Suspend JUDGEment-Giants Hire Joe Judge

Written by: Glenn Warciski

My initial reaction was disgust. Based on the reporting over the last several weeks, clearly, the New York Football Giants were targeting former Baylor and now Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule. This stems from Giants beat reporters continuing the bombardment of communications via tweets and posts. Rhule is the Giants guy! Why not? Rhule served as an assistant coach with the Giants in 2012. More importantly, over the last six years, he has rebuilt down trodden college programs Temple and Baylor. Couple all of his impressive achievements with his penchant for analytics, this guy is what the Giants needed. Unfortunately, which has been the case over the last NINE years, the Giants got outmaneuvered by shrewd Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper. He did not allow Rhule to interview elsewhere. Reportedly, Rhule signed a seven year deal worth 60 million with incentives which could be worth 70 million. Wow! This is a lot of money for a first time NFL head coach. Tepper, who vowed to reinvent how an NFL team operates, made this bold move to get his Panthers back on track.

There’s also new processes that I want to bring in. I think the modern football organization needs a couple people there [in the front office].”

Meanwhile at 1925 Giants Drive, Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch decided to retain the much maligned GM Dave “Trust Me” Gettleman and fired embattled head coach Pat Shurmur. This move did not go over well with Giants fans and myself. Why keep Gettleman? And after his press conference on December 31, 2019, I was still scratching my head. As an objective observer, he came across as a clueless submoron. We got “computer folks” and “Juice is better than the Squeeze” sound bites. He could not articulate why he traded for DE Leonard Williams. He provided no reassurances on the future of the team. Later over the next few days, he made the media circuit. This was fascinating because he last spoke publicly in July of 2019. In order to get his version of how events unfolded over the last two years, he appeared on various radio and television programs talking about his missteps. His exaggerated claim about rebuilding while winning was a lottery ticket. As we stated in our post, Time to Move on from Dave Gettleman, he executed a half-ass rebuild. With his misguided thinking, he set the Giants further back.

Speaking about setting the Giants further back, with Gettleman being retained this was a scare off for many potential coaching candidates. CBS insider Jason LaCanfora stated Rhule was unimpressed with Gettleman’s post season presser. Therefore, Mara and Gettleman were red flags for Rhule. The ineffable arrogance of the Giants organization which purportedly everyone wants to work for is now part of history. They have earned their incompetent reputation. The fall back plan was Joe Judge.

Out of obscurity, the Giants hired their 19th coach in team history. Little known Joe Judge takes over a Giants team in shambles. The lowly Giants have won 12 games over the last three years and double digit losing seasons in 5 out of the last 6 seasons. In order to nab Judge, the Giants were competing with Mississippi State University. Judge, a special teams coordinator for the New England Patriots, has done an admirable job. In addition to his pro resume, he coached special teams for the University of Alabama under Nick Saban. Although he was not the Giants number one choice, he has compiled an outstanding resume. The hope here is Judge who is 38 years old can bring discipline and can put a staff together who can coach up the young Giants players. In the upcoming year, even if the Giants have a losing season, we as fans want to see improvement. Meaning the Giants are getting back on the smart track. I do not want to hear Dave Gettleman proclaiming playoffs or Super Bowl in 2020. As we have foreseen with Gettleman, he did not have a long term vision for the team. With the hiring of Judge, perhaps, this is the first of many more long term steps which position the Giants for a better future. We hope Judge brings enthusiasm and a winning culture to a team which has lost its way.

More to come.

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