Inscrutable Giants

With free agency looming, how does Gettleman plan on using free agency to build the Giants? Will Gettleman be a big spender? Or will he be shrewd? Will he sign much vilified mid season acquisition Leonard Williams? Only time will tell. But what we do know. Breaking the bank in March does not equate to winning football in the regular season. So what the hope is: Spend wisely. Get veteran players on affordable contracts. Then build the rest of the team via the Draft.

Meanwhile, so far the Giants have released free agent busts Alec “Too slow and cannot cover” Ogletree and Kareem “Cannot get any pressure” Martin. These two moves, according to media reports, will save the Giants 8.25 million and 4.8 million respectively against this years salary cap. Again as a recurrent theme, Gettleman continues to make missteps. Yes, he did cut these two veterans who were under performing and underwhelming players. More importantly, as we have been pointing out on this site, his flawed thinking about building a team. His penchant for trading or acquiring a player in turn for surrendering mid round draft picks, has been an absolute boondoggle.

What the Giants have been doing has not worked? Remember. “Eli has years left.” More on him later. We are very skeptical about Mara, Gettleman, and Judge turning things around.

From NBC Peter King on the Giants:

My take is the Giants are going to stink it up in 2020. It is my belief the Giants will win four or five games. It is my judgment, they have too many holes to fill. Even if Gettleman does make progress, I believe it is going to be impossible to get them more wins in 2020. Meaning a winning record and a playoff berth. And you can bet on this. There will be a clamor for Gettleman’s head. This would be deserved. But Mara’s implacable loyalty super cedes logic and reason. Until John Mara sobers up and comes to self introspection, this team will continue to make dumb move after dumb move. As stated, head coach Joe Judge gets a pass for 2020. It is a delay and gussy upped tactic to appease the fan base. It buys Gettleman time to ensure his “Plan” has a chance to develop and get the Giants back to prosperity. This means Gettleman is here to stay at least thru 2021.

Staying too long- Eli Manning finally decided to call it quits. This was way overdue. Manning had special years from 2005 til 2011. After the second improbable Super Bowl, his career was mired in mediocrity. I withheld my take on Manning. I saw and witnessed the love fest on social media by fans who admired him too a fault. Undoubtedly, Manning has brought much enthusiasm to Giants fans with his climb to the mountain in 2007 and 2011. But I knew he would be something special when he played his best game as a rookie in 2004 versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the game in which Eli arrived. “I had fun because we were getting some stuff done,” said
Manning, who completed 16 of 23 for 182 yards. “We were making
plays, running the ball, the line was protecting, receivers were
making catching. We got in a rhythm and it was back to playing
football again. It was a good feeling.”

Unfortunately, the Giants lost to the Steelers on a Saturday in December of 2004. But he had a break out game in which everything began to click. Then, the rest is history.

His decline began in 2012, when Ron Jaworski noticed Eli had a tired arm. This is something I wrote about titled The Book of Eli- The Last Chapters.

With the Giants, the Giants took a big risk in trading for Eli. Some people like the architect of the trade former GM Ernie Accorsi believed it was well worth it. Needless to say, the Giants netted two super bowls. But the downside, they took an even bigger risk by keeping him around way too long. This is one of the reasons this franchise is in such a rut.

Does Eli get into the Hall of Fame? I do not believe he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. However, I do believe he will get in at some point.

With Eli now out of the limelight, this is Daniel Jones’ team. The hope is the Giants get back on the winning track.