Another Giant Meltdown, Eagles Crap on Giants for the Eighth Straight Time-22 to 21.

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

The Giants should have beaten the Eagles on Thursday Night Football. Up 21-10 with 6 minutes left in the game, inexplicably, the Giants blew a 11 point lead and allowed the Eagles to steal a win. Ouch. This game hurt. With another loss, the Giants fall to 1-6 in the dreadful NFC Night Soil Division. At this point, the focus for Giants fans is 2021.

This is a letter to Giants fans for help in trying to understand these confusing masses of “media” credited outlets defending a chronically losing franchise. 

Maybe some of us are too young to remember the fan revolt of 1978, which was capped off with a rented prop plane circling over Giants Stadium with a banner stating, “15 years of lousy football, we’ve had enough.” Yes it was 15 years with a record of 83-134-4 for a winning percentage of .375. Here we are at year 9 with a record of 52-83 or a .383 winning percentage. Numbers don’t lie but in those first 9 of the 15 dismal years they were 51-72-3. Notice a trend? Yeah, yeah I get it the NFL is different versus back in days of typewriters versus number crunching computers of today. Plus, we forgot, back then the premium player at the top of the draft was a running back……oh wait a minute, never mind. Your team has won 10 total games in 3 years and counting. It is curious but when I was raised in NY culture, losing was a short-term acceptance. Why are there so many that keep drinking this team’s bath water? Constant tweets defending the team from this team has a “core of good young players” to “no person we take seriously is putting last night’s loss on DJ, right?” First where are the “core of good young players?” Can anyone tell us what drafted players by Gettleman will get a sniff for a pro bowl vote in the next couple of years? Who? Just go check the dismal NFC Least rosters and compare to this “core”. The passive aggressive tweet about defending DJ is just quite pathetic. We also love the mantra about how they love how this young team is playing hard. Great we get to watch a group of young “core” players playing hard and consistently losing. Talent wins. Playing hard is an ingredient to help talent win.

This team is at a major over due crossroad.  It started with the delusional belief from Mara that Eli still had tread on his tires when he was toast.  You then kicked the can down the road in trying to catch lightning in a bottle like it was 2011 again.  When you make personnel decisions for the short term like trading picks to move up or trading for a guy who is a year from free agency it kills roster development.  Then Gettleman was put on notice by Mara this past season only to compound the short sightedness.  This enables Gettleman to draft CYA or save his job.  Thomas was the 3rd rated tackle based on upside but Gettleman is not in the frame of mind about upside but who will be the safest pick.  Thomas played in SEC and played multiple positions on the OL.  Here we are stuck with a guy that may not even stick at RT in the future.

Mara is making the same mistakes his father made before Pete Rozelle stepped in and gifted Wellington with George Young.  The problem is John kept going back to the George Young tree.  He is too comfortable with who and what he knows being around his comfortable club.  Leadership takes making the hard decisions and ability to questioning your self by seeking advice outside of your comfort zone.

The biggest symptom of a rudderless organization is the fact that his brother Chris is still in the front office.  This organization needs a total and complete makeover from day to day operations, business side to every scout and talent evaluator.  John needs to hire a consulting firm to make the evaluation, hire the necessary staff and just get the Fuck out of the way.

Daniel Jones is not the singular reason for this team’s demise, but a symptom.  We cannot overlook his shortcomings and being a poster boy of hiding behind this losing organization’s losing ways.  We were hit with articles and “credited” posts   defending DJ with the OL swiss cheese and lack of “weapons” around him.  The most impactful player on the field is QB. Hands on ball every play.  They are supposed to read the D prior to the snap.  Aligns players pre-snap.  The snap is when it falls apart for DJ.  The game is too fast for him.  He cannot read to 2nd or 3rd reads.  We are in year 2 and these developmental progressions should be, well progressing.  This issue is exactly why a new GM and overhauled front office must occur now.  A new set of eyes, ears, and approach needs to make the decision on if this kid can carry a franchise.  We are hoping that they will have the ability to make a decision on drafting Trevor Lawrence but the other team sharing the same stadium is not helping that cause.  Gettleman will not make that hard decision and will only continue to make decisions for his own personal job protection versus the long-term interest of the organization. Every decision moving forward is on rebuilding this roster for the next 2-3 seasons or we can continue to ride on the treadmill of futility.

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