Daniel Jones…Still Struggling -Coaching and Jones to Blame

Written by: Paul Burke

If we need anymore evidence on why John Mara needs to get the F out of the way and hire a football operations professional the attached video analysis by Kurt Warner piles on. It is year 3 for a guy who was, without a doubt, a reach at pick number 6 in the 1st round. Warner points out some of the fundamental flaws of DJ that should be well under his belt by now. Granted, some of this is coaching and coaching in the film room but DJ rushes the game versus playing fast. He rushes his decision making and mechanics as he reacts to the defense versus controlling what is in front of him. Perhaps he could get better with better coaching but it defines how broken this organization really is. The QB position is the most critical position in the game as the rules define that. The GM, disguised as a bag of dog shit with transition glasses, has miserably failed building an OL in front of him and to this day is still be reactive versus proactive

You also fail to develop him with sound coaching, scheme and coaching of fundamentals. It is year 3 and he can’t master some of the fundamental traits on how to be a successful QB in the league. The game is just too fast for DJ. In our opinion he could be a serviceable player but not one to carry a team. He is just too inconsistent and this tape analysis shows he is not reading the defense to his advantage.

Jason Garrett has been a coach in the league far too long from this damning tape analysis. How in the world was he a HC for as many years as he was in Dallas is beyond comprehension. If your players can’t play with sound technique and fundamentals you should find another career with your Princeton degree. The game is now predicated on speed and space. This tape analysis clearly shows you have no clue about utilizing space. Coaches are supposed to set up their players to succeed and not fail. You are clearly setting up your QB to fail and your overall unit. You were hired as a QB whisperer and these warts your QB has are an indictment on your inability to coach. If Joe Judge was truly the HC why hasn’t he fired this guy? Oh wait he didn’t hire him. John Mara did.

John, seriously, wake the F up!


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