Prophet’s Pulpit-Panthers vs Giants Preview & Prediction Plus Commentary On The Sad State Of The Giants

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

This is all on you John Mara.


Dave Gettleman’s Record since becoming GM: 16-38

Giants Record since last Super Bowl win: 52-72

Giants Record since the start of 2017: 19-51 (.271)

Giants Home Record since 2017: 9-27

Jason Garrett’s Record: 7-15

Daniel Jones Record as a Starter: 9-23

Daniel Jones: 44 TD’s (39 pass,5 rush); 45 turnovers (26 Interceptions, 35 fumbles, 19 lost)

Joe Judge’s Record: 7-15

Winning Seasons since 2011 Super Bowl Year: 2


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I am putting the Decade of Malaise at the top of the article to highlight how bad things are. The Giants are starting 1-5 for the fifth year in a row. The Giants season is over before October 15th 5 years in a row.


Mara and Tisch are to blame. They always hire within bringing ex-Giant exec Gettleman back. He is the King of Dead Money mounting up a $100M to correct the mistakes of the past just in his first 3 years. Believe you I can document plenty of busts that Gettleman has brought in who are already gone. That’s a paper for another day. He was going to fix the offensive line bringing in his “Hog Mollies”. He’s been here 4 years and it is still a bottom 5 line. The team was devoid of talent says Gettleman coming into 2021. I want to make sure Jones has enough weapons. So, he spends well over $200M on free agents. He spends the money on the wrong players like Golladay and Rudolph. Can you name 1 player on this team that can make the Pro Bowl? Toney is the only one worthy but he will not have played enough games. 


The Giants have a decade of excessive injuries. It is systemic. They bring in players that are not durable. They do not do their due diligence. They need to make major changes in their scouting and pro personnel evaluations. I remember watching the program, “Finding Giants” on the NFL Network starting in September 2014 for 6 weeks. I bet you 90% of the Giants fans didn’t even know this program existed. The Prophet remembers everything Giants. After watching it, I said I would fire all the scouts! I was vindicated when after the 2015 draft not one player from that draft was on the 2019 roster. That year included one of Jerry “Reach’s” worst picks ever., Ereck Flowers!

The great Michael Lombardi who has worked with Bill Belichick, Al Davis and Bill Walsh had a great analysis of the Giants’ mess after their debacle loss in week 1 to the Broncos. I quote him:


They can’t evaluate their own players. They over judge their own players. They’re not good. They’re not even good on defense. They gave up 420 yards! And that’s with K J Hamler dropping a touchdown pass.”

On Jason Garrett he said: “ ….There’s no imagination…. Barkley and Booker had 14 carries for 33 yards. I mean there’s no design in the running game. The Clapper refuses to design a run game, this is not just a misdemeanor. But look, the Giants have been bad for five years. They’re 28th in win percentage over the past five years. They’re 26th over the last 10 years. This isn’t just a one-time thing.” With 4 more losses since that was written, they now have the worst record in the NFL since 2017.


Here are Lombardi’s comments on Mara after saying John Mara is a very nice man: “Unfortunately, John Mara can’t have an honest conversation about his organization and evaluate himself. That’s just a problem. It’s just a hard thing. He’s loyal to people, he likes people. They’re stuck in time. They can’t get out of it. They won’t change, and they think Garrett is a good coach! They think because he went to Princeton, he’s a great offensive mind-no he’s not!


Yes #DannyTurnover is back! Jones threw 3 picks and fumbled twice and lost one last week vs the Rams. Jones folds under pressure. Hed has gotten better but he is still subject to turnovers. After three years is this what you get for the 6th pick overall?. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Long term you will not able to win playoff games with Jones. I don’t know if he can make the playoffs. The Giants will keep him. I would get off him next year especially since they will be drafting in the top 6 with 2 first round picks. Rodgers will be on the market also. With Rodgers this is an instant playoff team. 


THIS WEEK’S MATCHUP- Panthers vs Giants


When the Panthers have the ball, they will be looking to crank up the run game vs the Giants. Matt Rhule said this week that he wants to run the ball more. McCaffrey is out but Chuba Hubbard has been a decent replacement. He had 81 yards/game rushing the past 2 weeks. He has 13 receptions for the year. The Giants are 29th vs the run and give up 137 yards a game. They give up 4.5 yards/carry. The Panthers are second in the NFL in time of possession. The run game also takes the pressure off of Darnold. 


Darnold had been shaky lately after the first 3 wins vs patsies. He has 7 touchdown and 7 interceptions for the year. He does have 5 rushing touchdowns which is an added dimension to his game. However, to his credit Darnold engineered a 96-yarddrive in 90 seconds at the end of the game vs the Vikings last week. He threw a game tying touchdown with 46 seconds left to get within 2 points of the Vikings. Then he threw for the 2-pointconversion to tie the game. He still can make a difference at times. 


The Giants have to get pressure on Darnold. The Panthers give up pressure on 39.5% of the plays which is the 8th most in the NFL. If they can pressure Darnold, the Giants can get turnovers which is a path to victory. Darnold can beat you deep which has been a problem for the Giants this year. Darnold has 21 passes of 20 yards or more and he has a passer rating of 111.5 on these 20-yard passes. DJ Moore is tied for 4th in receptions at 40 with 531 yards and 3 TD’s. Robby Anderson is having a down year. Darnold spreads the ball to the open man. 9 Panthers had at least 1 reception last week and 8 had 2 receptions oir more. 


The Giants are the walking wounded as they have been for the past few years. 16 players are out for this game or on IR. Barkley, Golladay, Toney are out and starting LT, Andrew Thomas, is now on IR. This is the 19th game for both Barkley and Golladay in their careers that they are out. Barkley has missed 19 of 36 (53%). You have to start to consider that he has been a bust missing more games than he’s played as a number 2 overall pick! Golladay has missed 19 of 53 (36%) games. I have said from day 1 he was not worth the $72M, $63.6M is owed on the cap for the next 3 years! It’s week 7 Dave Gettleman and how’s is it working out with his 17 catches! That’s a yearly projected rate of 41! He’s never caught more than 70 catches in a year! Reason 98765469 that Dave Gettleman will be in the unemployment line at the end of the year.


It will be difficult for the Giants to move the ball vs the Panthers. They are 16th vs the run giving up 111.5 yards/game. Without Barkley the Giants have not demonstrated that they can run the ball for big yards with Booker. I don’t think they cantake advantage of the weaker side of the ball.  Every week the Giants have a different list of starting personnel on the offensive line. Andrew Thomas on IR hurts them. Jones may be the lead rusher because he may be running for his life on pressure plays. The Panthers are 2nd vs the pass (196 yards/game) and unfortunately for the Giants, I think that is the way they have to beat them. The Vikings threw for 373 yards last week and that included overtime. You can see that with 196 yards average for the season, even giving up 373 yards they have been lethal before that. 


The Giants need a big pass game from Jones. Shepard should be his number one target. I expect him to have double digit targets. Pettis should get at least 6 targets and Engram, “The Drop King”, should see some action. Slayton and Ross are questionable. Slayton will be in play if he’s active. 




As noted above the Giants have been horrible at home. The Carolina defense will be too much. The only way the Giants win is to turn over Darnold 2 or 3 times. With the shaky OL, Jones may be the one making the turnovers. I am calling this one Panthers 24 and the Giants 16.



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