NYG 27 Eagles 17

Written by: Glenn Warciski

The Giants finally beat the Eagles. It took four years. Amen.

Barack Obama was President. Mike Francesa was still on WFAN. And Justin Bieber had the best song of the year titled Love Yourself.

Many Giants fans were loving it as they finally found a way to defeat the Eagles. Up 14-3 at the half, the Giants led the entire way. Without question, this is the best game they have played all year.

So with back to back NFC Least wins, the Giants find themselves at 3-7 overall and 3-2 record in the NFC Least. The last time the Giants had back to back wins- last year, defeating Bucs and Deadskins.

Other Obervations:

Reality check. Some fans are giddy today. Yes, the Giants beat an opponent not named Washington. So yeah, it is something to get excited about. Meanwhile, this team has a long way to go. In other words. do not be fooled by the Giants propaganda machine with their controlled mouthpieces exclaiming: the Giants can make a run. This is the same bullshit we called out 2 years ago.

Daniel Jones is not a starting quarterback material in the NFL. What I found interesting leading up to this game, critical reports of Jones’ lack of discipline in the pocket and overall play were being put in the spotlight. We have been making this case the day Full Bloom Love was drafted.

We have several questions.

Why was Daniel Jones central part of the running game? What does that say? Garrett the Ivy League OC? It is a passing league and Garrett is running a high school offense. Even blowhard Gettleman said picking wrong Qb sets franchise back 5 years. You own it. You own it because you are winning out of a pick for a franchise pick. Gettleman should be on a rocket ship to cape cod.

Even though the Giants were victorious, Jones did not throw for over 300 yards and had zero touchdowns. The Giants had 151 yards rushing. Who was the Giants leading rusher? Yup Daniel Jones. This formula is not sustainable. Think RG3.

The Giants head into their bye with a two game winning streak and wind at their backs. They have 6 games left in this miserable Covid NFL. The remaining games left: Bengals. Seahawks. Cardinals. Browns. Ravens and the Cowboys. 4 out of the 6 teams have winning records. Will the Giants make a run? Do you believe in Miracles?

Note: Tony will have a more comprehensive game review.

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