Prophet’s Point After-Bears 17 Giants 13

Written by: Tony “The Prophet” Yantosca

The real Giants team never got off the bus in the week 2 matchup vs the Bears. I’m sure it took an expletive deleted Joe Judge halftime speech to shake this team out of their coma and start to play in the second half. 

The first quarter was abysmal for the Giants. To start the game, the Bears score on a 13 play seven-and-a-half-minute drive. When the Giants get the ball. On third down and 6 from their own 25, Jones get hit by Robert Quinn, and Jones fumbles the ball recovered by Khalil Mack on the Giants 20. Luckily for the Giants, Bears WR Anthony Miller dropped a 3rd and 6 pass and the Bears settled for a 34-yard field goal. 

I was never a Daniel Jones fan! He is and has been a turnover machine. In 15 games (3 wins, 12 losses) he has fumbled the ball 19 times and lost 12 and has thrown 15 interceptions. This is a total of 27 turnovers in 15 games. You cannot win games like this. This is not what you get when you make a 6th pick overall. Yes, he is still young and the team has not been great but it is no excuse for such bad ball security. He cannot feel the pressure. For example, he got sacked in week 17 by the Eagles at the end of the game to cement the loss when they were driving. He never saw Quinn coming until it was too late. Joe Judge and the coaches have not coached the turnovers out of him in the off-season. If I was Dave Gettleman, I would consider drafting Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields or Tray Lance. They are going to be at the top of the draft again. There are not that many teams looking for quarterbacks now. The Jaguars may keep Gardner Minshew. Gettleman will never do it and admit his mistake. The jury is still out and the final answer will come by the end of 2021. We shall see. The results are not good so far. I know Giants Nation still thinks he is next Dan Marino, so I am going against the grain here!

The first quarter ends and the Giants had the ball for 2:56! They got killed in time of possession 34: 29 to 25:31. At the beginning of the second quarter the Giants are driving from the Bears 31. Jones gets sacked on second down and he throws a pick. Engram let it slip through his hands but it was still an interception. This was at 12:55 of the second quarter! Luckily for the Giants, on the Chicago possession BJ Hill got a sack on third down and the Bears only had the ball for 6 plays before they punted. 

Nothing happens until 5:29 of the second when the Bears started an 11 play 80-yard drive for a touchdown. The Bears are now up 17 to 0 and it could have been worse. 

I will give Jones credit. With 14 seconds left in the half. He gets a 24-yard pass to Sheppard and a 12-yard pass to Tate. They used a timeout after both plays but Gano missed a long 57-yard-long field goal to leave the score Chicago 17-0 at the half. 

The Giants finally get on the board with a 39-yard field goal at the 9:50 mark of the 3rd quarter. It is Chicago 17-3 now. The Giants also have a good drive at the end of the 3rd period. They go 95 yards on a 14-play drive that was aided by 20 yards in penalties. On the touchdown, Dion Lewis was stopped and he made it on second effort. I did not like the play there as Lewis is not a power back. I would have used Penny or called a sneak to Jones. 

The possible turning point of the game happened at 12:21 of the fourth period. Bradberry intercepted Trubisky on a pass throw to Robinson. The Giants have the ball on their own 34 with 12:14 to play in the fourth quarter. They have a chance to tie the game. On the fourth play, Jones throws another interception. However, there was pass interference by Jackson on a pass intended for Kaden Smith. It was a legitimate call as he was mauled. 

At 8:05 they get the ball to then Chicago 19-yard line. Daniel Jones throws 3 incompletions on the next 3 plays and the drive stalls. They have to settle for a Gano 37-yard field goal. Right there the game was over. If they can punch it in, they are tied with let’s say 6 minutes left in the game. 

Chicago has the ball for the next 5:30 but they have to settle for a 50-yard field goal from the Giants. Bears kicker Santos’ attempt was NO GOOD. The Giants have a golden opportunity to go for the win with 2:02 left with no timeouts and the 2-minute warning from their own 40. The Giants get down to the Chicago 10 with 4 seconds left (3rd and 6). Jones throws to Tate in the end zone but he commits offensive pass interference in the end zone with a push off and the game is over. The Giants didn’t wake up until later in the game. They had their chances but it is what we have become accustomed to and that is another Giants loss. 

I want to reiterate some comments that I made in my Preseason Manifesto. First, I said that if Barkley goes down again, they are in serious trouble. 

This is what I said months before the season started:

I don’t understand why they brought in running back, Dion Lewis. He is going to be 30 in September. He had 1 good year at New England…..Dion Lewis started one game last year and had only 87 yards rushing and receiving with just 1 pass caught…..God help us again if Barkley goes down. The depth chart has Gallman and Hilliman who both should have been cut by now. When Barkley went down, they couldn’t get 2 yards a carry with these two. Then there is Penny who is basically a fullback and short yardage specialist. The other 2 running backs are rookies, Javon Leake, UFA, and the famous Sandro Platzgummer (he came in through the Europe program, but can’t play this year). I was very surprised they didn’t find another free agent other than Lewis or draft a running back in the 5th round or so.  With Dion Lewis it is guaranteed that if you need 3 yards, he will get you 2! I am not a big Lewis fan. 

Dion Lewis had 20 yards rushing on 10 attempts. That is 2 yards/carry! He is a 3rd down receiving back. He did better in the passing game. He had 4 catches on 5 targets for 36 yards. He does not have the bruising body to get you the short yardage.

Eyes of Texas are upon the Prophet- I can also see why they threw Garrett out of Dallas. His play calling in the first half was horrific. He had a 2 and 3 in the second quarter with 7:05 to go. He calls a run up the middle on 2nd and third down. Lewis had 1 yard on the first carry and minus 1 yard on the second run. How about you throw to Engram on 2nd down and get the 3 yards and move on. Garrett was in the haze with the whole team in the first half, before Judge I’m sure gave them a “Hell and Brimstone” speech. Lastly, the Giants are looking to bring in Devonta Freeman. I ask the question going into week 3 why is he still on the street? We will see what he has left. 

One last comment. Engram can only do well when one of the starting receivers go down. He is not good in 11 personnel. He did well last year when Tate and Sheppard were out before he missed 8 games. Obviously if Sheppard is out Engram will do better next week. It was also criminal the Giants cut Corey Coleman. I was never one of his fans and thought he was a 1st round bust. However, he the best player in the 2 preseason scrimmages I saw. I though he was the best player on the field along with Dexter Lawrence. They only kept 5 wide receivers. Board and Ratley, who made the team are just bodies. 

Here’s my comments on the receivers in the Preseason Manifesto:

You have to ask yourself why didn’t the Giants add at least 1 wide receiver in the 2020 draft when it was the deepest wide receiver class in history. The reason is that Gettleman made a mistake signing Golden Tate last year to a large 4-year deal! Tate is a clone of Sheppard…..The reason why the Giants did not draft a receiver is that they have over $20M/year tied up in Tate and Sheppard. If they lose one of the top 3, Sheppard, Engram or Tate, the Giants are in trouble. This is Engram’s make or break year. If he misses 5-6 games again, I would not give him his next contract. Engram missed 13 games the last 2 years. I would let him go. 

So here we are. I thought the Giants were a 6-win team. They may be less than that now. Also, the teams I thought they could beat, like the Bengals and Washington team, look better. The Giants will have to step up their game if they want to win any games this year. They catch a break this week with the 49ers who are decimated with injuries. Jimmy G is probably out and Bosa is done for the year. They certainly had no chance before these injuries happened. 

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