Prophet’s Pulpit

Eagles vs Giants- Preview and Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants finally won a game last week. It is a bit of a hollow victory. The Giants needed 5 turnovers to seal the deal but they only won by 3 points. With 1:48 left in the game, Washington was trying to drive for the tie or the win. It took the third interception by Alex Smith to cement the victory for the Giants. Alex Smith is a great comeback story but he is probably done in the NFL. I expected the Giants to beat Washington. The Giants are 6-2 vs Washington since 2017 and 8-42 vs every other team. Daniel Jones is 4-0 vs Washington and 1-16 vs every other team. (Should have lost on last second missed 34-yard FG by Tampa or he would be 0-17).

The Giants had the ball 36:27 and they were outgained by Washington 402 yards to to 350 yards. The Washington Football team had the ball in less minutes 23:33. This helps to explain why the Giants are 2-7. There are multiple issues on this team. Are they getting better? Absolutely yes but it is not enough in 2020. There will have to be more changes in 2021. Best case scenario is that they win 2 more games this year but more probable just 1 vs Dallas in week 17.

This week the Giants play their worst nemesis the Philadelphia Eagles. The clock has struck 12 and the Gmen turn back into a pumpkin. The Giants are 4-21 vs the Eagles in their last 25 games. They have not won since 4 years ago this weekend on 11/16/16. The only other wins during that time period came in 2011, 2012, and 2013. The Giants have lost the last 12 of 13. It looked like the Giants could win the last game with a 21-10 lead with 6:10 left in the game. However, they blew it and Even Engram who has dropped plenty of passes, had a ball go right through his hands. If he caught that pass on 3rd and 7 with 2:14 to play, the Giants win the game. If you want to read the painful details of the end of that game, you can read my “Prophet’s Point After”-Week 7 in the archives.

Looking to this week’s game, the Giants need to establish the run if they want to have a chance to win. The Eagles are 20th vs the run giving up 131 yards/game. The Giants have developed a run game the last 6 weeks after being last in rush yards the first 3 weeks. The Giants have averaged 131 yards the last 6 weeks. All year Jones was the leading rusher. He had the famous 80-yard run vs the Eagles in the last game where the Turf Monster tackled Jones at the 12-yard line with no one near him. Now Gallman, Freeman when healthy and Morris are splitting the duties. (Freeman is on IR)

The offensive line has improved the run blocking since the start of the season. Hernandez comes back from being out 2 weeks with Covid. Judge has rotated the tackles, Thomas, Fleming and Peart. He will now rotate the guards, Hernandez, Zeitler and Lemieux.  4th round pick Lemieux has played well in relief of Hernandez. Last week Gallman had 68 yards on 14 rushes, 4.9 and yards/carry and a touchdown. Alfred Morris, who had some big years for the Washington team, 3962 yards 28 touchdowns from 2012 to 2014. He is this month’s Lazarus Award winner, coming back from the dead, with 67 rush yards on 9 attempts, 7.4 yards/carry.  

It will be more difficult for #DannyTurnover to throw vs the Eagles. The key matchup is the Eagles front seven vs the Giants rookie featured offensive line. The Eagles are 3rd vs the pass only giving up 209 yards/game. Jones only passed for 187 yards last game completing 20 passes out of 30 for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. Jones was sacked 3 times and #DannyTurnover had 1 fumble. He had 0 turnovers for the first time all year last week. However, Jones fumbled out of bounds and had an interception called on the field that was ruled hitting the ground first or he would have had his usual 2 turnovers/week. Brandon Graham always seem to have the big play to seal the game for the Eagles. He got the sack fumble on Jones in week 7 and he did it in last year’s games. People do not talk as much as they should about him vs the Gmen. 

Slay covered Slayton like a blanket and he only had 2 catches for 59 yards on 3 targets for 23 yards. It was Shepard’s first game back and he had 6 catches on 8 targets and a touchdown. Last week Austin Mack had a surprising first appearance. He had 4 catches on 5 targets for 72 yards. Tate had 1 catch the last 39-yard touchdown. It has been his mouthing off to be more involved and his wife’s tweets that put him in Joe Judge doghouse that kept him out of last week’s game. This week has just been listed as probable because it was looking he would be out. He will not be a member of the Giants in 2021. This is another Gettleman $36M bust, $10M salary this year, that was not needed on this team. He is a slot receiver and he duplicates what their number 1 receiver Shepard does as the lead slot receiver.

The key receiver this week will be Engram. The Eagles have allowed 49 catches to tight ends which is 3rd most in the leagueand 476 yards. Engram had 46 yards on 6 catches and 9 targetsin week 7. If he can be the difference maker given the Eagle coverage problems in this area. He needs a redemption game after his key drop in the last game. 

The Eagles finally get healthy this game. They are getting their main running back Miles Sanders back. The Eagles only had 96 rushing yards last game. With Sanders they will break 100 yards. Boston Scott, who has become a Giants Killer over the last 3 games, should have a reduced role. He had 46 yards rushing and 46 yards receiving in the last matchup. Of course,he had the beautiful 18-yard game winning touchdown even though he was well covered.

In the passing game the Eagles get their deep threat back. Alshon Jeffrey comes back from injury for his first game of the year. Jalon Reagor, who missed 5 games came back the week before last week’s bye. This can also open up the running game and passes over the middle. This means that the Eagles can finally stretch the field putting pressure on Yiadom who played 100% of the snaps last week. He was the weak link compared to Bradberry. He is questionable with a calf injury. If he doesn’t play, the other options are no names as Holmes plays the slot and they cut Ballentine. Wentz will target his side unmercifully. The way to beat the Giants is through the air. It would not surprise me that Wentz has another 300+ yard game. 

The Eagles also get Lane Johnson and Isaac Seumalo who should help the OL and cut down on Wentz turnovers. He has been just as bad as #DannyTurnover this year. Wentz has 16 turnovers this year. He is actually leading #DannyTurnover who has 13. This is Goedert’s second week back with Ertz out. With the linemen back this week, he can run routes. He was used to block exclusively in their last game vs the Cowboys. The Giants need to get pressure to win. Wentz has taken the most quarterback hits 73 and the most sacks, 32. Wentz holds onto the ball too long at times and tries to win the game on every play. The Giants need to take advantage of that trait.

I always include the Leonard Williams Sack-O-Meter. He got his 4th sack last week. He is now at $4,025,000 per sack. He has 21.5 sacks for his 6-year career. His juice is not worth the squeeze when you consider he was drafted 6 overall. He has played much better this year for the Gmen. 

Doug Peterson does a bad job coming off the bye. He is 1-3 since he’s been in Philly. When picking these games, I am going with the Eagles until we see the Giants change the history of this trend. Many thought the Giants would win in week 7. The Giants always play worse at home. They are 6-22 at home since the start of the 2017 season. The Eagles can put a stranglehold on the division with this victory. I am calling this game Eagles 28, and the Giants 23. The losing continues but the Giants are playing better than at the start of the season.

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