Prophet’s Pulpit-Giants vs Seahawks-Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

I’m not going to spend much time on last week’s Giants lackluster performance vs the Bengals. You can read about in detail in my last week’s Prophet Point After. Even though the Giants were playing against backup quarterback Brandon Allen, the effort after the bye was embarrassing. The Giants dominated the game everywhere except the scoreboard.

The Giants led in time of possession 37:26 to 22:34 and in offensive plays 80 to 46! The Giants had 386 yards of offense to the Bengals 155 yards! They just could not buy a touchdown. They settled for 4 Gano field goals. The Bengals did not do much with the ball except the 103-yard kickoff return kept them in the game. This was the longest play in Bengals history by the way. With 90 seconds left the Bengals had the ball at midfield and only needed a field goal to win 20-19. Luckily Allen fumbled the ball on the first play in that series after a long Bengals punt return. 

With Daniel Jones out with a hamstring injury, the Giants turn to Colt McCoy. Colt has not started a game for 421 days. The last game for him was 10/6/19 vs the Patriots when he was with the Washington team. Other than 2010 & 2011 when he started 21 games for the Browns, McCoy was a career back up. He started only 7 other games in 8 years and 3 in the last 5 years. He has a career 7-21 record. I heard on an ESPN show that his record vs the spread was the same 7-21. 

The Giants will have to run the ball to keep Wilson off the field and keep the game close. Gallman has had a good run since Freeman went down. Gallman has 6 touchdowns the past 5 weeks. They have only 113 yards a game. However, if you take the first 3 games out the total goes up to 126 yards. They dohave a 6-game streak of 100+ rushing yards. The Giants have to stay away from third and long to have any chance to win. The problem for the Giants is that the Seahawks are 3rd against the run giving up only 89 yards a game. This means that they will stack the box and DARE McCoy to throw. 

In the pass game, I don’t know if McCoy can hit the deeper passes. He has a career 6.5 YPA. That means Engram, Lewis and Gallman may be the top targets. The $64,000 question is can McCoy throw against this worst pass defense in the league? He will have to get some deep throw completions to Slayton and Shepard to win. The Seahawks give up 329 yards/game. However, if you look at the past 3 weeks, they have only given up 264 yards/game. The Seahawks got torched in passing yards by the Falcons, Patriots, Cowboys, Bills, and Cardinals earlier in the season. Since they acquired wrecking ball like Carlos Dunlap they have a much better pass rush with Wagner playing well too. 

Last week they only allowed Wentz only 215 yards, 55.6% completions, with 2 TD’s & 1 interception. However, Wentz got 33 yards on the last play miracle throw and a touchdown. If that ball hits the ground Wentz only has 182 yards and 1 touchdown. Dunlap, Adams and Wagner have 15.5 sacks between themputting pressure on the quarterback. Jamal Adams also came back from his injury playing with a vengeance. He has 6.5 sacks this year as safety! The use him on the safety blitz but he also plays more like a linebacker in the box. They create mismatches for him vs the offensive line. 

When Seattle has the ball, they have a good run game. Carson is back healthy. Then Giants are 5th vs the run giving up 95 yards/game. I think the Seahawks will run just enough to set up the pass. Wilson is the best deep ball passer in the league. Bradberry will have his hands full covering Metcalf. Bradberry has 15 passes defended, 3 interceptions, 1 forced fumble and 33 tackles.

I was wrong about Metcalf and so was every other NFL team. The rap on him was that he was just a 9-route receiver that could only go deep. He’s much more than that, and every team passed on him in the first and second round. Metcalf was the 9th receiver taken in the 2019 draft with the 64th pick, last pick of the second round. Metcalf is number 1 in the league in receiving yards with 1039, 58 receptions (17.9 yards/catch) and 9 touchdowns. For the most part he is cover proof. Darius Slay, who one of the best corners, was helpless last week giving up 177 yards, on 10 catches including a 52-yard bomb. The only corner to keep him in check was Peterson from the Cardinals, 23 yards in one game and 46 yards and a touchdown in the other. In those games Lockett usually goes off. Metcalf had 92 yards and a touchdown vs Gilmour of the Patriots. His 54-yard bomb catch for a touchdown was the best textbook covered long pass seen in a decade. It didn’t matter as he reeled in that touchdown. He alsotorched White from the Bills for 110 yards and a TD. 

The Giants have to keep Wilson in the pocket. He is dangerous extending plays. The Seahawks use 2 or 3 tight ends. Olsen, probably their main TE went down for the year. They are not much of a threat except maybe in the red zone. 

The Seahawks are good at home, 5-0 straight up this year. However, the Giants are road warriors. They play better on the road and last week is an example of a bad home game vs an inferior opponent. They are 8-1 against the spread their last 9 on the road. Off the top of my head they are around 16-3 in that stat but I don’t have the exact number. Needless to say, they have been better on the road the past 3 years. The Seahawks kept the Eagles around in a game that they should have blown them out. The Seahawks have not beaten an opponent by more than 10 points since week 1. This game could get ugly if the Giants get behind early and McCoy is throwing under constant pressure. The Giants defense is good enough to keep it from a blowout. I am calling this game Seahawks 27 and the Giants 19. Some Gano field goals here from McCoy stalled drives.

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