Prophet’s Point After- Eagles 22 NYG 21

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

For Giants fans it was another week and another gut-wrenching loss! This is really pathetic given that the NFC East is so winnable. The Giants could easily have 3 or 4 wins dominating this worst division performance in NFL history through 7 weeks. To call the NFC East a dumpster fire is insulting to dumpster fires. The Giants had an eleven-point lead with 6:17 to go in the 4th quarter. Next Gen Stats had to have the Giants with a 1% chance to lose the game. The Giants were finally going to win a game in Philadelphia, something that hadn’t happened since 2013. The Giants were 4-20 in the last 24 games in this series. Well make it 4-21! John Mara how can you go to sleep after this loss that got over around midnight. I couldn’t. The Giants know how to make a victory a loss better than any team except the Atlanta Falcons. 

I have some comments that I will make about #DannyTurnover but I will get into the game. The Eagles get the kickoff and score on their opening scripted drive in a little over 6 minutes. Both teams then exchange stalled drives. The Giants get a good 14-yard punt return by Peppers who takes it to the Eagles 39. On the next play Jones hits Tate for a 39-yard touchdown on a good throw. It was a carbon copy of the tipped catch that Tate had in week 6 last year vs the Patriots going to the same end zone. Corner LeBlanc tried to play the ball and missed the tackle. It was Tate’s only catch of the game. Tate, the 32-year-old $10M man, has been a bust. He has 195 yards in 6 games and 1 touchdown. It was the second week in a row he had 1 catch!

The Eagles kick a field goal. On the next drive we get the “obligatory” #DannyTurnover interception. 19 interceptions in 19 games! It went through who else’s hands, Engram! The Eagles get into the red zone.  On a 2nd and 15 just after Wentz was sacked for 5 yards, he throws a bad pass off his back foot that was over Hightower’s head. Bradberry made a good interception in the end zone and did a good job to keep his feet in bounds. He and Martinez are two of the only bright spots on this team. Both are destined for the Pro Bowl. 

The teams trade possessions. The Eagles get the ball on the Giants 42 with 43 seconds left. They get to the Giants 11-yard line but have to kick a field goal. Elliott misses a chip shot 29-yard field goal. The Giants are lucky only to be down 10-7. TheGmen got killed in the time of possession 9:36 to 20:24. 

In the second half, the teams trade 2 3 and outs. The Giants get the ball with 8:51 at their own 12-yard line. Then we get a Daniel Jones career defining play. On first down Jones fakes a handoff to Gallman to the left and the entire Eagle team goes that way. Then Jones sprints to the right. The Red Sea opened up with a 10-yard hole and Jones is off to an 88-yard touchdown. However, inside the 15-yard line, Jones trips over his own feet and gets tackled by the air turf monster. Instead of a touchdown it’s an 80-yard run. Luckily Gallman scored after a 3rd down pass interference. That play is a microcosm of Daniel Jones career. Flashes of momentary brilliance but mostly average ineptitudeand mistakes.

The Giants have the lead 14-10 as we go to the 4th quarter. The Eagles were driving from their own 31-yard line. They get to a 4th and goal from the Giants 3-yard line. Wentz throws an incomplete pass on 4th down. The Giants have the ball at their own 3. The Giants go on the drive of the game for them. They have a 97-yard 15 play, 8-minute drive capped by a 2-yardtouchdown pass to Shepard. Now the Giants have an 11-point lead with 6:31 to play. The game should be over. They have to have a 99% chance to win!

The Eagles mount a 4 play 78-yard touchdown drive that only takes 1:39 off the clock. The drive was aided by 2 Giants penalties. The Eagles go for 2 and do not make it. The Giants get the ball and have to punt at 2:09. However, at 2:14 3rd and 7 from the Giants 47, Jones throws a perfect pass to Engram. Engram short arms the ball and has it bounce off his hands. This is the Jerry “Reach” first round bust taken 21st overall. He hasmissed 14 games and has dropped 21 passes in his career. He is headed to IR before the end of the year based on his history. That was the game. It was a 26-yard pass that would have put the Giants on the 27 of the Eagles. The Giants could have run out the clock. At worst if they kick a field goal, they have an 8-point lead. The Giants have to punt and there is a lowering the head to initiate contact penalty on Ballentine which gives the Eagles 15 more yards. 

The Eagles get the ball at 2:02 left in the game. At the 2-minute warning. I tweeted, “Why do I have this sinking feeling that they are going to blow this game like they always do.” They drive down the field aided by 2 more penalties. There is defensive pass interference by Bradberry and defensive holding by Logan Ryan. These are your veterans making the mistakes not the rookies with no training camp. Where is the Joe Judge Patriots Way discipline? They must have been sleeping through that Zoom session. The Patriots would not make the mental errors that even the best players on the Giants defense are making. 

The Eagles have a first and goal from the Giants 18, and of course who else is going to catch the game winning touchdown. Wentz throws a beautiful pass to Boston Scott over Peppers who didn’t even turn around. Troy Aikman said during the broadcast, “Boston Scott makes the catch that Even Engram couldn’t.” YesBoston Scott who became a household name during the Week 14 victory last year. The Giants blew a 14-point lead with Wentz having so many injuries he was throwing to people from the stands. In week 17 Scott had 3 touchdowns in that win. He is the new Giant Killer taking over from Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson. 

When the Giants get the ball, we get the #DannyTurnover nightcap! On 2nd and 12 the Eagles are just rushing 4 with a prevent defense to keep everything in front of them. Graham beats both Cam Fleming, another bust free agent, and Dion Lewis and sack strips the ball from #DannyTurnover. One Read Danny was looking left to pass to Engram holding the ball too long and never saw the rush from Graham. Jones has no pocket presence he cannot feel the pressure and has not improved from last year where he was doing the same thing. In 19 games we have 19 interceptions and 23 fumbles with 15 fumbles lost! I have seen enough. I am out on Jones! I want a real franchise quarterback in the2021 draft. Their only problem is that a lot of teams suck this year. Todd Gurley cost the Falcons the win by not falling before the goal line. 

The Giants are 1-6. #FireGettleman is 10-29 since he got here. The Giants are a league worse The Giants are 13-42 since 2017! They face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week. Tampa has the number one rush defense. The Giants will run for 35 yards. That means the Giants will be in 3rd and long all day with plenty of opportunities for #DannyTurnover to give the Bucs the game. Bet it now, the line has already gone up from 9.5 to 11. It will be at 14 and it is still a good value! Also bet the turnover props for Jones.

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