Prophet’s Point After

Giants 20 Washington 19

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

It was a very weird win for the Giants vs the Washington team. The Giants were outplayed but won the turnover battle. Daniel Jones had his worst game of the year, He only threw for 112 yards, 1 TD and of course his obligatory turnover, a pick in the end zone to kill a drive. It didn’t matter because he has won all 3 games he has played against the Washington team. He is 4-14 in his career and 3 wins have come vs Washington. When you consider in the Tampa Bay game last year that Matt Gay missed a 34-yard chip shot field goal to win the game, these 3 Washington games would be his only wins. If the Washington team kicked the extra point in this game to tie it, the Giants may have lost this game. We will never know. 

f you look at the stats, the Giants were dominated:

Washington Giants

First Downs 24 16

Total Yards 337 240

Net pass yards 251 108

Rush yards 86 132

Time of possession 33:30 26:30

Plays 73 48

The turnover made the difference but let’s look at the game. Washington takes the opening kickoff and holds the ball for 6 minutes and tries a 47-yard field goal that goes wide right. If it was good they would have won. The Giants get their first possession. They have a 9-play drive. On 3rd and 8 from the Washington 11, Kerrigan runs over Cam Fleming and sacks Jones who was in the shotgun. Fleming has been a free agent bust from Dallas. Speaking of the offensive line, Matt` Peart started because 1st round pick (4th overall in 2020 draft), Andrew Thomas, was late for the team meeting on Saturday. He was disciplined and only played 22 snaps. The fellow rookie, Peart, played 26 snaps. 

On the next series on 2nd down, Allen throws an interception to Bradberry, who has been a standout all year. It was just a bad throw in triple coverage. The Giants takeover at the Washington 27. On third down Jones throws a great pass to Slayton for a 23-yard touchdown. There was a rush and it looked like the throwwas off his back foot but it was right on then money. The problem with Jones is that there are not many of these moments. The Giants are up 10-0. The Giants only have 6 offensive touchdowns in 6 games! They are tied with the Jets. The Giants have 8 total touchdowns because the defense has scored 2. The Giants are 31st in touchdowns at 8 (pathetic) and the Jets are last with 7 and they were shutout Sunday. 

The teams trade fields goals on the next 2 drives. The score is Giants 13-3. Washington gets the ball at 6:09 in the second quarter. With 1:20 left in the half, Austin Johnson runs into the kicker for a 5-yard penalty. The Washington team decides to go for it on 4th and 4 from the Giants 40 and Allen completes a 15-yard pass to Inman for a first down. With 17 seconds left in the half, Allen completes a 5-yard touchdown pass to Logan. The game is now, Giants 13-10. All those thoughts of the losing games with the Giants 12-41 since the beginning of 2017, come racing into your head. 

In the third quarter, the Giants are on a 15-play drive. The drive started on the Giants 20. The Gmen took it all the way to the Washington 7 when disaster strikes. Danny Turnover throws an interception at the back of the endzone. Kaden Smith missed his block but Jones threw it off his back foot. Slayton was not within 5 yards of the pass.

Washington gets the ball on the touchback at their own 20, and goes on a 70-yard drive, and stalls on the Giants 10. They kick a field goal to tie the game, 13-13. On the next possession, the Giants stall and punt back to Washington with 7:08 left in the game. 

With 3:41 left in the game and the Washington team driving, Fackrell sacks Allen who seems to throw the ball up in the air, Tae Crowder, Mr. Irrelevant, the last player drafted in the 2020 draft, picks up the ball on the 2nd bounce and runs 43 yards for the touchdown. The Giants are up 20-13 and it looks like the Giants will finally win a game. 

Last week’s game was tied at 34 with 52 seconds and the Cowboys had the ball on their own 12-yard line. The Giants defense needed to make a play to force the game to overtime. They could not. Well this week was the same. The Giants were playing that soft-shell defense trying to keep Washington in front of them. It did not work. Washington took what the defense gave them with a lot of underneath throws. With 36 seconds left Allen throws a nice 22-yard touchdown pass to Sims. We should be headed to overtime but “Riverboat Ron” Rivera wanted to go for the win with the 2-point conversion. The Giants box Allen in on a rollout and his throw just before he gets hit is incomplete. You would think in this historically bad NFC East, Ron would play for overtime because the first team to 6 wins may win the division. Or in the back of his mind saying, I didn’t draft Haskins. If I don’t make it. I have a better shot at Lawrence, Fields or Lance. 

The Giants and Joe Judge get their first win. It was a game that they were outplayed in and Daniel Jones had his worst game. The takeaways are that the offense is anemic. Even against a bad 1-win team, the offense only put 1 touchdown on the board. They were outplayed in yards, plays, time of possession and first downs vs a back up quarterback. This does not bode well for future success. It is a first step forward where the Giants won a game that they would have blown based what we have seen many times in the past. 

It is on to a decimated Philadelphia team on a short week. The Giants play this Thursday night. The history vs the Eagles is dismal at 20-4 the last 24 games. Even though they are decimated, the Eagles fought back vs a good Ravens team. They were down 18 points and they could have tied the game with a successful 2-point conversion at 30. Wentz was throwing mainly to backups with 3 starting wide receivers and a tight end out. 

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