Prophet’s Pulpit-NYG vs Dallas Preview & Prediction

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

There was good news and bad news from last week’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams. The good news was that the Giants defense has been getting better all year. They made a great stand in the 2nd half. The only exception was the 55-yard touchdown throw to Kupp. He split Crowder and Love. Bradberry came into the scene at the 20-yard line but he got faked out. 

The Giants outgained the Rams for the game and in the second half but they only had 9 points to show for it. As a matter of fact, the Giants are last in the league in scoring at 11.8 points/game. The last time the Giants scored a touchdown it was at the 14:22 mark of the 4th quarter vs the Bears in Week 2! Jones has not thrown a touchdown for the last 108 passes and counting! Can you honestly tell me you still want him for next year???

The over drafted Jones was supposed to be the 10 to 15-year-quarterback answer for the Giants. He has not progressed but has gotten worse. Her has lost his confidence. He is a deer in the headlights at the press conferences. I watched the “Danny Turnover” fateful interception to seal the game at least 20 times. He had 2 other options, He could have run and would have been very close to the first down. Or he could have hit Dion Lewis at the 18 with 5 yards to go for the first down. I outlined thins in detail in this week’s “Prophet Point After”. Both options could have gotten the first down but the worst case is that they would need a yard on 3rd down. “One Read Danny” never looked around and forced the telegraphed throw that everyone on the Rams defense knew where it was going.

I got involved in some Twitter Bull this week with the uninitiated on social media comparing Jones’ first year to that of Peyton Manning. I said to them I will bet everything I own with you that his career pales in comparison with that of Manning. This is nonsense. Times are different. Peyton was the exception who started right away back then. The norm was to sit for a yearor two.

Today is totally different. These quarterbacks have thousands of throws from AAU, passing academies, and 7 on 7 camps. The NFL has adapted to their game. Now you have a whole generation of mobile quarterbacks doing what they were comfortable in college with. Now the pocket quarterbacks like Brees and Brady are the dinosaurs. 4000 yards now is the minimum Mendoza line to be considered any good at quarterback. 

Kyler Murray in his first game last year, made a furious comeback. In the 4th quarter, getting 2 touchdowns and a field goal within a 10-and-a-half-minute period to come back from an eighteen-point deficit to tie the game at 24 (1 2-pointconversion). The game went to overtime and ended 27-27 with the Lions. In one game you knew he was the real deal.

Justin Herbert stayed in college for his senior year. This screwed the Giants because he would have been available in the 2019 draft. The Giants would have had him or Murray not Jones! The Oregon offense did not utilize his skills 100%. He was the MVP at the Senior Bowl after just playing 1 quarter and driving the team down the field for a touchdown. He looked great in the Rose Bowl. He had 3 rushing touchdowns including a 30 yard one in the 4th quarter to pull the game out vs Wisconsin 28 to 27. 

In week 2 this year, he had to start the game with 5 minutes notice because Tyrod Taylor had his lung punctured by an injection. Herbert had 0 first team reps that week. Herbert had Zoom meetings instead of OTA’s and no preseason games. He was leading the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs until they tied the game with 3 seconds left in the game to taker it to overtime. They lost in overtime, but it was a performance for the ages given what happened. You could see after 1 quarter this kid was the real deal! I’m still waiting for “Danny Turnover” who has 30 turnovers in 16 games! The Herbert stat line reads in 3 games, 931 passing yards, 8.7 YPA!, 72% completions, QB rating 102.2. “Danny Turnover” 4 games, one more!, 889 yards, 6 YPA, 61.1% completions, 68.3 QB rating, 2 TD’s & 5 picks. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Giants are going to win 0 to 2 games. It’s time to move on from Jones. We have seen enough evidence. Giants brass admit your mistake and move on! Let’s get #Tankingfor Trevor #TankingforFields #tankingforLance trending!

Let’s look at this week’s game.

This is the first time the Giants play before fans this year. You couldn’t have more 180-degree difference. The Cowboys have the best offense and the worst defense. Mike Nolan is over his head as defensive coordinator. McCarthy threw him a bone because he is his buddy. He should be fired immediately. The Giants have the worst offense and a rapidly improving defense.

The Cowboys offense has been lethal. The Cowboys are first in yards per game 509.5, and third in points per game, 31.5. However, they have averaged 36.3 points the last 3 weeks. Dak is setting all the records. Dak has thrown for 1690 yards which is the most in NFL history for any 4-game span. He will not keep this pace but if he could it would be 6760 yards for the year shattering all records. He is the first quarterback to throw for 450 yards in any 3 games. He did it the last 3 weeks. The Cowboys have started slow in games but have scored 49 points in the 4th quarter in trying to comeback. 

It’s no wonder the Cowboys have a ton of targets to throw to in order to get this record production. In 11 personnel they have Cooper, Gallup and they rookie Cee Dee Lamb in the slot. Dalton Schultz has been a surprise this year replacing Blake Jarwin when he went down for the year in week 1. Shultz has 18 receptions for 219 yards and 2 TD’s. He is getting red zone looks. They also have Cedrick Wilson who has come out of nowhere this year. They can use him in 4 wide looks or to sub one of the regulars. In week 3 vs Seattle he had 5 receptions on 7 targets form 107 yards and 2 TD’s. The Giants are only giving up 107 yards a game rushing. They used Zeke last week more in the passing game. He had 8 receptions for 71 yards. I expect him to have a similar stat line this week. Bradberry will lock down Cooper. The Giants have been vulnerable to the slot receivers, so I expect a big day for Lamb. Dak will take advantage of the younger DB’s, Holmes, Love and Yiadom to get pass production.

A big negative for Dallas is that their OL is decimated. Tackles, Smith and Collins are out for the season. Center, Looney and tackle Erving are out for the game. The Giants pass rush which has been better than expected this year have a chance to change the game. 

When the Giants have the ball, if “Danny Turnover” does not have a big day against this horrific Dallas defense, the Giants should put McCoy in for then rest of the year. The Cowboys are 30th in total yards allowed giving up 431 yards game. They give up 173 yards a game in rushing yards. Dallas gave up 307 run yards last week to the Browns. If the Giants want to win they need to ramp up their anemic running game. They did well last week with 136 rush yards. Previously they had 170 yards in 3 games. Freeman will have to get going. Also, the secret weapon that The Giants have yet to utilize is Wayne Gallman. He had a 26-yard run last week and was tied for the leading runner with Jones who gets yards from busted plays. Gallman showed in the preseason scrimmages that he is capable of multiple long TD runs. 

In the passing game, Slayton needs to get going vs this generous defense. Tate is a Gettleman $36 million dollar mistake! I never understood why he was on the team. You already had a 2nd round pick slot receiver who you paying $9M/year. So, you go and spend another $10M/year for the same position when you need a real X receiver. Tate has 14 receptions for 131 yards with 0 TD’s in 4 games, horrible. Then we come to the underperforming Engram who is looking like a first round bust. He has the same number of yards as Tate, 131 on 17 catches and 0 TD’s. Engram needs to come out of the Witness Protection Program in this game. History is on his side. He averages 75.7 yards game on the road at Dallas. Everywhere else he averages 47.7 yards/game. Last year he recorded 11 receptions on 14 targets for 116 yards. 

Hopefully the Giants are getting intel from the recent defections from Dallas to the Giants. OC Garrett, “The Clapper”, OT Cam Fleming and offensive line coach, Marc Columbo. The game plan is simple. Pressure Dak with the offensive line injuries. Establish the run game to take the pressure of the turnover prone Jones. Get the play action game going to Slayton and Engram. Also get the running backs in space. Freeman had 2 more yards receiving than running last week. 

In the end, the Giants defense will keep the Giants in the game. However, the Dallas offense is historically good right now and ultimately the young Giants secondary will get beat on some big plays. Both teams are bad giving away turnovers. The Cowboys have 9 turnovers and the Giants are tied for second at 8. 

The Giants the past 3 years have played better on the road than at home, probably less pressure for a losing team. Their best 2 games this year were Chicago and Rams on the road. The Giantsare 14-3 in their last 17 road games against the spread. The Giants can keep this game close but like every week will make the big mistake(s) to lose the game. I am calling this game Dallas 31 and the Giants 26.

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