Prophet’s Point After

NYG 17 Seattle 12

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

A Giant Win!

This Giants victory is the biggest win in at least 4 years. You can consider the Pittsburgh game, 12/4/16, 4 years to the same weekend as the last big win. I think in the Decade of Malaise it is probably the biggest win since the last game of the 2012 season 42-7 vs the dreaded Eagles or even the 21-17 win over the Patriots in Super Bowl 46. 

The game was a tale of 2 halves. The Giants were outplayed in the first half but were only behind 5-0. The key play in the game was the blocked punt that was recovered by Kreiter but he was out of bounds by the time he had control of the ball. If the Seahawks got a touchdown there the game would have gone to overtime at 17 all. As good as the Giants defense is it would have been #LetRussCook vs Colt McCoy. Seattle would probably have had the edge. 

Let’s get into the game. The Seahawks take the opening kickoff all the way to the Giants 13-yard line. Wilson throws 3 incomplete passes and they kick a chip shot 31-yard field goal. Next the team trade possessions. The Giants are driving on the next possession. You can tell McCoy is getting more comfortable. He has throws of 22 yards to Shepard and 2 throws to Tate of 16 and 14 yards. The Giants get to the Seattle 17-yardline. Mc Coy throws a 6-yard pass to Engram. The ball goes through his hands just as he is getting hit by Neal. Diggs intercepts the ball at the 4-yard line and returns it to the Giants 43-yard line. It was ruled that he was pushed out at the Seattle 36-yard line. The Seahawks get to the giants 42-yard line and punt. 

The Giants do nothing on this possession. Seattle gets the ball on their own 28-yard line. They are driving. On a 3rd and 1 at the Giants 47, Wilson does not get the snap cleanly and cannot get the ball. For the second week in a row Lalos gets a turnover by recovering the ball in the pile. The practice squad rookie from Dartmouth has come through in a big way!

Unfortunately, the Giants go 3 and out. The Seahawks get the ball at their own 8-yard line and get to the Giants 42-yard line. They have to punt with 0:56 left in the half. It’s a good punt nailing the Giants at their own 5-yard line. The Gmen go 3 and out trying to kill the clock on rushing plays. When they punt. Ebner misses his block and Neal blocks it cleanly. Kreiter is trying to recover the ball. His hand is out of bounds before he secures the ball. We go to the half Seahawks 5-0 but again if they got a touchdown this game goes to overtime. 

The teams trade possessions to start the second half. The Giants did not abandon the run game and it paid off in the second half. On the second down on this next possession Gallman rips a 60-yard run. Unfortunately for me as a Gallman owner in fantasy, Alfred Morris gets the next 2 carries and scores a touchdown. The Giants go for two and they are successful with a pass to Shepard. 

When the Seahawks get the ball, on a 4th and 1 at their own 48-yard line they went for it. Coughlin chased Wilson to the left and under pressure he threw an incomplete pass. When the Giants take over they are running again with Gallman who has 3 runs for 39 yards. Once again Judge takes out Gallman for Morris who runs for 3 yards and then catches a 6-yard touchdown pass. At this point Morris has more fantasy points than Gallman who is over 100 yards rushing. The usually reliable Gano misses the extra point and the Giants lead 14-5. 

When the Seahawks get the ball, they drive to the Giants 34-yard line. I was surprised they punted instead of trying a 52-yardfield goal. The Giants then go 3 and out. On the first play of the drive, Wilson is intercepted. The ball hit off the facemask of Carson, and then tipped by Crowder and a diving interceptionfor Holmes. 

Unfortunately for the Giants, they only go 9 yards to the Seattle 30-yard line. Instead of going for it, Gano kicks a 48-yard field goal. It is now Giants 17-5. The Seahawks then go on an 11 play 82-yard drive culminated with a 32-yard touchdown pass to Carson. It only took 3:41 off the clock. 

The Giants have the ball over 4 minutes but are forced to punt on 4th and 5 from the Seahawks 42-yard line. With the score Giants 17-12 in the past you had to worry. Here we go again with the Gmen blowing the game at the end of the 4th quarter. 

It does not happen this time. On 1st and 10 from the Giants 46-yard line, Wilson throws a pass that goes through Love’s hands for an easy interception. It could have been game over. On 3rd and 10 from the same Giants 46-yard line, Wilson get sacked by Leonard Williams on a stunt. On 4th and 18, Wilson is rushed 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage, he throws over a 50-yardHail Mary and the ball is batted to the ground.

The Giants have a great victory as a 10.5-point underdog. It was led by the strongest defensive effort in years! Look at these stats: 5 sacks for 47 yards, 4 tackles for loss, 10 quarterback hits, 7 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumbled recovered and 1 interception. 

Yes, I finally have to admit I was wrong about Leonard Williams. It has been great coaching by Patrick Graham and Joe Judge to get the potential out of him. Gettleman’s, whose job was saved today, was right. “The juice was worth the squeeze”. Looking at his Sack-O-Meter, he now has 8.5 sack`s, He is now at $1,894,118/sack. He had 17 sacks for the Jets in 5.5 years ands now 9 sacks with the Gmen. Up until the last 6 games or so I thought he was still a bust. 

The 190 yards rushing was the difference in the game along with the defensive effort. This is the 6th game in a row with over 100 yards rushing. Week 7 160 yards, week 8 101 yards, week 9 166 yards, week 10 151 yards, and week 12 142 yards. This Giants team is now like the Trent Dilfer and the 2000 (Super Bowl 35) Ravens and Brad Johnson the 2002 Buccaneers (Super Bowl 37). Daniel Jones has 212 yards/game, and Colt McCoy has 105 yards, and a God awful 4,8 YPA. They have a new formula that Judge put together with game managers since about week 7 when Judge realized what he had. This will be the formula going-forward. The Giants should win 2-3 more games the way they are playing an have the inside track to the division. A statement that seems unbelievable when they were 1-7.

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