Rams 38 Gano 3

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Wow! What a difference two weeks makes.

Riding high from their incredible come from behind OT win over the Saints in New Orleans, the Giants have played poorly in consecutive weeks. Not just losing but getting blown out. They received a Texas sized butt kicking- losing to Dallas by the score of 44-20. And this week, in front of a sold out home game, got pulverized by the Rams 38-3. ( Here at the NYGunderground we do not count garbage Points).

What is so demoralizing, this current team under the leadership of HC Joe Judge played so shitty on a day in which the Giants organization commemorated the 2011 Super Bowl squad. It has been ten long years… when the Giants were exciting and fun to watch.

Now back to 2021. I had two questions after the victory over the Saints.

1. Can the Giants win three games in a row and get to a .500 record?

2. What took so long for the coaching staff to get more targets for rookie sensation Kadarius Toney?

Instead of using the Saints win as a springboard, the Giants foundered into the deep end of the pool. These crappy back to back performances is what gets a coached fired. A 24 point loss followed up by a 31 point loss. The NYGUNDERGROUND is putting Joe Judge on notice. His team is playing like hot stinking garbage. More uncompetitive games will get him fired at seasons end.

Joe Judge overall record: 7-15. Clock is ticking…

As for Toney, too bad he had to leave Sunday’s game because of injury. Let us face it: he is the only bright on this wretched team. Quite frankly, it is malfeasance upon the coaching staff for having him stand on the sidelines for 3 games. What were they thinking?

Other Observations:

In last weeks FMIA column written by Peter King, he noted the following:

Two questions: Can Daniel Jones make this a game against the rested Rams, coming off their long-weekend mini-bye? And can the Giants survive the Dallas-Rams-Carolina-Kansas City-Las Vegas-Tampa Bay pre-Thanksgiving gauntlet?

Daniel Jones was awful. Barf…. 4 Turnovers. 3 Interceptions and 2 Fumbles (one fumble recovered by the Gmen). In a game in which, the Giants needed Jones to step up, he failed miserably. A QB in the NFL cannot turn the ball over FOUR times and expect to win especially against a top notch NFC foe like the Rams. I did not like him the day he was drafted. He is a back up NFL quarterback not a starting one.

David Gettleman:, Since taking over as GM, the Giants have posted a piss poor record. 16 wins and 38 losses. Thru 6 games to begin each year, the Giants have the following records.

2018 1-5 
2019. 2-4
2020. 1-5
2021. 1-5

Notice a disturbing pattern here. Dreadful starts of seasons. They are out of contention before the second half of a season begins. What is it going to take for owner John Mara to fire him already?

It has been extremely frustrating following this losing team. It has been 10 years since the Giants won a playoff game. This organization has lost its way. It used to be a culture of winning. Now it is a culture of losing.

One thought on “Rams 38 Gano 3

  1. Adrian Burke October 18, 2021 / 12:17 pm

    It all falls on John Mara and his decision making Shameful

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