Second String 49ers 36 NYG 9

Written by: Paul Burke

Let us not post their record over the past 3 seasons as we don’t need to be reminded that it is the worst in the NFL. We are done with this futility and misery. All the rose-colored glass fans and compromised, paid and bought for, media can kiss my ass. Stop putting lipstick on a pig. The NFL is set up for parity. The only teams that consistently do not make the playoffs in a 4-year span are the Lions, Browns and, you guessed it, the Giants. You’ve picked in the top 6 in the last 3 years yet here we are again at 0-3. This organization is a complete and utter dumpster fire.

Dinosaur Gettleman created the hog mollie moniker and claimed he was an OL connoisseur.  I listened to the 49ers local broadcast and they were orgasmic in praise over their Undrafted Free Agents (UDFA) defense with their play making.  They were dominating the Giants OL.  Never have we ever heard the quantity of superstar UDFAs in our lifetime.  Same can be said for the other side of the ball as where the F was Leonard Williams with his gaudy contract plus lost mid round picks wasted versus a depleted 9ers OL with, you guessed it, UDFAs.  The same could be said for the rest of their sorry DTs who were often beaten in the trenches in short yardage situations and just got mauled in the 4th quarter.  The same can be said about their LBs who, once again, can’t cover any TE.  The 9ers were on back ups to back ups without Kittle.  Nice roster you built Dinosaur Gettleman.  You can’t f’in beat a bunch of UDFAs.

Jones, to be fair, has to deal with constant pressure and is often forced in to mistakes.  We are not impressed with him thus far but dinosaur Gettleman and the organization is making him into a clone of David Carr when he was mauled in Texas as their number 1 pick.  You cannot win games when your QB turns it over on game in game out basis.  He will never develop with decision-making and field awareness when under constant duress.  The schematics and make up of this offense is a sight to behold when your biggest plays come on a read option for QB runs.  Your QB leads the team in rushing, seriously WTF Gettleman.  Heck he has almost the same amount of rushing yards, 92, than your first round TE in Engram with 96 yards receiving.  As I stated last week Garrett is awful at his job.  He blowed in Dallas and he blows here.  Another arrogant coordinator who this his system is above making adjustments to his personnel.

Here are some fugly glaring statistics from yesterday: 49ers were 2 to 1 in time of possession and had 29 first downs to the Giants 13.  That’s pathetic.

John Mara, this all starts with you.  You hired this clown.  You let Eli hold your franchise hostage when it was clearly time to move on and rebuild.  You keep hiring who you know and rehashing the old gang of Accorsi disciples.  Why the f is your brother still involved in the front office.  It is symptomatic of what is wrong with your organization’s culture.  Go hire a consultant company and get the f out of the way as you clearly suck at hiring.

Bottom line, the year 2020 sucks enough we do not need to subject ourselves to this bullpleep garbage of a product. There are other things more important in life to spend on, and enjoy, rather than torturing yourself with this dumpster fire. Therefore I personally will weigh in infrequently out of respect for my own personal health.

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