Prophet’s Point After

Giants 23 Cowboys 19

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was a tale to 2 halves in the Giants Finale. The Giants got outto an early lead and hung on after the Dallas comeback in the second half. The Giants have been starting the recent games very slowly. Judge must had made a fast start a priority this week. They only took a little over 3 minutes to score on the opening drive. Shepard ran in a 23-yard touchdown and Gano missed the extra point. Gano set his personal record today with 30 consecutive field goals which is also the Giants record. He hit a 50-yard field goal to make the score 23 and that is also a record. He has 5 50 yard or longer field goals which is the Giants record. Shepard had his best game of the year with 8 catches on 10 targets for 112 yards and a touchdown. He also had 24 yards rushing on 2 attempts with the long 23-yard TD run. Dallas cornerback Anthony Brown was beat constantly by Shepard. Brown played off Shepard and Dallas never gave him any help. 

After the Giants get the ball for the second time Gallman cannot handle the handoff and Jones is attributed with another fumble. The Giants are lucky that the Cowboys who took over at the Giants 27-yard line could only muster a field goal. The score is Giants 6-3 now. 

The Giants get their next score at 6:49 in the second quarter. It was a 10-yard pass to who else, Shepard to give the Giants a 13-3 lead. On the next drive the Cowboys start on the Giants 28-yard line. They may have scored but a Tomlinson sack for 8 yards that put Dallas back on the Giants 40-yard line. They settle for a Zuerlein field goal and the score is Giants 13-6. 

It did not take the Giants long to score. They got the ball with 2:13 left in the half. They drove 75 yards in a minute and a half. There was a pass interference on Dallas. Then the big play, a 33-yard touchdown pass to Pettis who bobbled the ball but got control as he broke the endzone and he fumbled it in the end zone and recovered. The Giants are up 20-6 but the Cowboys go 35 yards in 40 seconds. Zuerlein nails a 57-yard field goal and it is 20-9 at the half. 

The Cowboys go 3 and out to start they half. On the second Giants play, the so-called Pro Bowl tight end, Engram, has the ball go right through his hands and it is intercepted. Dallas wastes no time and takes 4 and a half minutes to score making it 20-16 in favor of the Giants. 

The Cowboys are on a drive at the end of the third quarter from their own 20. They get all the way to the Giants 10-yard line at the beginning of the 4th quarter and Fackrell sacks Dalton for 8 yards forcing them to kick a 36-yard field goal. Now the Giants are clinging to a one-point lead. 

Under 8 minutes left and the Giants were driving. On a second down, Jones gets sacked for a 10-yard loss because Kaden Smith totally missed his block and Wilson sacked Jones. On the next play at 3rd and 16, Pettis dives to make a catch but as he dives the ball hits the ground. It is ruled a catch on the field. McCarthy does not challenge the play, and it cost him the game. The Giants quickly set up for the field goal and Gano hits it from 50 yards out. If that play was overturned and the Giants would have to punt and the Cowboys would only need a field goal to win. If the play was overturned, Gano would have a 60-yard attempt. You know they would have punted. 

The Cowboys drive from their own 25-yard line and they get all the way to the Giants 7-yard line. On 2nd down Dalton is sackedby Williams for a 10-yard loss. On 3rd and 17 Dalton is under pressure is running to his left. He throws a wounded duck off his back foot that never should have been thrown and it is intercepted easily by McKinney. Again, if a McCarthychallenged, Dalton could have thrown the ball away and they would have kicked the game winning field goal. That would have made the score Dallas 22-20 and I predicted the game Dallas 23-21. 

The Giants never make anything easy. Gallman on 2nd down and 5 makes the first down and just loses the handle to the ball without being hit. There is a long scrum and somehow Gallman recovered the ball in a mass of humanity. If Gallman lost the ball, the Giants would have probably lost. Jones then took 3 kneel downs. 

The Giants defense played well. They had 6 sacks (3-Williams, 1-Martinez, 1-Fackrell and 1-Tomlinson), 9 tackles for loss, 9 quarterback hits. 1 interception and 6 passes defensed. I said itwas a tale of 2 halves because the Cowboys had the ball 17.1 minutes in the second half and ran 56 of their 80 plays! The Giants were efficient when they had the ball. They only ran 55 plays and their average drive was less than 2 and a half minutes. 

I have to say a word about Leonard Williams. Coaching has definitely made the difference in his play. In 4 and a half years with the Jets (bad coaching) he only had 17 sacks. This year he had 11.5 sacks! On the Williams Sack-O-Meter that comes out to $1,400,000/sack. I admit I was wrong about him but his numbers the first 5 years were definitely screamed bust for someone drafted 6th overall. 

As far as the Eagles/Washington game, Doug Pederson definitely threw the game at the end. The team was going nowhere and he wanted to move from the 9th to 6th draft pick. Sudfeld is a disgrace and he does not belong in the NFL. Washington jumped out to a 10-0 lead. The Eagles came back with Hurts to a 14-10 lead. It was obvious that with Hurts in the game, given the Eagles field position they could have easily won the game sending the Gmen to the playoffs. 

Personally, I don’t have a problem with the Giants not in the playoffs. They would have fallen 8 or more draft spots and played 2 first place teams. I said all along it was about next year. With no offseason programs and preseason, I said this would be a 6-win season for the Giants. Check my Preseason Manifesto that I completed in July on this website. Your NostraProphet said:

“To make things worse the schedule is brutal. The Giants play the NFC West and the AFC North. The Giants are a 5-or-6-win team this year based on what we know today. Vegas has them at 6 or 6.5 wins. If you can get 6.5 take the under ASAP. I was going to go with 5 but, I’ll give one more win because of Judge and the Patriots Way.”

I called 6 wins and even gave you a betting tip that cashed LOL. I said all along it is about next year, The Giants need to revamp the offense, mainly receivers, get some edge rushers, more cornerback help and a tight end that can hold onto the ball. We will see if Jones is the real deal with better help. His performance this year will not cut it: 210 yards/game, 6.6 YPA, 11 TD’s and 10 interceptions. They have to win 10 to 11 games and make the playoff push in 2021! Let’s see what they do in free agency to start.

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