Prophet’s Pulpit

Giants vs Washington Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The Giants are finally facing an opponent they can beat in the Washington football team. They are 1-4. They have been playing quarterback roulette. They started the season with Haskins, who proved to be ineffective. They started last week’s game vs the Rams with Allen but he got hurt on a run. They put in Alex Smith. He was in his first game since 2018. It is a great human-interest story. He has had to endure 17 operations to fix his shattered leg. He really should have retired. I felt badly for him as he was sacked 6 times. Allen was sacked twice. The Washington offensive line reminds me of the Ereck Flowers at left tackle anchored Giants offensive line of several years ago. 

Looking at the Giants from last week, they played their best a game of the year. They scored 34 points vs one of the worstdefenses in the NFL. This was an accomplishment because in the four games previous to this they had only scored 47 points, less than a 12 a game average! However, the usual mental mistakes stole victory away from them. Cam Fleming who was moving when the ball was snapped on a fake punt touchdown thrown by the punter to Engram. The other touchdown taken off the board on a phantom offensive pass interference call on Ratley. Even the announcers said it was dubious. It nullified a touchdown to from Jones to Slayton. 

We had the obligatory Danny Turnover fumble caused by a hit by Lawrence and run in for a touchdown by Brown. That score was the difference in then game. We now have 31 turnovers in 18 games with a 3-14 record. Also, teams had the entire offseason locked up by COVID to study the Danny Turnover tapes. He has been horrible in 2020. Daniel Jones is 21st in passing yards, 40th in quarterback rating (I’ve included multiple quarterbacks that have all played for the Washington team, Chargers, Jets, 49ers, Cowboys and Broncos), and tied at 31st in touchdowns thrown at 2. Danny Turnover has taken 16 sacks because he holds onto the ball too long. Is this a resume (”checkthe resume”) of a quarterback that was taken 6th overall in the draft?! He is hot garbage, and Gettleman, who tied his job to Jones, just keeps putting nails in his own coffin!!!

Looking at this week’s game, it is the 175th meeting between these 2 teams The Giants lead the series 102-68-4. They have won 55 at home. Two of Daniel Jones’ three wins are against the Washington team. The first was when Colt McCoy was knocked out of the game and Haskins came in for his first game after starting only 14 games in college. He was not ready for primetime and was dreadful. The other was a game in week 16 with Washington playing out the string with an interim coach. Haskins got knocked out of the game on the first play of the second half. Case Keenum brought the team back from a 14-point deficit and the game went to overtime where the Giants won. 

The winner of this game will be the team that can sack and pressure the opposing quarterback the most. The Washington QB’s have been sacked 21 times including 8 last week. Danny Turnover has been sacked 16 times. The Giants have 12 sacks (Martinez, Williams, Fackrell, 2 each, 6 other players 1 each) and Washington has 16. They have a formidable pass rush. Montez Sweat has 3 sacks, 4 tackles for loss and a forced fumble in 5 games. Chase Young (who should have been a Giant if Matt Gay hits a chip shot 34-yard field goal in the Buccaneers game last year) has 2.5 sacks, 3 tackles and a forced fumble in 4 games. The Giants would have had the 2nd overall draft pick instead of the 4th pick with 1 more loss. He will be going against Andrew Thomas who has probably done the worst of the 4 tackles drafted in the first 13 picks. To be fair, he probably faced the toughest defenses and it is still early. Time will tell if he was the right pick because the Giants had the first choice of the four tackles. Maybe it’s another Gettleman shank. Cam Fleming is also killing the Giants. He has allowed 2 sacks, 1 quarterback hit, and 15 QB hurries. He has an 8.2% pressure rate. He’s played 96.4% of the snaps at right tackle. It’s early on Cam too, but he may be another Gettleman free agent bust. At center, Nick Gates has been very bad also. 

When the Giants have the ball, they need to establish the run. They ran better last week but they only had 89 yards vs a Cowboys team that gave up 307 yards to the Browns the week before. Freeman is getting more comfortable on the team. He had 60 yards rushing, one touchdown, and 27 receiving yards. They need the run to slow down the Washington pass rush. The rebuilt Giants offensive line that they thought was fixed, has been less than spectacular. 

With the run game going, Jones can take some play action shots. The line has to give him more time because he could easily have 2-3 turnovers in this game given his history. Shepard is coming back and Slayton who was beat up looks like he will play. Jones will have his main 4 weapons: Slayton, Shepard, Tate and Engram. He has to get more receivers involved. Slayton had 58% of the Giants’ passing yards last week. Engram was missing in action last week. He had 1 catch for 16 yards vs a team that was giving up 431 yards a game. He did have the end around 3-yard touchdown run. The Giants are dead last in scoring touchdowns with only 6 in 5 games. Remember that Fackrell ran a pick in for a touchdown. That means the offense is averaging 1 per game. That is not going to cut it at any level of football. 

The Washington team is anemic on offense and is ranked 31st in the league. Kyle Allen gets the start this week. The Giants defense needs to keep him in the pocket. He does not have a ton of weapons. Their only receiving threat, McLaurin, will be covered by Bradberry who is playing at Pro Bowl caliber this year. The rookie Antonio Gibson has been the workhorse running back. He has 213 yards and 3 touchdowns plus 122 yards receiving. JD McKissic was the captain check downrecipient last week because the quarterbacks were running for their life. He had 6 such receptions last week. They don’t have much else. Tight end Logan Thomas has 106 yards, and Sims has 103 yards receiving. Even with Lorenzo Carter out for theyear, the Giants should get good pressure vs this team. Washington does get some help with Brandon Scherff comes back to the OL after being out since week 2. The Giants wanted to draft him but he went 5 spots ahead of them in the first round. 

The Giants are the better team on paper. They should be able to get after the quarterback in this one. If Washington gets behind, they can rev up the pass rush. The main way the Giants can loseis if Danny Turnover turns it over with pressure from some elite defensive players. You always have to worry about the Giants playing at home. They are 6-20 in their last 26 home games. I think because this team has the worst record in the NFL since the start of the 2017 season, they feel the pressure. Converselyon the road they are 15-3 against the spread their last 18 games. 

I am calling this close game, Giants 23 and the Washington Team 21. Unfortunately, this win puts the Giants in third place behind the Jets and Falcons who will probably both lose for the #TankingforTrevor Sweepstakes in the 2021 draft. By the way Lawrence threw 5 touchdown passes in his game this weekend before they took him out of the game midway through the third quarter. This kid is the real deal and the best prospect since Andrew Luck came out.

One thought on “Prophet’s Pulpit

  1. John Foster October 18, 2020 / 7:12 am

    Tony – I know #TankingforTrevor is probably the smart thing to do. But would the Giants ever draft Trevor if they could? I have my doubts. Besides I would like to have a recent Sunday afternoon for a change!! 🙂


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