Monday Morning Giants-A New Low! Giants Lose to Jets in Landfill Bowl.

Written by: Paul Burke and Glenn Warciski

New York Giants since 2012.

Dear John:

As of 2012, there has always been an allegory of where Giant fans are becoming.  Enough losing! Yesterday’s game against the lowly Jets is a watershed moment in Giants lore. It can be characterized as dreadful loss to a team which scored a record low 96 points coming into this game. With such impotent offensive firepower, the Jets had a 1-7 record entering what we called the Landfill Bowl. Ahem, it was the Jets and not the Giants who prevailed 34-27. These two teams who occupy the same building, now both share a common thread. Losing. Takeaway 1968, the Jets have been synonymous with losing. Sure, they have had winning seasons over the years, but only one championship. Conversely, the Giants were an iconic franchise accumulating FOUR Super Bowl Championships and FOUR NFL Titles. Since 2012, the Giants have played 123 games which includes the one playoff game- a loss versus the Green Bay Packers. They have amassed a wretched 49-74 record.  Progress? The last 42 games a 10-32 record. Worst record in the league over this span. What does this mean, John? The putrid Jets and pitiful Cleveland Browns have posted better records than your Giants. Where are we headed? Another SIX game losing streak. Your team is now 2-8. And since 2012, a six game losing streak to begin the 2013 season. A SEVEN game losing streak in 2014. After allowing the Jaguars to make an improbable comeback, you thought about blowing things up. But you did not. In 2017, the Giants had FIVE straight losses to start the season and another 5 consecutive losses toward the end of the season. Culminating with an abysmal 3-13 record and the dismissal of the head coach and general manager. You made changes but half measures. You did coin it as wholesale changes. Despite some gussy upped changes, (the Shurmur and Gettleman hires), unfortunately, the Giants have a dismal 7-19 record. The common denominator in this mess is you.

John, do you remember when your Dad fretted about those dark years in the late 70s when it peaked with a plane flying over Giants Stadium, “15 years of lousy football- We have had enough.”  We are at that point Johnny boy.  We are at that point when you storm off from a simple question from a reporter.

Face the music, John. We want you to own it.  Your team blows.  You need an intervention.  You have no clue how to run it.  You possess an endowment bias the size of Mars.  Your culture is outdated.  Besides the seismic shift to analytics in the league, you keep going back to the old well of who you know.  Why is your brother still in the front office?   Who is going to challenge him in your stodgy culture?  Who are we kidding?  What current successful money making organization runs this way?

The old tired mantra of the Giants organization is patient and methodical in decision-making is frankly bullshit.  What process are you following?  What proof  do we have about your management process is logical?  Your Dad was bailed out by Rozelle in hiring George Young.  Accorsi was a disciple of Young and even worked with him in Baltimore.  Reese failed yet you go back to the well with “Trust me” Gettleman.  Again, your Endowment Bias is glaring.

Sincerely from all Giants fans, who really enjoy winning and competitive football: Please consult with someone who knows what the fuck they are doing, and you have to get the fuck out of the way.

This is an intervention.  It has gotten to this point.


The NYGunderground

One thought on “Monday Morning Giants-A New Low! Giants Lose to Jets in Landfill Bowl.

  1. Jane November 11, 2019 / 4:02 pm

    This is perfect and aligns closely to what I wrote last week on Honest Football.


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