Prophet’s Point After-Ravens 27 NYG 13

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

For the third week in a row, the Giants get off to a slow start and this week’s game was over before the end of the first quarter. The New York Football Giants never got off the train that they took to Baltimore. The Ravens took the opening kickoff for 82 yards on 13 plays that ate up 8:12 minutes. The Giants go 3 and out and take 1:36 off the clock. The Ravens again go on a long drive of 10 plays, 65 yards on a 5:05 drive. At 11 seconds left in the 1st quarter this game is over!

The last 3 weeks the Giants have been off the Joe Judge script for the Giants to win. The script is first rush for 100+ yards/game. This keeps the other team off the field and minimizes what Daniel Jones needs to do. Second, get a good game out of the defense holding the opposition to 20 points or less. The Giants are 31st in scoring with 17 points per game. Thirdly, the plan is to keep Daniel Jones passing around 200 yards/game. This minimizes turnovers. He has 14 this year which is down from last year’s 24.

The Giants got behind Sunday by 14 points in the first half to the Ravens. They were down 13-3 to the Browns at the end of the first half last week. Two weeks ago, they were down 13-0 to the Cardinals at the half and 20-0 midway through the third quarter. All these games were over early taking the Giants out of the 2020 winning formula. Against the Ravens the Giants had 54 yards rushing. Against the Browns the Gmen ran for 74 yards and vs the Cardinals they ran for 78 yards.

You may think I’m crazy but I have seen this evolving over the year. The Giants definitely have a formula to win and it’s hiding the quarterback. I was getting into fights with people on Twitter Sunday who think Daniel Jones is great. Now the excuse is that the receivers suck for the Giants. Excuse me? They are the same receivers they had last year! The core is Shepard, Slayton, Engram and Tate. Engram is a first-round pick, #23 overall, Shepard 2nd round pick, #40 overall pick, 41 and Tate was a $36M free agent. These players were taken high and they have not performed to that level at all. Tate was one of Gettleman’s worst moves. I never understood him bringing in an older,overpriced SLOT receiver when you already had Shepard in the slot. Tate had a terrible year: 35 receptions for 388 yards, 2 touchdowns. 5 catches over 20 yards and no catches over 40 yards. What they really need is a #1 X receiver who can get some separation and stretch the defense. The Giants still owe Tate , $10.3+M in 2020, $10.8+M in 2021, and $8.3+M in 2022. I’m sure they would like to cut him now but they can’t.

Here is the rush/pass ratio in their 5 wins:

Rush Yards Pass Yards

10/18/20 Washington 132 108

11/8/20 Washington 166 184

11/15/20 Eagles 151 231

11/28/20 Bengals 142 244

12/6/20 Seahawks 190 100

As you can see the Giants averaged 136 yards a game rushing and a measly 173 yards passing. The Mendoza line for a REAL NFL quarterback is 250 yards a game. That is only 4000 yards a year. In the pass happy NFL that is a minimum. Jones has averaged 209 yards/game, 2714 yards, 6.4 YPA, 62.2% completions, QB rating of 78.9 with only 9 TD’s and 9 interceptions. These are all bottom 6 QB stats. Yes If they get a better receiver it will help a little. Tate is making almost $11M in 2021 and Shepard $9M so they are not going anywhere unless “The King of Dead Money” wants to cut Tate and take the cap hit because Tate is on the books until 2022. “The King of Dead Money (Gettleman) is at $103M in the 3 years since he’s been here. Engram gets $6M on his last year and Slayton as a 5th round pick is a bargain at $903,000.

This Ravens game was a failure of the basics. The tackling was horrible. The offensive line fell backwards. They were not able to open holes in the run game. When it was obvious that Jones had to throw on most downs, the line could not hold up to pass rush and Jones was sacked 6 times for 37 yards lost. Joe Judge said in his post-game press conference that they have to execute the fundamentals, block better, tackle better, and put the players in a better position to succeed. It’s a little late in the year at week 16 if you don’t have the basics down by now. 

Looking ahead to next week, it is inconceivable that the Giantshave a chance to win the division with 6 wins. Personally, I hope they lose. You can say what the hell kind of Giants fan are you. They are not going anywhere in the playoffs. I am looking toward 2021. They will fall 12 or so spots in the draft and pick up the Packers and the Seahawks added to the schedule. The Giants play the NFC South and the AFC West in 2021. This is not an easy task. 

The Giants are 2.5-point underdogs to the Cowboys next week. The Cowboys have put together a 3-game resurgence as Dalton gets more comfortable with the team. They have outscored their opponents 36-19 in those games. I think I am picking them to win. Check the Prophet’s Pulpit before the game for details. It may be a moot point because if Alex Smith can come back the Washington Team can probably beat the Eagles who have packed it in.

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