Prophet’s Point After- 49ers 36 Gettleman’s trash 9

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

Sunday’s performance was one of the worst ever by the New York Football Giants in the 95-year history of the team! How do you lose to a team that had 9 of their 22 starters out of the game?They had 2 other players out. They lost the 12 player, Jordan Reed, before the first half was over. This is a top 5 loss in their history!

In the pantheon of Giants bad losses, this ranks as one of the worst because of the overwhelming advantage they had in personnel. This was a game of total domination by a team of backups who had the ball 22:26 minutes in the first half to the Giants’ 7:34. The total time of possession turned out to be 49ers 39:44 and the Giants 22:26.

The other 3 losses that come to mind are the January 2003 playoff loss to the 49ers. The Giants had a 38-14 lead that they blew and lost 39-38. The 1997 playoff loss to the Vikings. The Giants had a 22-13 lead with less than two minutes left and they lost 23-22. The last one is the 2010 loss to the Eagles 38-31. This is the famous Matt Dodge punt to DeSean Jackson. We all know what happened next!

The 49ers did what Joe Judge always professes, next man up. The 49ers had lost their starting quarterback, their starting tight end, who is the best one in the NFL. They lost both their starting running backs, their best receiver, a possible Hall of Fame cornerback, one of the best defensive players in the league and two other DL Pro Bowl players! They also had 2 other receivers and a linebacker out.  If the Giants ever had a real chance to get a win on a schedule that offers few good opportunities the way this team is playing, Sunday was the day!

Everything I said in my Prophet’s Pulpit in my analysis of the game was right on:➢ You know that Shanahan will be cooking up some new looks to throw against the Giants this week. ➢ When the 49ers have the ball, they will want to run the ball to set up play action in the pass game and take some strategic shots.➢ The Giants need to stop the run to win period.➢ The 49ers have a menagerie of receivers. None of them are a real number 1, X receiver. However, between Aiyuk, Bourne, Taylor, Pettis and Sanu, they will generate some passing yards. They got 343!➢ When the Giants have the ball, they will want to establish the new look running game.➢ The game will come down to the arm of Daniel Jones.➢ They will find a way to lose the game.

Let’s look at some key points in this game, but I am not going to spend a lot of time on it. It is one of those games where they burn the film and symbolically bury a football so they can move onto next week. You get your first Danny Dimes turnover at 6:31 of the first quarter on their initial drive. He loses the fumbleon the Giants’ 6th play. The big play in the game at 4:31 of the second quarter was the illegal use of hands penalty by Darnay Holmes. It was 3rd and 22 and it gave the 49ers new life. The 49ers score with 1:13 left in the quarter. That resulted in a touchdown. The you get the obligatory “Danny Turnover” interception at 0:59 of the second quarter. The 49ers turn that into 3 points before the half. 

The 49ers BACKUPS stepped up: • QB Mullens, 25/36, 343 yards, 1 touchdown, 9.5 yards per attempt! 108.9 QB rating• McKinnon 77 yards rushing and passing, 1 touchdown• Aiyuk, rookie, 101 yards rushing and passing, 1 touchdown• Wilson, 69 yards, 1 touchdown• Bourne, 4 catches, 63 yards• Dwelley, 3rd TE, 4 catches 63 yards

Joe Judge is a FRAUD. He talks a good game, but cannot put his words into action. He is in over his head. He can go back to being a special teams coach! He snowed Mara and Tisch into hiring him with a great interview. I listened to his first press conference and I was impressed, but it is all BS. This team could be the next Matt Millen Lions and go 0-16! He says: we are going punch teams in the face, we are going to execute, everyone is held accountable, we are going to create competition at every position, you are going to have a team that this area can be proud of, it’s going to be blue collar values, we are going to teach the fundamentals, running, blocking and ball security, we are going to get better every day”. How many lies are in this sentence?

Then when he gets to the post-game press conference this week he says I am not going to answer any specifics on the game until I can see the tape. What the hell did you watch all game? He just wants to avoid the beating. I saw plenty of mistakes and missed tackles when I saw the tape! After a 1- or 2-win season at best this year and a bad 2021 if they keep Daniel Jones, the Prophet is predicting he will be gone at the end of next year!

Children I am sorry to tell you that DANIEL JONES IS A BUST! I went crazy on draft night 2019. It was a bigger reach than any of the infamous Jerry “Reaches” of his decade of incompetence. I have said many times at 6 overall I want Luck, Brees, Farve, Elway, etc. You need to draft that type of can’t miss prospect there or you set the franchise back 5-10 years. The 2018, 2020 and 2021 drafts have good quarterbacks. The 2019 draft had only one, Kyler Murray. They could have had Eli play last year for his $23M instead of holding a clip board. They were not going to win more than 6 games with that roster and they won 4. Then get Lawrence or Fields this year and be set for the next 15 years. They have to do what the Cardinals did. They admitted their mistake, and got rid of Josh Rosen. Now they are set for 10-15 years with Kyler Murray. Dave Gettleman is smarter than everybody! Gettleman is 9-30 with the Giants headed to 9-43! Off of 3 passes in the Senior Bowl he found the Messiah! All of Giants Nation was drinking the Blue Kool-Aid. Not me, I knew better. If he was so great, what was he doing at Duke?  Danny Dimes is a “Turnover Machine”, 29 turnovers in 15 games. He had another 6 fumbles that were recovered by the Giants. He will have 3-4 turnovers next week vs Aaron Donald and the Rams. If you are a minus 2 at turnover differential, you will win less than 20% of your games. 

I thought the “Decade of Malaise” as I coined in my Preseason Manifesto was over. Unfortunately for Giants Nation, the new “Decade of Malaise” is just starting. The situation could not be bleaker right now. Thank God there are no fans in the stands. Those poor Giants fans who are paying a fortune for seats and PSL’s would really be getting ripped off right now with this team. Those who keep their tickets can at least use the money they spent for next year. The only path to salvation for Giants fans is to put out Dave Gettleman, “The King of Dead Money” (over $96M since he’s been here) out to pasture at the end of the year and draft Lawrence or Fields.

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