Prophet’s Point After

Giants 23 Washington Football Team 20

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Your NostraProphet had the pulse on this game. I predicted it Giants 23-21 and the final result was 23-20. This is the only team as I said that #DannyTurnover can beat. He is 4-0 vs the Washington team and 1-16 vs all other teams. 

This is a bittersweet victory. First of all, how do you get 5 turnovers and win by 3 points? The Giants dominated in the time of possession with 36:27 minutes and only scored 23 points. The Giants had a 17-point lead at the half, 20-3 and should have put this game away much earlier. The Giants got 10 of those points off turnovers. If Kyle Allen didn’t get hurt, the Giants probably would have lost. Alex Smith put some good drives together but in the end he threw 3 interceptions and cost them the game. Most other teams would have caught up and you would have had the usual end of game chokes that has signified this season for Big Blue.

The other thing it does is take them out of the Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields sweepstakes. We may be stuck with #DannyTurnover for the next 2 years! I guarantee you the losing will continue. Speaking of #DannyTurnover, he has pathetic numbers for this game (23/34, 212 yards, 5 sacks, 1 TD) and for the season. Season stats for any QB over 1000 yards: 20th in passing yards 1878, 209/yards/game, 6.1, in yards per attempt 30th, 8 TD’s, 9 picks in 9 games! 28th in passer rating, 76.1. Is this who you want to build the future of the Giants franchise on? I sure as hell don’t! This is your Gettleman 6th overall pick!

Also, Giants Nation is getting delusional again talking about winning the division. To what end does that accomplish? It moves you down 16-20+ picks in the draft and gives you the harder first place schedule next year. We want a playoff year next year and not a 6-10, 7-9 team. Plus, they play the Eagles next week and we know who is going to win because the Eagles are 21-4 in the last 25 played. By the way the Giants suck at home, 6-22 last 28 games where this one is being played. 

Looking at the game, The Giants get stopped on their first drive. On Washington’s first play, Allen throws to Gibson who catchesthe ball on their own 35, line of scrimmage, and he runs for 22 yards. Martinez knocks the ball out at the Giants 44, Mayo had a shot at it. The ball is being kicked and bounced forward for 25 yards. At least 3 Washington players have a shot at it. Peppers recovers it at the Giants 19. The Giants drives to the Washington 20 and have to settle for a field goal. On the second play on that drive Everett knocked the ball out of Jones hands but it went out of bounds. This could have been another Danny turnover. 

Washington goes 3 and out. The Giants get the ball and on the 5thplay, Jones gets intercepted after Engram has the ball go through his hands. but after a review, it was shown that the ball hit the ground. The Giants punts and then Isiah Wright who is trying to catch the punt to his right tries to make a shoe string catch but he fumbles and the Giants take over on the Washington 16. Gallman scores on a 2-yard run and it is 10-0 Giants. 

Washington goes on a 9-play drive and kicks a field goal. With 1:08 left in the 1st quarter, Kyle Allen gets hit by Peppers who gets a roughing the passer penalty. It knocked Allen out of the game and it cost Washington the game. The Giants kick a 38-yard field goal and go up 13-3. 

Washington goes 3 and out. The Giants get the ball on their own 23. They drive the field culminated by a 16-yard touchdown pass to Engram. It is his first receiving touchdown of the year. He had 1 running in vs Dallas. Needless to say, he is not having his best year. They are now up 20-3 and should have an easy win.

On the ensuing drive Washington gets to the Giants 18 with `58 seconds left in the half. Smith then goes to throw a short pass over the middle and McKissic slips. Martinez gets a gift interception as the ball ends up in his hands to stop the drive. This was key because Washington was going to get at least a field goal if not a touchdown. At a minimum, the game would be tied at the end of regulation. 

Washington only takes 2 and a half minutes to score. They drive 75 yards. The key play was a 45-yard bomb to Cam Sims. Peppers bit on the fake as Sims was the second receiver through and he was open by 10 yards. That play was all on Peppers. Now it is 20-10. 

The Giants go on a 12 play 51-yard drive that takes over 7 minutes. The Gmen stall after a holding call on Andrew Thomas and then a sack. Gano kicks a 42-yard field goal putting the Giants up 23-10. The field goal will be the only points of the second half. 

Hopkins gets a 44-yard field goal at the beginning of the 4thquarter and now the game is Giants 23-13. The Giants only get 14 yards when they get the ball and they punt. It takes Washington less than a minute to score. Smith throws a 20-yardpass to McLaurin. Smith had no pressure and a nice clean pocket. Yiadom has his arms around McLaurin but McLaurin wiggles out of the poor hold. Yiadom turning around blocks out Logan Ryan and Mayo is too slow to catch him. Just like that it is a 68-yard touchdown. That was the second big pass play. Hello wake up call, it is now Giants 23-20. Remember the play where McKissic fell down resulting in the Martinez pick. The game would have been tied or Washington up by 4 at this point. 

Right about now, Giants Nation had that sinking feeling saying here we go again. We are going to blow another game in the 4thquarter like so many before. The Giants almost have the ball 5 minutes and punt. Washington is on a 3-minute drive at 2:27 left on 3rd and 10. Ryan flushes Smith to his right. Smith throws to McKissic off his back foot. The throw is too high and Peppers intercepts it 5 yards beyond the receiver. 

With 2:18 left you would think the Giants dodged a bullet and can close out the game. The Giants only take off 30 seconds off the clock and Jones got sacked on third down. Jones never saw Curl who ran unblocked from the blind side and hit Jones whom in the past on those hits would have fumbled like we have seen many times. I have been saying it for 2 years that Jones has no pocket presence. Ne can never feel the pressure until it is too late! The Giants have to punt with 1:48 and everyone is thinking, if we are lucky we can hold them to overtime. On the 2nd down Smith made a bad underthrown pass that Ryan intercepts after baiting Smith to make the throw. The Giants get the ball with 1:15 left and kneel out the clock. 

This is no great victory. The Giants turned this walk in the park into a nail biter. I think the only team left on the schedule the Giants can beat is Dallas. Maybe after yesterday especially if Dalton gets back they may not be able to beat them. The Giants were outgained 402 to 350 yards after having the ball 13 more minutes than Washington. They got 5 turnovers and were hanging on for dear life at the end until Washington kept gifting them the win. Any other team except maybe the Jets would have beaten the Giants today.

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