Prophet’s Point After-Dallas 37 Giants 34

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Danger Prone Daniel Jones

It’s Groundhog Day every Sunday with the New York Football Giants. It’s another game, and another loss. For some fleeting moments during the game, one was getting delusional when the Giants had a 14-point lead. However, you were smacked back into reality when Danny Turnover had his obligatory turnover, a fumble. As he was being hit, he did nothing to secure the ball. He left it out there like a pineapple on a tree. It was one of the big momentum killing plays in the game.

I ask this of the Together Blue Giants Nation, do you really think Danny Turnover is the future answer at quarterback for this franchise???? I finally think the blind pom-pom waving fans who never look under the hood are coming to the realization that he is not!

Here are some comments on the game. The Dallas defense was giving up 431 yards a game. It seemed the Giants were getting a lot of yards during the game but they only had 300 total yards. It seemed that Freeman had a ton of yards too. However, he had 60 yards rushing but only 3.5 yards/carry. He had 27 yards receiving. He did not have 100 yards total and he had a rushing touchdown. It was his best performance and it is encouraging he is getting better every week. Teams had had been getting upwards to 175 yard a game rushing vs the Cowboys. Danny Dimes performance was disappointing. He completed 20 passes on 33 attempts for 222 yards, 0 touchdowns and he was sacked twice.

Looking at the game, Dallas gets the kickoff and drove down the field and stalled at the 6-yard line. They get the chip shot field goal. There was a Colbert unnecessary roughness penalty that helped the drive. On the Giants first drive they take it down the field aided by roughing the passer and a defensive holding call. They get to the 3-yard line and Garrett calls an Engram end around and they score. Garrett called his most innovative game. I’m going where has this been? We had been getting the predictable “Clapper’ vanilla calls. We hope that this continues. 

On the third play of the next series, we get the play of the year by the Giants defense. Fackrell intercepts Dak and makes a tremendous return for a touchdown. The Giants are cooking with gas! They have an 11-point lead and it’s still the first quarter. Dallas goes 3 and out. The Giants drive to the Dallas 37 and have to kick a field goal. Gano crushes a 55 yarder. He is the MVP with 3 50+ yard field goals in the game. The Gmen are up 14 and it is 13:35 in the second quarter!

Dallas then drives the field and scores. It is now Giants 17-10. Then the turning point of the game predictably happens. Danny Turnover in the process of getting sacked by Demarcus Lawrence fumbles, the ball that conveniently bounces up for Brown to pick up and runs for a 29-yard touchdown. The Giants 14-point lead vaporized in 8.5 minutes! I knew then that the Giants would lose again!

The Giants get the ball and get stalled and attempt a 45-yard field goal and the other key play for the Giants occurs. The Giants try a fake and Dixon throws a beautiful pass to Engram. In a microcosm for the Giants season, Cam Fleming is moving as the ball is snapped. They take the touchdown off the board. It was a brilliantly designed play as Garrett goes deep into the play book to show off vs his old team. Judge throws his headset because he knows it’s coming off the board. They kick a 50-yardfield goal. Dallas gets the ball with 51 seconds left. To pour salt in the wounds, Dallas deploys “The Philly Special” where Wilson throws a touchdown to Dak. Dallas drove the field 75 yards in 35 seconds! This was aided by the second personal foul of the half by Colbert. By the way with 16 seconds left Garrett has Danny Turnover throwing a pass deep in his own end into double coverage. I am screaming, take a knee! They did on the next play as the half ended. After this I knew the Giants were 0-5. I hesitated to put that on Twitter because I don’t want to hear from the pom-pom wavers that things are great, give them time. 

The Giants get the ball to start the second half. Gano kicks a 54-yard field goal. It is Dallas 24-23. The next series is where Dak gets injured. It’s a tough blow as he was headed to the all-timesingle season passing record for yards. The Cowboys do manage to score on an Elliott run. Dallas has a 31-23 lead. We get to the 4th quarter, and the Giants kick another field goal and it is Dallas 31-26. 

On the next series on first down Blake Martinez makes a great play on a Dalton fumble and the Giants have the ball on Dallas 19. Freeman runs in a touchdown from the 4-yard line. They go for the 2-point conversion and Jones completes it to the left tackle, Aaron Thomas. This is some redemption for Thomas, who was having a horrible game. He reminded me of Ereck Flowers, “The Human Turn Style” vs Ziggy Ansah when he gave up 3 sacks in a quarter. For the record I would have taken Jedrick Wills. I wrote about this in my April draft piece. It is still early but this might be another Gettleman first round bust like Danny Turnover and Deandre Baker in the 2019 draft.

Dallas gets a 40-yard field goal and we are tied at 34. The Giants gets the ball back. Jones completes 3 passes for 15 yards and has 2 incomplete passes in that series. The Giants punt and Dallas gets the ball back with 52 seconds from their own 12-yard line. This game should go to over time, right? Think again. 

On first down the Dalton pass is incomplete. The second down pass is complete to Cooper for 15 yards. The next pass is complete to Gallup for 19 yards. With 31 seconds left, I said on Twitter, the defense has to make a play here! Of course, they did not. Dalton completes a 38-yard pass to Gallup to the Giants 16-yard line. It was a side line catch that was upheld after a long review by the replay official. Dallas kicks a 34 yard, tantamount to an extra point, field goal and the game is over. 

The Giants finally got the run game going vs a bad defense but they did not get 100 yards. Freeman is looking better every week. Danny Turnover shows no improvement! He threw for 222 yards and 0 TD’s vs a horrible defense that had given up 42 points/week average the past 3 weeks. Jones had his 31stturnovers in 18 games. He has only won 3 games. It should really be 2 because Matt Gay missed a 34-yard field goal to win the Tampa Bay game last year. His other wins are against Washington. In one game the starting quarterback got knocked out. They put in rookie Haskins who was not ready for the NFL. In the other Washington win, he faced an interim coach that was playing out the string. 

Last night in his 4th game, rookie Justin Herbert, had 3 touchdowns in 25 minutes and Danny Turnover has 2 in 5 games! Herbert ended up with 4 touchdowns for the game. By the way his best receiver, Keenan Allen, was injured in the 2ndquarter and never returned. I have seen enough. It’s time for a new GM and quarterback. 

The Giants have a good chance for their first win next week vs Washington. Their quarterbacks were sacked 8 times by the Rams. Alex Smith is a nice human-interest story but he can’t move in the pocket and he was sacked six of the eight times. In the worst division in NFL history, the Giants may finally get their first win next week. By the Way, the real NFC East leaderis the Rams because they have beat the Giants, the Washington team and Cowboys.

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