Falcons 17 Giant Ass Clowns 14

What is it going to take for you to blow up your team?

Written by: Glenn Warciski

I have had enough. And so do some Giants fans who took their umbrage out at John Mara by booing him incessantly. But does our owner John Mara? The Giants continue to find ways to lose football games. On a beautiful Fall Sunday in northern New Jersey, albeit on Eli Manning Day, the Giants lost to the lowly Atlanta Falcons on a FG as time expired 17-14. On consecutive weeks, the Giants suffered the agony of defeat. Their last two games ended on walk off field goals. So with three games into the 2021 campaign, the Giants find themselves with an 0-3 record. Needless to say, with no hope in sight to revitalize this season, this team will post another double digit losing season. Over the last decade, the Giants have posted a dreadful record of 51-70. And John Mara fails to see the urgency in making major changes with the organizational structure. What will be the flashpoint?

Earlier this week, I asked Albert Breer, SI NFL columnist, the following question.

From TrueBlueNYG (@NYGunderground): What is it going to take for John Mara to realize his team needs a complete makeover?

His response:

True Blue, I’ve heard at a few points over the last half decade that Mara’s hot over the state of his football operation. So I’d imagine another disappointing season (the Giants have the fifth-longest playoff drought in the league, having last made it in 2016) will lead to more change in the team’s ranks. The question is at what level.

As it stands, I think coach Joe Judge is safe. The Maras really like him, and the team’s taken steps forward under his leadership. I also think it’d be difficult for the family to stomach another coaching change. Consider this: From 1931 to 2015, from Steve Owen to Tom Coughlin, and through 85 seasons, only one coach (Ray Handley) didn’t make it into a third year. If Judge were fired, he’d be the third consecutivecoached fired after just two seasons. The Giants pride themselves on organizational stability, and this would not be that.

Could change happen in the front office? Yes, I think it’s possible. But the question then would be, if GM Dave Gettleman were to take a step back, or step down, whether the next hire would be a doubling-down on Judge—with a GM who has a background with him (like Tennessee’s Monti Ossenfort) coming in—or a fresh start. Or an internal promotion, with someone like Kevin Abrams or Chris Pettit moving up.

And then, there’d would be the question of whether there are simply too many Giants lifers in the building, people who have worked there and nowhere else (it’s something that’s been raised in Pittsburgh in the past, and something that led to a bit of house-cleaning in Jacksonville with the arrival of Urban Meyer).

Fact is, if things don’t get better, there’ll be plenty of questions for the Maras to answer.

Since John Mara officially took over after his father Wellington passed away in 2005, the Giants had stability within the organization. Ernie Accorsi was the GM and Tom Coughlin was head coach. Wellington Mara handed the keys to the car to John. Subsequently, the Giants won two improbable Super Bowls with the man they honored on Sunday-QB Eli Manning. Eli was the last link to winning. One has to remember, Eli did not do it alone. He was surrounded with outstanding players who helped the Giants get to the top of the mountain.

John has failed to obtain quality players on both sides of the ball. Thus, he has trusted complete morons to run the once mighty Giants into the ground. Yes, Dave Gettleman is an anathema. This crusty the clown has a record of 15-36.

Since Mara unceremoniously dismissed Tom Coughlin as head coach. Look at the dreck he promoted to head coach.

Stooge number one. Ben McAdoo 13-15

Stooge number two. Pat Shurmur. 9-23

Stooge number three. Joe Judge 6-13,

As we have stated here on this humble blog, once Mara decides to pull the lever in order to remove all the stench from 1925 Giants Drive, the losing will continue.

Other Observations:

The Atlanta Falcons stink. As our Tony pointed out over their first two games, they have given up an average of 40 points per game. With 10 days to prepare, the Giants managed 14 points.

Joe Fudge’s game mismanagement.

He lost a challenge.

Burned two crucial timeouts which left the Giants with one remaining at the 11:34 mark remaining in the 4th quarter.

With the game tied at 14, the Giants are faced with a 4th and 9 at midfield with 1:58 left in the game. Keep in mind, the Giants have one timeout remaining. Thanks to Judge’s mismanagement. On their last possession, the Falcons drove the ball down the field to score the game tying TD. More importantly, Giants QB Jones was sacked and fumbled a few plays earlier. Thankfully, Jones recovered his fumble. So what does Judge decide to do?

Punt. When Judge made this misguided decision, I knew the Giants were going to lose. The could not stop the clock. His defense could not get big stops. And Atlanta needed a FG.

Next, the Giants face New Orleans who will be playing their first home because of Hurricane Ida which ravaged most of South East Louisiana. The Giants are going to be run out of the building. 0-4.


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