Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Saints Preview & Prediction Plus Falcons Fiasco Commentary

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca


Hot Stinking Giants Garbage

In this “Decade of Malaise” (term coined by the Prophet) many times for the Giants I had thought that the Giants hit their rock bottom over this period. The Gmen may have hit that low point last Sunday in their loss to the hapless Atlanta Falcons. The Giants lost the second game in a row by a last-minute field goal as time expired. The Falcons gave up 80 points the previous 2 weeks. The pathetic Giants could only score 14 points! I don’t know if they can win another game all year. We saw the same mistakes and lack of execution that we have come to expect under the Judge, Garrett and Graham regime. 

Let me say a word about Joe Judge. After 19 games, you can tell that Judge is a FRAUD! He came into New York with all talk that that Mara, Tisch and Gettleman swallowed hook, line and sinker! After every game, they should just play the tape from their first loss with him at the post-game press conference. He says the same thing over and over but the results never change! 

Judge states, “We didn’t finish plays and drives especially at the end of the game. We have to do a better job playing the game for 60 minutes and finishing. We have to do a better job coaching and executing and we will be back hard at work on Monday. We have to go back to work, correct mistakes and stay together as a team. We have to give this city a team that they will be proud of as they come in here and spend their hard-earned money.” Blah, Blah, Blah! The one thing is that nothing changes is a win the next week, it’s all the same.

Judge is a Belichick Wannabee who was never a coordinator. He plays Mr. Tough guy without the gravitas of winning like Belichick. He makes the players run laps as he alienates them further. I am not saying he should not be tough but his approach does not work. How about Judge runs some laps after each loss for the fans! He is stubborn like Mara and refuses to make any changes on offense. I will outline below why it is futile. He will be blown out with Garrett if he doesn’t make any changes to this anemic offense.

I am not going to review this game as it is pointless. I want to talk to the bigger issues at play here that will plague the Giants all year. It was an anemic pathetic offensive performance because of the unimaginative, vanilla garbage play calling by Jason Garrett. The Dallas fans wanted to run him out of Dallas for years. I never saw it looking at the occasional Dallas national TV game and the RedZone. However, when you see this garbage week after week and play after play, you understand what they were talking about.

With Garrett, The Giants are 6-13. Here are some other horrible stats for Garrett since he’s been in New York:

:➢ 28th in yards per play➢

30th in points per drive➢

31st in explosive plays➢

31st in points➢

32nd in yards to go on 3rd down


One theory I heard is Garrett is vanilla because it is the only way he has cut down the turnovers for #DannyTurnover. If that’s true, they are really doomed because they can’t score enough points to win. Please take a look at the data provided by Ben Baldwin. One can deduce the rumor is true.


Mara, Tisch, nepotism Chris Mara, and Gettleman WAKE UP, Garrett is garbage. No motion, jet sweeps, or schemes to get players open in the vulnerable spots of the defense. Sitting on your couch you can call the next play. If I can, the defense sureas hell can. Get him the hell out of there. You need to find someone else to call plays! Let me tell you it is not Freddy Kitchens. Judge’s buddy from Mississippi State, Kitchens was 6-10 at Cleveland. As soon as he left they won their first playoff game in decades. He has the maturity of a 2-year-old. While at the Browns, the week after the Myles Garrett helmet swinging incident against Mason Rudolph, he said his daughter said he should wear a t-shirt that read “It was Pittsburgh’s fault”. He is not a professional or a mature grown up. I don’t want him on my team. Mara because of Judge welcomes him in with open arms. 




Let’s get to the game before I get more aggravated than I am already. The Giants will not be able to run the ball vs the Saints. They only give up 60 yards/game which is third in the league. That means the rushers will get about 30 yards and Jones as we have seen vs tough rush defenses gets the rest. The Giants have the 4th starting lineup on the offensive line in 4 weeks. Billy Price gets his second start and Bredeson is out. That means the recently acquired Matt Skura gets the start. He’s from the Ravens but has no chemistry with this group. This means the backs will be getting hit at the line of scrimmage or behind and Jones will have to get rid of the ball quickly. 


The Giants will have to throw the ball to win this game. With Shepard and Slayton out, it is time for $72M man, Golladay to step up. However, he may not be able to going up against Lattimore. Lattimore has regularly taken out Mike Evans and Julio Jones in his own division. I say Golladay only has 2 catches for 12 yards. He is on pace for 60 catches with 11 now and 0 touchdowns. Also, Garrett needs to figure out starting this game how to use Toney. He’s the first-round pick. Let’s get him in the slot, on the outside and on jet sweeps and reverses. His usage is up. From a total of 24 snaps in week 1 & 2 total, he saw 46 snaps last week which was 66% of the plays. Collin Johnson was a pleasant surprise last week. He had 5 catches on 7 targets for 51 yards. We may see the first appearance of John Ross who is off IR. Ross is a first round bust for the Bengals who has not played much. His claim to fame is having the fastest time ever, 4.22, at the Combine in the 40-yard dash. 


When the Saints have the ball it will be Kamara early and often. He has 62 touches including 10 receptions in 3 games accounting for 239 yards and 2 touchdowns. With Blake Martinez out he will be sprung over the middle. He run at least 15 times and probably more with a lead at the end of the game. Winston has not thrown for a ton of yards but he has been efficient with 7 touchdowns in 3 games. The Saints have 5 lessor know receivers with Mike Thomas on IR. The best 3 are Calloway, Stills and Tre’Quon Smith. I can see Calloway beating the Giants corners deep for a 50+ yard TD bomb. 




The Giants are playing in the Superdome and it is the home opener for the Saints and first game in 2 years with fans. It will be a tough atmosphere for the Gmen, although I have documented that they play better on the road. In the final analysis, I expect the Giants to lose because of the offensive line problems, the injuries to the receivers, and the New Orleans defense that only gives up 14 points a game and 4,86 yards per play. The Giants will be one dimensional when they cannot run the ball. I expect the Giants to be in 2nd and 3rd and long all day. Garrett will have to get imaginative but we have no evidence of that since he’s been here. I am calling this game the Saints 28 and the Giants 10.



Dave Gettleman’s Record since becoming GM: 15-36

Giants Record since last Super Bowl win: 51-70

Jason Garrett’s Record: 6-13

Daniel Jones Record: 8-21, has not beaten a team with a winning record.

Joe Judge’s Record: 6-13

Winning Seasons since 2011 Super Bowl Year: 2


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