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Giants vs The Washington Football Team: Preview and Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants had a double-digit lead vs the Buccaneers in the first half. Once again they blew the lead and lost the 7th of 8 games this year. The Giants and 13-46, worst in the NFL, since the start of 2017, and 6-22 at home. This is an indictment on the Giants management, Dave Gettleman and #Danny Turnover.

In week 6 Washington game, the Giants had a 10-point lead and then a 7-point lead with 3:28 left in then game. It only took Washington less than 3 minutes to go 75 yards. They scored to make the score 20-19 Giants. Riverboat Ron went for 2 and was unsuccessful. The Giants recovered the onside kick and won the game. Let’s say he just kicked the extra point. They could have lost that game and be 0-8 like the Jets. 

The Giants lead the all-time series 103-68-4. This is the first year since 2017 that Washington has had the same quarterback for both divisional games. It was Case Keenum in 2017. The Giants are getting closer to wins because they have lost the last 3 games by 6 points. However, mistakes, #DannyTurnover and penalties have done them in. 

The Giants defense should have its way with the Washington offense. They are an anemic group:

4.56 yards/play 31st

19 points/game 30th

38% 3rd down conversion, tied 29th

1st and 10 run rate 45.5%

16 completions of 20+ yards 30th

81 plays of 10+ yards, tied 30th

16 runs of 10+ yards, tied 30th

The Washington team has trouble running the ball vs the Giants. However, Allen, who is not a top quarterback had a good day in week 6 with 31/42, 6.7 YPA, 280 yards and 2 touchdowns. The main target McLaurin was held in check. However, he is good enough to get some production vs any elite corner like Bradberry. McLaurin had 7 receptions on 12 targets for 74 yards. Washington 6th in screen passes. McKissic had a good day catching all his 6 targets mostly screen passes, and he had another 41 yards rushing. Gibson can also catch the screen passes. The other main targets are tight end, Logan Thomas. He has been coming on, but the Giants are top 10 vs the tight end. Thomas had 3 catches for 42 yard and a touchdown in week 10. Gibson the main running back had 4 catches out of the backfield and Inman had 5 catches for 45 yards. The problem with the Washington offensive as you can see from the numbers above is that it takes them long drives to score. Penalties and sacks can really stop their drives and keep their scoring down. They have only averaged 19 points a game, 

The problem for the Giants when they have the ball, is the fact that Washington is the number 1 defense vs the pass. #DannyTurnover has enough problem generating yards this year averaging 208 passing yards/game. He has had 4 games under 200 yards and no games above 300 yards which is a staple for franchise quarterbacks. Jones only had 112 yards on 19 attemptsand 12 completions for a low 5.9 YPA. The only big play was a 23-yard touchdown to Slayton. Jones also had 74 rush yards which was more than the 132 rush yards in the game. There was a 49-yard run where everyone was downfield and Jones took off. Points and yards will be at a premium again. The Giants only had 244 yards and 26:30 time of possession vs them in week 6. 

We could see more emphasis on the run game for the Giants. They finally have that going with 3 100-yard games the past 3 weeks:, 132 yards week 6 vs Washington, 160 yards week 6 vs the Eagles (Jones 80-yard run) and 101 yards vs the Buccaneers, number 1 rush defense, 70 yards/game. 

The other problem the Washington defense presents is that they can get pressure with the front four. The Giants have let the rookies, Thomas, Peart and Lemieux, have at it in the offensive line. They played well vs Tampa however Thomas is at the top of the list allowing the most pressures on pass plays. It is early and the jury is still out on Thomas but he may be another Gettleman first round bust. This is the first time since 2003 when you had 3 rookies starting on the OL. Back then it was David Diehl, Wayne Lucier and Jeff Roehl. Washington has created 22 sacks in 7 games. They have, Chase Young, the 2ndoverall pick in this year’s draft and Montez Sweat to bring pressure from the edge. Perennial Giant Killer, Ryan Kerrigan, gets at least 1 sack or game changing play in each of thesegames. He had a sack in the week 6 game. Kyle Fuller is a good cover corner. He will probably be on Slayton. He had the only interception in last game. 

In the final analysis, this is the only team #DannyTurnover can beat. He is 3-0 vs Washington. The first game was when Keenum got hurt and Haskins, who was not ready came into the game for his first appearance (only 14 games in college) and he was terrible. The second was when the Giants blew a big lead and pulled the game out in overtime. The third was when Riverboat Ron went for a 2-point conversion and didn’t make giving the Giants the win. Jones is 1-16 vs all other teams and should be 0-17 because Matt Gay missed a 34-yard (tantamount to an extra point) chip shot field goal and the Giants won as time expired. You wonder why I want a real franchise quarterback? You Could tell Murray, Burrow and Herbert are the real deal without having to wait 20 games. 

As I have been stating all year, the Giants play better on the road. The Giants are 4-0 this year against the spread on the road. I know they won the last 7 ATS on the road and I think they are 15-3 ATS the last 18 on the road. The Giants feel the pressure much more at home with or without fans. They play much looser on the road. What does that mean? It means they keep the games close on the road even though they ultimately lose. They are 4-0 the last 4 vs Washington. As recapped this is a battle of the Giants offense vs the Washington defense. This game is within 3 points either way. Bad execution and being unable to take advantage of the opportunities that the Giants have had in their games has resulted in loses. I am predicting this game the Giants 23 and Washington 21. I can see them losing by the same score. The Giants are the better team and this is probably the only game they will win for the rest of the year

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