Prophet’s Point After

Giants 27 Eagles 17

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants won their second game in a row. The Giants got the lead. The Eagles had terrible field position all day. The Eagles had 10 drives and never started beyond their own 25-yard line. Here is the starting yard line on all 10 dives: 25, 9, 6, 11, 16, 25, 17, 5, 25, and 25. They made 11 penalties at inopportune times. The Eagles were 0-9 on third down conversions. This is a big credit to the Giants defense but it is also on Wentz. 

There seems to be a new Giants formula for winning. First, it’s don’t turn the ball over. What do you know? No turnovers for #DannyTurnover for 2 weeks and 2 victories. Second, get the lead. Third, run the ball, shorten the game, and keep the Jones pass attempts down. Let the defense play complementary football get the ball back. Something that we have not seen for a while. In the past the defense would not get the key stops in the 4th quarter. 

The Giants need to win with Jones as a game manager! That’s who he developed into. Jones has 212 passing yards/game, 8 TD’s and 9 interceptions. He has run for 384 yards, 38 yards a game, but has only 1 rushing touchdown. After 2 victories Giants Nation is selling us on how great he is. He is still at the bottom of the league in quarterback stats. He is at 6.4 YPA, yards per attempt, which is 31st for any quarterback with at least 1000 yards passing. THE GIANTS OFFENSE HAS 17 TOUCHDOWNS IN 10 GAMES! They have another 2 defensive touchdowns. The Giants have scored 19.5 points per game through 10 games. It’s not a formula for victory. They need this fragile game script to go their way in order to win. They are playing better so maybe they can increase from the average but you cannot beat the better teams with this formula. The defense has given up 23.6 points a game. The differential is -41 points.

The Giants get the ball to start the game. They are driving from their own 17. When they get to the 34-yard line, Jones had a RPO play that he fakes the handoff and continues to run to the left where the line blew a hole in the line and Jones has a 34-yard touchdown. On the Eagles first drive they drive from their own 25 to the Giants 22. Bradberry made a strong play on Reagor to break up the 3rd down pass and the Eagles kick a 40-yard field goal. 

The Giants take the ball from their 25-yard line after the kickoff and drive the field culminated in a Gallman 2-yard plunge putting the Gmen on top 14-3 on the first play of the 2nd quarter. The Eagles made good adjustments after this setting the edge and not biting on the Jones fake handoffs. Jones had 49 of his 65 rushing yards in the first half. 

The teams trade possessions and the Giants punt. Riley Dixon booms the punt and Reagor lets the ball go over his head hoping it will go into the end zone but the Giants down it inside the 6-yard line. This was indicative of the Eagles bad field position all day. The Eagles get to the 50-yard line but have to punt. They also do a good job pinning the Giants on the 2-yard line. Rudy Ford got down to the goal line and caught the ball off one bounce that hit on the 8-yard line. 

The teams trade possessions and the Giants get the ball on the Eagles 43-yard line with 40 seconds left and 2 timeouts. Dion Lewis commits offensive holding on 3rd down on the Eagles 37 with 16 seconds left. That takes the Giants out of field goal range. On the next play the pass to Tate he tips it over his head and should have been intercepted by Robey-Coleman who has it go right through his hands. Jones gets sacked on the next play and the half is over with the Giants leading 14-3. 

The Eagles get the 2nd half kickoff and they have an illegal block in the back pushing them back to the 16. They drive up to the 44, where Giant Killer, Boston Scott, went through a crease in the left side of the line where he was sprung on a block by Kelce on Bradberry. He ran for a 56-yard touchdown. The Eagles gofor 2 and make it. Just like that they are only down 3 two and a half minutes into the half. 

The Giants score on the next possession. Jones hit Sheppard for 27 yards and Tate for 39 yards. Gallman gets his second touchdown a 1-yard run. Now it is Giants 21-11. In the past they would not have answered so quickly. 

It does not take the Eagles long to respond. They took a little over 4 minutes for an Eagles touchdown by Clement on a 5-yardrun. It is now 21-17. Peterson stupidly goes for 2 and does not make it. The extra point would have put them behind by only a field goal, now they need a touchdown to win. Judge totally outcoached him in this game. 

The rest of the game was pretty uneventful. They trade the next 4 possessions. When the Giants get the ball, they work it down to the Eagles 14-yard line. Jones fakes a handoff to Gallman and runs the 14 yards for a touchdown but there is offensive holding on Andrew Thomas. The Giants then settle for a field goal stillmaking this still a one possession game 24-17. 

On the next drive, the Eagles get to the Giants 36-yard line with a 4th down However a run for no gain and 3 incomplete passes give the ball back to the Gmen with 4:52 left in the game. The Giants stall at the Eagles 26-yard line. Gano kicks a 44-yardfield goal with 3:11 left in the game. This makes it 27-17 a 2-possession game. The Gmen hold on for their second win in arow. That hasn’t happened since weeks 15 & 16 last year with victories over Miami and Washington.

The Giants haven’t turned the ball over in 2 weeks and they did not fold at the end of the game. This win puts them in good position in NFC LEAST. They are in second place a game in a half in the loss column as they go into their bye. Not that winning the division will help them in any way for next year where they may have a better chance for playoff success. The Giants have only 2 games they can win left on the schedule. They would have to build on their improvements to win any more at this time. They get a bye to self-scout and figure out ways to improve. Maybe they can devise a strategy where Jones can rev up the passing yards for when they get behind in some of the tough matchups on the schedule.

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