Giants Groundhog Day…Michael Lombardi Please Lobby For Giants Football Operations Job

Written by: Paul Burke

It is early September again. It is like the scenes in Groundhog Day when the alarm clock goes off with the same song from a radio station, the same exact surroundings, and same exact characters in place. We drive ourselves crazy to believe things will be different this season but it is like Lucy pulling the football away while Charlie Brown kicks thin air and falls on his ass.

Michael Lombardi ranted on GM Shuffle podcast about what we here on NYGUndergound have been agonizingly pointing out for over two years. This organization is dysfunctional and has been for the last 10 years. Lombardi is correct that they cannot evaluate their own players. It is a systemic problem. It is a football operation organizational issue. The microcosm of Jabril Peppers and how he is utilized in game management and put in a position to fail versus succeed sums up the dysfunction of the overall organization. John Mara needs to get the Heck out of the way and hire an experienced professional President of Football Operations. John Mara needs to stop pretending he knows what he is doing. If bottom line earnings in the NFL was based on wins and losses versus the sharing of T.V. revenue, John Mara would have been fired in corporate America long ago. John Mara is stuck in time. He is stuck in what is called the Endowment Bias. He overvalues his inner circle and continues to hire from his inner circle. He stuck with Reese too long. Overvalued Eli and stuck with him too long. Hired dinosaur Gettleman. Hired Garrett. Sorry Lombardi it is not because he went to Princeton but from his days as a back up QB with the Giants. John Mara has never worked in the real business world. He was a lawyer by trade for a few years before working under his Dad as the ownership group. In fact this is a family tradition as Wellington was saved by Pete Rozelle by getting to hire George Young in those dark years of the 70s. Just go back in the history of NYG front office and you will see a noticeable trend over many years.

Since 2018, the Giants have a 15-34 record.

What we are trying to implore is an open letter to Michael Lombardi to lobby for the position of President of Football Operations for the New York Football Club. Mr. Lombardi has lots of experience in working for the likes of Walsh, Parcells and Belichik. He worked in many roles in Front Offices. Surely the position of President of Football of Operations for a storied franchise would be more fulfilling and rewarding than a podcast or occasional articles in the Athletic?

We are tired of the losing. We are tired of the same dysfunction. We are tired of the same poor draft decisions. We are tired of being stuck in time. We are tired of listening to local media put lipstick on a pig and homer fans telling us to be more positive as it is different this year. John Mara is not going to sell his team. Why would any rationale person do that? The business is built to make money whether he losses or wins. Heck, I now live in Detroit and they never win but still make a profit year in and year out. Mara needs to step aside and focus on the business side and leave the football operations to an experienced professional. Otherwise, it will be Groundhog Day for another 10 years.

One thought on “Giants Groundhog Day…Michael Lombardi Please Lobby For Giants Football Operations Job

  1. Adrian Burke September 15, 2021 / 11:46 am

    Well done Paul. Mara is the basic cause of this debacle


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