over 100 yards. This will also take the pressure off Daniel Jones. He is immobile since he suffered the hamstring injury. Jones was sacked 8 times by the Cardinals and 6 times by the Ravens last week. The offensive line that was playing better mid-season has been breaking down. Jones has just 3 yards rushing the last 2 weeks on 1 attempt. The Cowboys allow a league worst 161 rushing yards/game and they are tied for the league worst 5.0 yards/carry with Houston. Gallman and to a lesser extent Morris have to have a big game. Dallas is 32nd vs the rush but they are 11 vs the pass. The Gmen are 29th in passing which is another reason why the run game is critical.

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