Prophet’s Point After

Bucs 25 Giants 23

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants were lucky to catch a Tampa Bay Buccaneers team in a sandwich game. They were coming off their big win on the road vs the Raiders. 23. They were looking forward to next week’s division game vs the New Orleans Saints. They were sleep walking in the first half. However, Brady and Ariens got the team’s attention at halftime and they won the game. 

The Buccaneers take the opening kickoff and with their scripted drive and got to the New York 18 and stalled. They kick a field goal and go up 3-0. The Giants then get to the Tampa Bay 48 and have to punt on a 4th and 10. 

On the second down Brady throws a 3-yard pass to Jones who catches it on his knees facing Brady, As he gets up to turn around, Blake Martinez hits him. Jones was not ready for the hit. He fumbles and Holmes recovers on the Tampa Bay 12-yardline. On 3rd down Jones throws to Dion Lewis who makes a great sliding catch form a touchdown. With less than 11 minutes gone in then first quarter, the nearly 2 touchdown underdog Giants are leading 7-3. 

There is no scoring in game until the Giants get the ball at their own 23 and make a drive. The Giants get all the way down to the Tampa Bay 14 at the 2-minute warning. On the next play Jones tries to hit Engram in the flat. Shaq Barrett slides over and Jones does not see him. If he was a few inches closer, he could have had an easy pick 6. He gets several fingers on the ball and the pass is incomplete. The Giants do score on a Gallman 2-yardrun. 

The Bucs get the ball back with 1:40 left. Brady drives them down the field. With 29 seconds left, Brady gets a short pass to Evans who goes backwards and does not get the first down. Ariens in a Ben McAdoo move does not know what to do on 4thand a half yard. He hesitates while the clock is running. He wanted Brady to go for it. He should have immediately called the time out with 23 seconds left because Evans was tackled in bounds. They have to call the time out at 11 seconds and kick the field goal. After the first half we have the most improbablescore with the Giants leading 14-6 as a 12.5-point underdog. As I put out on Twitter, don’t get too excited Giants Nation. Wehave seen this movie before and it always has a tragic ending. 

The offense was different with the Giants in the first half. Garrett was making sure that Jones was getting rid of the ball very quickly. Garrett was also calling a creative game to that point with double reverses and plays to keep the Bucs off guard. The Giants get the ball to start the second half. On the second play of the half, the Bucs get pressure. Barrett comes around the block and gets to Jones just as he throws the pass. “One Read Danny” never looked to his left, where Slayton had gotten behind the corner and was 8 yards behind him for an easy touchdown. Instead we get #DannyTurnover’s 35th career turnover. He made a bad throw that was short armed. He either had to throw it away or take the sack.

The Giants defense holds the Bucs to a 43 yards field goal so the Giants are still ahead 14-9. The Giants go 3 and out. After a pass interference on Bradberry, Brady throws a touchdown to who else but Gronkowski. The 2-point conversion fails, and the Bucs have the lead 9 minutes into the third quarter. 

The teams trade possessions and the Giants get a 33-yard field goal to take the lead 17-15 as the 3rd quarter ends. The Bucs go 3 and out. The Giants get the ball on their own 43. The Gmen are driving from until they get to the Tampa 34, well within Gano’s range at the minimum to take back the lead. Then #DannyTurnover is under pressure. Barrett had ahold of Jones, Jones manages to get away and throws a quick pass off balance that is intercepted by Murphy-Bunting. The ball should have been thrown out of bounds. But #DannyTurnover repeats the same mistakes over and over for career turnover 36. Listen to what the announcers said and I quote, “I don’t know how many times you can make the same mistake before you learn your lesson.”

Tampa gets the ball on their own 34 and you know Brady is going to make them pay. They survive an offensive pass interference call. They get a lowering the head to initiate contact call on Yiadom. Brady throws a beautiful 8-yard touchdown pass to Evans. Bradberry was 3 yards away. Brady led Evans so only he could catch it diving to the ground. I was wrong on Evans. I thought he would disappear when he sees an elite corner like Bradberry. Evans had been held to 0 catches by Lattimore in the past. With Godwin out, Brady makes all his receivers better and will throw to the open man. Nine Tampaplayers had targets in this game and an unknown player like Minkins is making 3rd down conversions. 

Tampa is now up 22-17. The Giants go 3 and out. The Bucs get down to the Giants 20-yard line with a 4th and 1. The Giants call their last timeout. The Bucs are thinking about going for it but they kick the field goal to go up 8 points, 25-17.

The Giants get the ball with 3:34 left. They have a very good drive with 2 miracle throws on 4th down by Jones. Jones makes a very good throw to Tate for a touchdown with 33 seconds to go. Now the Giants have to go for 2 to tie the game. The call is a pass to Lewis just over the goal line. Jones makes a bad throwunderthrowing the pass to the left of Lewis and the pass actually hits Winfield on his right arm simultaneously at the time he hits Lewis. At first they throw flags but then the refs huddle for a while and call it no foul. It; looked like interference but the more you watch it even a s a Giants fan, you are not going to get the call there. Even some national media people who I respect called it no foul. There is an onside kick attempt that Tampa recovers and the game is over. As far as I am concerned it is better for a higher draft pick and every loss is another nail in the Gettleman coffin. 

The Giants may have played their best all-around game of the year. But in the end, it is a loss for the Giants caused by 2 #DannyTurover interceptions. It was Brady’s 36th come from behind win that he was down 10 points or more at any time in the game. That is by far the most for any quarterback. I think the next closet is at least 10 behind. 

I continue to make the case that the Giants cannot win long termwith #DannyTurnover. You saw his 36th turnover in 20 starts. He is 4-16 and he could have lost 2 of then wins easily. The Giants are now 6-22 in home games since the start of 2017. The Gettleman scoreboard is now 10-30 since he’s been here and the Giants are 13-46 since the start of 2017, which is the worst record of any team in that time span!. You get numb to the expected losing after a while. 

The Giants currently have the 2nd spot in the 2021 NFL draft. If they don’t fire Gettleman and get a “REAL” QUARTERBACK” AT 2, I am done with this franchise. We have had plenty of time to know who #DannyTurnover is!

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