Cowboys 37 NYG 34

Written by: Glenn Warciski

Another deflating loss in Big D.

Strange and bizarre things happen to the Giants in Dallas. Jim Jeffcoat’s interception returns for touchdowns in 1985 and 1987. Both were tipped Phil Simms passes by Ed “Too Tall” Jones. In 2015, Eli Manning told Rashad Jennings twice not to score. Then Manning threw the ball away on 3rd and goal instead of taking a sack. The poor game and clock management allowed Dallas to steal a win from the Giants.

Another stolen win took place Sunday afternoon. Without starting QB Dak Prescott who suffered an injury, backup QB Andy Dalton connected with Michael Gallup on two remarkable catches which set up the game winning field goal.

But it should have not come to this horrible outcome for the Giants. Up 17-3 in the first half, two boneheaded Giant plays short circuited a Giants victory. First, Danger prone Danny Jones gets sacked and coughs up the football which lead to a Dallas TD. Then the score is 17- 10. The later, Joe Judge with the element of surprise calls for a fake FG which is called a TD. But no…….. yellow laundry is thrown on the field. Giants RT Cam Fleming is called for an illegal shift which negates the TD . As a result, Giants had to settle for one of Gano’s 4 field goals which put the Giants up 20 to 17. Subsequently, Dallas drives for a go ahead TD and leading at the half 24-20.

The Giants did played their best game of the season but came up short which drops their record to 0-5. A small consolation for effort and this team stinks. So they will be much chatter about how this team is improving and will take more time. Do not believe the bull shit narrative.

Other Observations:

For the 3rd time in franchise history, the Giants begin a season with 5 Straight losses. The other two years 2013 and 2017.

LT Andrew Thomas looks terrible. He is playing poorly.

WR Slayton and RB Freeman were stalwarts. Not much production from anyone else.

0-5 means wait til next year. Can the Giants win a game this year? They play Washington next week. Cross fingers.

Daniel Jones is 3-14 as a starter.

The Giants should fire GM Dave Gettleman soon.

Tony will have his Point After or we may rename it What is the Point? Monday Evening.

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