Prophet’s Pulpit-Rams vs Giants Preview & Prediction Plus Dallas Game Autopsy

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


Dallas’ offense had their way with the Giants defense.

I thought that the Giants had a good chance to keep the Dallas game within a touchdown given that the Giants have been road warriors since 2017 especially as an underdog. However, the start of the game was a litany of miscues including the one that got Barkley injured. 


On the first Dallas drive it is 4th and 2 yards from the Giants 44-yard line. Dak tries a short pass to Elliott that Lorenzo Carter tips and in a great play intercepts the ball. On 2nd and 5 from the Dallas 36-yard line, Jones missed Ross near the 5-yard line for a touchdown. The throw was 4-5 yards too far to the outside. Unfortunately, the Giants could only muster a 54-yard field goal try. Gano, who is usually automatic from the 50’s, misses it. 


Then disaster strikes. Jones overthrows Barkley. Barkley is still looking down the field while still moving to his right. He steps on the left foot of Jordan Lewis and suffer a severe ankle injury. Barkley is done for the day. This was the end of the game for the Giants.


The Giants mount a nice drive before the half. Because Barkley was out Booker was ineffective trying to punch the ball in from the 2-yard line. He made 1 yard on 2 tries. So, Garrett orders up a naked bootleg for Jones. He gets stopped short of the goal line. However, he suffers a helmet to helmet hit that knocks him out of the game with a concussion. 


It’s unfortunate for the Giants because on 4th down from the 1-yard line. Booker dives over the pile for a touchdown. The game is 10-10 but the Giants as they do every week, give up a touchdown before halftime. The road warrior Gmen without Barkley and Jones at this point are done. It only takes Dak and the Cowboys 2:15 on 8 plays and 75 yards to score the touchdown making it Dallas 17-10. The play before the 24-yardtouchdown to Amari Cooper, Bradberry dropped a sure interception that hit him right in the breadbasket between the numbers. Bradberry has had far from a Pro Bowl season this year. 


In the final analysis, once again the Giants beat themselves in this game. They have a small margin for error in all these games if they are to win. We have consistently in the Joe Judge era seen the mistakes and penalties continue. 


Looking at this game, here are the missed opportunities in the first half alone: 

• The Giants get no points off the Carter interception.•

Jones overthrows Ross for a sure touchdown at the 5-yardline on that drive.•

Gano misses a long field goal but certainly within his range.•

Barkley steps on Lewis’ foot because he is looking ahead and not aware of what is around him.•

Booker cannot punch the ball in from the 2-yard line on 2 tries so Garrett sends Jones to do it and he gets a concussion in the process.•

Bradberry drops an easy interception. On the next play Dallas scores a touchdown.


With Glennon in this game is basically over. Kenny Golladay got hurt in this game. That has been his problem. He will miss his 18th career game Sunday out of 48 games. He missed the entire preseason. I never wanted him on the team. This $72M man has 17 catches and 282 yards. He is an overpaid bust. He never had more than 70 catches in his career. He is on pace for 48 catches if he comes back in week 7. 


The other issue is that the Giants defense has been giving up an unbelievable amount of run yards every week. This has especially true since Blake Martinez got hurt. We need Snacks Harrison back! They gave up 201 yards vs Dallas and an average of 157 rushing yards the last 3 weeks. Everyone thought the defense was the strength of this Giants team. Well, think again! The Giants defense gives up 419 yards a game in their first 5 games. 




Looking ahead to the Rams game, the Giants have no chance to win unless they get 2-3 turnovers. The Rams have a very efficient offense. They get a whopping 6.71 yards/play and 9 yards/play passing. The Rams have one of the best offensive lines in the league. Stafford has only been sacked on 2.3% of his drop backs which is the best in the league. 


The Rams will establish a run game with Henderson and Michel. Remember the Giants gave up an average of 157 rush yards the past 3 weeks. Then Stafford will have plenty of time to survey his weapons. He has the choice to pass to Kupp, Woods, Van Johnson and the tight end Higbee. McVay knows how to get them in space. Expect some jet sweeps and crossing patterns over the middle where the Giants are vulnerable. I don’t think the Rams will have any problems moving the ball vs the Giants unless they hurt themselves with penalties and turnovers. 


When the Giants have the ball, they must establish the run game with Booker. The few times in his career when he was the lead back, he has not done well. The run game is necessary so they are not on obvious passing downs vs this defense. They also want to keep the Rams high powered offense off the field. The Rams are tied for 5th in sacks with the Bills at 14. Jones got the green light to play this week. This is huge because he will be under pressure all game. He is much more mobile than Glennon. There will be plays where he will be flushed out of the pocket. Jones is the Giants leading rusher. He has 197 yards to Barkley’s 195. I doubt this offensive line can hold up all game especially if the Giants have a ton of 3rd and longs. 


It took 5 weeks for Garrett to utilize Kadarius Toney. This was due to necessity with Shepard, Slater out and Golladay getting hurt in game. Toney is a sensation. He does not need blockers to make defenders miss. He set the Giants rookie single game receiving record at 189 yards. He could have broken 200 yards if he didn’t stupidly throw a punch with less than 5 minutes left in the game. He was ejected. He will be a huge part of the offensive in this game. Garrett just needs to get him the ball in space. The bad news for Toney is that he will probably see Jalen Ramsey most of the day as he has been covering the slot. Maybe Garrett can move him outside because Shepard is coming back. They should play Shepard on the outside. 




The Giants play worse at home. Maybe it’s because they have more pressure on them in front of fans during this 5-year losing streak. Last year the Giants played the Rams close. It was on the road where they play better. The defense was better last year with Fackrell and Martinez, who is out. The Rams had Goff last year. Stafford is a better quarterback who can utilize the complete McVay playbook unlike Goff. I’m calling this an easy day in the park for the Rams, Rams 34 and the Giants 19.



Dave Gettleman’s Record since becoming GM: 16-37

Giants Record since last Super Bowl win: 52-71

Jason Garrett’s Record: 7-14

Daniel Jones Record: 9-22

Joe Judge’s Record: 7-14

Winning Seasons since 2011 Super Bowl Year: 2

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